Chapter 119 – Planting Tree

The huge First Inner Courtyard had been reduced to ruins in a short span of time, while those ten thousand or so disciples who’d originally had aggressive and imposing manners, were now crying one by one. They were immersed in bottomless fear. Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang had completely released all of his vigorous True Qi to send out a [Shocking Heaven Palm] strike. It’s strength was already extremely terrifying, and in addition to that strike, he released another strike just after it. Any one of the Extreme Martial Sect’s younger disciples would have a hard time just resisting the level of frightening Qi Aura that was produced.

“Is… is this something that a human can do?” An inner sect disciple rubbed his eyes after they’d witnessed the entire event. Everyone felt a lingering fear that, if they continued to stay here, they too would soon be affected.

“Rourou, this brat is formidable!” Zhu Rong patted the lovely girl’s head and said with a proud smile.

“Very formidable! His strength is close to the True Martial Realm.” Zhu Rourou looked at Chen Xiang’s vanishing back using her pair of clean eyes. Slightly smiling, she said, “Brother, you’ve made a terrific friend.”

“Of course! Then, elder brother is leaving!” Zhu Rong very happily ran towards Chen Xiang.

Yun Xiaodao tugged his sister’s, Yun Suyi’s, clothes, “Elder sister, although he’s much younger than you, Elder Brother Chen wouldn’t mind it. If I have the chance, I’ll arrange a meeting between you and him!”

The mature and charming Yun Suyi was still immersed in shock due to those two waves of violent tremors. She sucked in small mouthful of cold air and said, “Forget it, such a person is too frightening! He and I wouldn’t be a match!”

Yun Xiaodao pursed his lips, before running towards Chen Xiang.

By now, Xu Weilong had already been deeply impressed by Chen Xiang’s strength, but Xu Weilong too had also not shown any weaknesses. Chen Xiang saw Xu Weilong dragging an unconscious Yin Lin and Lei Chi along as he arrived beside Chen Xiang, “These two guys wanted to escape, but I stopped them, and dealt with them, before I tossed them aside like two sacks of feed.”

“Haha, well done!” Chen Xiang laughed. At this moment he clearly looked tired, and one could see that his consumption of True Qi had been quite substantial.

After Yun Xiaodao kicked Yin Lin and Lei Chi once, he laughed, and said, “Come on, let’s go and have a drink!”

Although Chen Xiang was very tired, after a few True Qi Dans, he was able to restore a lot of his energy, and he left together with Yun Xiaodao and the rest.

“Dean, now you see!” Wu Kaiming had a bitter smile on his face. “What has this brat done? He’s actually been so rampant, and has destroyed the entire First Inner Courtyard. If we want to reconstruct it, it’d require a ton of crystal stones! In addition to this, he also injured so many disciples!”

Gu Dongchen also smiled bitterly, and said, “I originally wanted to take a look and see how this brat would be defeated, but I never thought that his strength would be far higher than what we’d assumed! As for the reparations, make these disciples pay for it, after all, their families are filthy rich.”

If it wasn’t for Chen Xiang, their young martial uncle, they wouldn’t have even bothered to watch this sort of fight. Although in the eyes of many disciples, this battle had been extremely shocking, in the eyes of True Martial Realm martial artists, it’d just been a piece of cake. This was also the reason why battles between those in the True Martial Realm weren’t often seen. If True Marital Realm martial artists wanted to compete, they would generally go deep into the mountains to fight. Otherwise, the aftershocks from their battle would spread to too many people.

Chen Xiang, along with Yun Xiaodao and the others, got drunk. When they finally came back, it was already very late into the night. After returning to the deserted Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Chen Xiang took a short break, before he took out a single Azure Profound Fruit. This was a rare herb amongst the materials required for the Building Foundation Dan. It was very difficult to grow, and it could only be conceived from a few ancient trees.

“Is it truly impossible for one to grow Azure Profound Fruits?” Chen Xiang suddenly had an idea. To be precise, he was planning to use this Azure Profound Fruit to grow a tree.

“Some spirit herbs require a particular environment to grow in. Take the Hell Spirit Grass for example—it only appears in places that have a very dense Death Qi. This Azure Profound Fruit is also conceived from ancient trees, but they don’t require a specific environment because all their elements, after passing through the ancient trees, are transformed into a peculiar type of Spirit Qi.” Su Meiyao said to him.

Chen Xiang wanted to become a Grandmaster alchemist, but the first requirement was for him to have a large number of spirit herbs. Although he resided in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, he was unable to obtain a lot of a spirit herbs for alchemy, and could only rely on himself to get them.

As his strength improved, he’d need to elevate his alchemy skills as well. This was because, in the future, he’d have to heavily rely on dans. If he could refine more rare dans, he could use them to draw in strong individuals, and have them do many tasks for him.

Chen Xiang had occasionally conceived some Dragon’s Saliva, and had stored it over these past few years. As his strength had elevated, his capacity to accelerate the maturing process of the Dragon Saliva had also sped up. He had already collected five bottles of Dragon Saliva, and intended to use all of them to culture the Azure Profound Fruit in order to grow it into a tree.

After resting for a whole night, Chen Xiang was full of energy, and had returned to his pinnacle state. He left the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, and arrived at the new First Inner Courtyard.

This Martial Courtyard was originally the 500th Martial Courtyard, but now, at the entrance, there was a numberplate hanging on it that said “16th”. Zhu Rong had come early in the morning, after waiting for the others, then quickly left together with them to get their sect’s benefits!

The 16th Inner Courtyard had very generous benefits. Five True Elemental Dans per year, a hundred True Qi Dans every month, along with ten thousand crystal stones Of course, they all knew that their missions would be difficult, but they had this freak Chen Xiang, so all of them weren’t worried even a little bit.

Since the very moment that they’d received the benefits, the smile that hung on the fat face of Zhu Rong hadn’t disappeared. He seemed extremely happy, because from now on, he’d receive one hundred True Qi Dans every month!

Xu Weilong and Yun Xiaodao were both very kind. As they knew it was all because of Chen Xiang, each of them gave two True Elemental Dan to Chen Xiang, however, Zhu Rong only gave him one.

“Younger brother Chen, you truly are a god of wealth. I wish more and more that you could become my brother-in-law. Haha, maybe one day I’ll be able to live inside a house of crystal stones.” Zhu Rong was grinning from ear to ear, “If you have any missions then, Younger Brother Chen, you alone can go. It shouldn’t be a problem for you.”

“Dead fatty, the fat on your body is only increasing, not decreasing. Looking at your lazy self, I fear that the day you encounter danger, your fat body will drag you down.” Yun Xiaodao hummed.

Zhu Rong’s complexion was as if he didn’t even care. He smiled and said, “Little rascal Yun, there’s no useless flesh on my body. It’s already saved me several times. If I gather True Qi in my fat, when people hit me, I simply don’t feel any pain.”

“Elder brother Chen, bash two fists into him, and then have a look at what happens.” Yun Xiaodao said with a smirk

Zhu Rong quickly dodged and said, “Freeze! Chen Xiang isn’t included!”

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “You two guys are truly…ah yes, what did your younger and elder sister say? Are they willing to serve me together?”

“Forget it, when my younger sister learned that you already had a fiancee, she decisively rejected.” Zhu Rong sighed. Regarding this point, he was also very conflicted in his heart. Although he knew it was normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines, when it came to his own younger sister, he disagreed.

“My elder sister thinks you’re too young for her, and says you’re a monster. I’m pretty sure she isn’t joking either; she truly has wasted all my good intentions.” Yun Xiaodao sighed and said.

Chen Xiang smiled, “That’s good. If there’s a mission assigned to us, just do what you can. If there’s anything you can’t do, just wait for me to come. I’ll be heading into closed-door cultivation for quite sometime.”

Xu Weilong said, “I’ll also go into closed-door training. Wait for me to come out, I’m sure I’ll be able to complete some tasks then.”

Yun Xiaodao pursed his lips, “Me and Lao Zhu are both injured, and we need some time to recuperate.”

In this way, everyone from the new First Inner Martial Courtyard needed to do something important. So just like the old 500th Martial Courtyard, it was once again empty. But this time, no one dared to laugh at them.


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