Chapter 118 – Crazy Means

[Slaughtering Heart]. Not only did this allow Chen Xiang to release a kind of psychic pressure that was capable of captivating other people’s mind, at the same time it could also allow him to turn into a cold-blooded and resolute killer. It allowed him to fight with no worries, enabling him to completely showcase his full strength.

There were many people who during battles, because they had too many worries and idle thoughts, were unable to use their entire strength, but Chen Xiang did not have this limitation.

“I did not break any rules. If you posses the ability to do so, come and cripple me!” Chen Xiang’s eyes were full of killing intent, glaring at Mo Yuwen and the other four!

Chen Xingyi had already been dugout. His body had been mashed into the ground. Soil and stone were mixed in together… it looked very nauseating. A lot of people were already retching. Previously he had displayed the appearance of an imposing powerful expert but in just a short period of time he became like this. Chen Xiang’s brutal display of force made people deeply fear him.

“Who’s next? I will never show any mercy. I will not let them have the opportunity to throw in the towel, you will be turned into a pile of crushed flesh!” Chen Xiang’s ice cold voice spread throughout the First Inner Courtyard and was akin to a devil from hell, making people extremely scared.

Previously, Mo Yuwen and those other four had truly not placed Chen Xiang in their sights, but now they, themselves, did not dare go up and fight. They were clearly aware of their own strength. They knew that their own strength could not be much better than Chen Xingyi’s. Whoever went up and faced Chen Xiang would most likely face the same fate as that of Chen Xiangyi.

Mo Yuwen carefully thought about it before his eyes suddenly lit up, saying “I give up!”

Mo Yuwen actually chose to throw in the towel, causing Chen Xiang to be slightly surprised. Other people were also shocked in a similar fashion, many of the girls had a look of disappointment in their eyes after hearing Mo Yuwen surrender. In their eyes, he was invincible. Although they were deeply shocked by Chen Xiang’s strength, they still believed Mo Yuwen would definitely be able to cleanly beat Chen Xiang.

At this time, Yin Lin, Lei Chi and Lu Gongming had all admitted defeat. If they fought independently, they would only end up being destroyed. Although they were very concerned about the First Inner Courtyard, they were even more worried about their own future. If they were crippled, they would be unable to stand and rise up for a very long time, perhaps indefinitely.

“Previously you said, that if we lost, then the people behind me will be allowed to fight, right!” Mo Yuwen coldly smiled, as he lifted one of his hands, made a gesture, and suddenly more than ten thousand disciples behind him simultaneously let out a thunderous roar, filling the entire Extreme Martial Sect.

Zhu Rong clenched his fists, “This guy looks as polite as pie, but is actually so despicable!”

Yun Xiaodao had already arrived beside Zhu Rong, prepared to participate in the battle.

“First Inner Courtyard’s disciples, today we will work together and defeat the person in front of us!” Mo Yuwen loudly shouted, boosting their morale, this attitude of his caused everyone to secretly curse his shamelessness.

Mo Yuwen and the remaining four were all secretly proud, because in their opinion it would be impossible for Chen Xiang to defeat all these—–more than ten thousand people!

But what made everyone a bit surprised was that, Chen Xiang just calmly said, “Mo Yuwen, you didn’t fight with me before, do you not regret it? I’ll allow you to fight together with them, all of you can come together!”

Is Chen Xiang crazy? This was what everyone’s first thought was, and to their surprise he allowed Mo Yuwen and those four to come together with those ten thousand disciples. Wasn’t he clearly asking for torture!

“Ha ha…Since you are so kind, I’m not going to refuse you good intentions!” Mo Yuwen laughed, “Everybody let’s go!”

Just as the word “Go” fell, Chen Xiang’s body, like an arrow shot from an bow, flew out and appeared in front of Mo Yuwen. Mo Yuwen was shocked, but quickly mobilized all of his True Qi, majority of which was used to create a Qi shield for defense, at the same time he poured some of it in his arm, transforming it into overflowing Qi Aura.

Just as Mo Yuwen was thinking of striking out with his fist, Chen Xiang quickly opened his mouth, spewing a powerful and violet azure Qi Aura, transforming in a giant azure column, which not only ruthlessly attacked Mo Yuwen, but also struck a group of people coming from behind him, leaving a deep scar on the ground. When that azure Qi Aura beam landed on that group of people, one by one they let out blood-curdling screams filled with pain.

“[White Tiger Divine Fist], go die!” At the same time Slaughter Qi rose from Chen Xiang, and both of his fists transformed into two huge tiger heads. Like a stampeding storm, each and every one of his fist strikes produced a powerful windstorm, blowing everyone surrounding him away.

[White Tiger Divine Fist] strikes landed on Mo Yuwen’s body like rain drops. Each and every one of his fists extinguishd Mo Yuwen’s life force. Chen Xiang had only punched few dozen fists, which landed on the Qi shield covering Mo Yuwen’s body, and all of his defence crumbled. Mo Yuwen emitted a series of horrible shrieks. Chen Xiang’s fists were very fast, and in the blink of an eye he threw out hundreds of fists, each fist carrying a very violent power.

“[Dragon Aura Fist]!” Chen Xiang’s fists suddenly became like gold, surging with very frightening Qi Aura, “This punch is for Zhu Rong.”

Chen Xiang’s fist landed on Mo Yuwen’s cheek, and bursted out with a thunderous explosion, only to see Mo Yuwen’s bloody teeths fly out. One side of his face had completely sunken in.

“This is for Xiaodao!” Despite that Mo Yuwen had already passed out, Chen Xiang once again punched out. All Mo Yuwen’s seven apertures bleeding and his whole body was covered in blood.

“As I said before, I’ll not show any mercy!” Chen Xiang gathered Dragon Aura on his leg, and kicked Mo Yuwen’s abdomen, who flew away, hitting the wall of the martial courtyard.

Yin Lin, Lu Yongming, Lei Chi having seen Chen Xiang’s cruel side, didn’t dare come out and fight for Chief Mo Yuwen’s sake. On the contrary they retreated, taking refuge within the crowd.

Although Mo Yuwen was defeated, behind him were ten thousand disciples like a tide surging towards Chen Xiang, and these people were even holding sharp weapons in their hands.

“You are compelling me to use ruthlessness to finish the job?!” From Chen Xiang’s back a red light surged out, and a pair of huge fire wings appeared behind his back. He jumped into the air, and as he beat those [Vermillion Bird Fire Wing], he was suspended in the air, where everyone could see his whole body exude an azure, mixed with red aura. Fearsome scorching heat as well as a terrifying Qi Aura burst out from his body.

“[Shocking Heaven Palm]!” Chen Xiang roared, and slapped a palm towards the ground from the air. An invisible Qi Aura violently surged out from his palm, transforming into a terrifying pressure which in turn enveloped everyone.

Chen Xiang completely released his own Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird True Qi, and used it to form an imprint of [Shocking Heaven Palm]!

At that moment, all of the huge First Inner Courtyard violently trembled. Fissures appeared on the square one after another and all of the buildings collapsed. On that huge flat square, in the blink of an eye, like tsunami waves going up and down, those disciples standing on the ground also became overwhelmed from the powerful Qi Aura and vomited blood one after another.

“[Shocking Heaven Palm]!” Chen Xiang’s eyes had turned blood red, blue veins popped out on his forehead, and he channeled all of his anger while furiously roaring once again.

Those who were watching the fight had already climbed over the rubble, and with shock and fear ran far away from those fissures. When they heard Chen Xiang was once again about to release that frightening [Shocking Heaven Palm], in their heart they could not help but lament.

This time Chen Xiang completely released the Divine Elephant Earth True Qi and the White Tiger Metal True Qi. These two frightening and vigorous True Qi fused together, and landed on that First Inner Courtyard.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! The [Shocking Heaven Palm] imprint Chen Xiang had created next, once again made the ground of the First Inner Courtyard tremble fiercely. Those ten thousand disciples on the ground had already collapsed, many of them covered by the overturned soil. The entire First Inner Courtyard had already turned into ruins, and those people were all giving off miserable screams one after another.

Chen Xiang had almost exhausted his Vermillion Bird True Qi. His [Vermillion Bird Fire Wing] could not last for long, so he swooped down from the sky and landed at the entrance, dug the soil around it and found the “16th” number plate, looked at the messy ruins in the rear, coldly snorted, and sped away!

Many of them shouted “Impossible!” in their hearts, in their opinion, only a True Martial Realm martial artist would be capable of such deeds——–but Chen Xiang was not in the True Martial Realm!


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