Chapter 12 – Battle of Great Disparity

Not only was Chen Xiang such a young alchemist, but he had also the entered the 5th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. Even with such accomplishments, he had neither shown any arrogance or pride. This subtlety had made the Chen family branch commanders and elders secretly appreciate his behaviour.

Chen Xiang looked at the middle-aged man standing beside Chen Haohai. He was Chen Haohai’s little brother Chen Yihan, a 7th level Mortal Martial Realm practitioner! He was a handsome man with a beard. He gradually walked towards Chen Xiang and had not spoken since the beginning.

Chen Xiang was to do battle with him, but he only had the strength of a 5th level Mortal Martial Realm practitioner.

No one dared to leave, as such a thing had actually happened in the Chen family Patriarch election and it was something nobody had expected.

Chen Yihan saw his nephew being defeated, but he did not even show a trace of anger and with a mystical smile he said, “No matter how talented you are, you are still going to lose against a 7th level Mortal Martial Realm expert.”

Chen Yihan had to admit, if Chen Xiang were to be given a few years worth of time, then he would not even stand a chance against him. But that was the future, and presently the chance of him winning was a 100%.

Chen Yihan practiced with Ice True Qi and in the Chen family, this type of True Qi practitioner was special.

Out of the Chen family’s junior generation, none dared to challenge a senior who was at the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm. If they heard someone attempting this before, they would think of it as madness. No one would believe it, but now that all of the Chen family members saw how fierce Chen Xiang’s techniques were, their hearts were filled with uncertainty.

But most of them still believed that Chen Xiang would lose, after all, not only was there a large gap in age, but also in strength. Not to mention Chen Yihan had practiced many high-grade martial techniques, even his True Qi was much more vigorous and not a single young practitioner had the capability to compete with Chen Yihan.

A battle of great disparity, where the gap in power was too large, was about to begin. Everyone was watching quietly as this was the deciding match to determine the next Patriarch of the family!

Chen Xiang had practiced the [Azure Dragon Divine Exercise] for only two months and he had the Yin and Yang Divine Vein. He had spent a large amount of time absorbing the Spirit Qi between heaven and earth, enhancing the True Qi within himself. After all, he was simultaneously cultivating five True Qi whirlpools that had five different kinds of attributes so his True Qi was much more vigorous.

Also between the 5th level True Qi Realm and the 7th level True Aura Realm, there was the the 6th level Divine Sense Realm. Divine sense was although the cultivation of your spirit, it could congeal a kind of controlling True Qi type spiritual power. This provides major assistance in controlling True Qi and with time, it could also strengthen one’s True Qi. After having cultivated the divine sense, one can then start cultivating the True Qi Aura Force.

Chen Yihan was at the 7th level True Aura realm and he could use his fierce Qi Aura. It was not something that True Qi could match up to, so he had absolute confidence that he would be able to defeat Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang’s frightening martial skill could deter everyone, but those who had knowledge regarding True Qi could see that Chen Xiang’s True Qi was very “immature” and it could not be compared to Qi Aura. However it was still very powerful when compared to others in the same level as him.

Chen Yihan gradually moved towards Chen Xiang, and with every step he takes, the temperature dropped rapidly. Freezing cold air was blowing all around, and most people could see that Chen Yihan was on the verge of a breakthrough, the icy True Qi of his was extremely strong.

Chen Xiang was not too far away from Chen Yihan, and he felt that this kind of freezing cold was most profound. At this time Chen Yihan congealed out True Qi Aura, which can only be achieved at 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm.

Chen Xiang used the Vermillion Bird True Qi within his body which was a fire attributed True Qi. After being affected by the cold Qi, Chen Xiang became stimulated. The Vermillion Bird True Qi started rushing from within his dantian into his numerous bones and four limbs. After feeling the comfortable warmth brought out by the Vermillion Bird True Qi, Chen Xiang’s body was finally restored from the sudden stiffness.

“He he he”

Chen Yihan’s sinister laugh resounded throughout the entire area, and suddenly a white icy Qi started overflowing from the centre of his palm. The threatening freezing cold Qi Aura was clearly discernible and directly rushed towards Chen Xiang’s head.

Chen Xiang saw that his opponent was making a move, and he slid forward, as slippery and flexible as a snake. Sliding quickly to the front while trying to avoid Chen Yihan’s attack, he also unexpectedly attacked.

Chen Xiang’s treading was flexible and mysterious, and both of his hands transformed into dragon claws. Mesmerizing Azure Dragon True Qi overflowed from both of his hands and this was the same [Azure Dragon Claw] used to defeat Chen Zhenhua previously. But this time, he brought out a dragon claw from both his hands which caused everyone to hold their breath in anticipation.

“Humph!” Chen Yihan emitted a cold sneer, and two icy Qi palms boldly shot towards Chen Xiang’s dragon claws. When Chen Yihan’s palms struck Chen Xiang’s dragon claws, a cold Qi gushed out and Chen Xiang’s pair of Azure dragon claws suddenly shattered. Chen Xiang’s arms were covered with a thick layer of ice, and frosty Qi was permeating into his body and causing his entire self to stiffen up.

Chen Yihan smiled coldly, and from his feet frost congealed out and he slightly jumped. He vigorously kicked Chen Xiang’s cheek which flung Chen Xiang ten feet away.

Chen Xiang fell on the ground, his cheek sheared due to the sharp ice, and drawing a few scars.

The ice which was covering his arms also broke, but both his hands were actually frozen stiff. The Tai Chi diagram from the divine exercise started revolving and absorbing the cold Qi flowing inside his body, while allowing the fiery Vermillion Bird True Qi to surge into his arms, getting rid of the cold pain.

Chen Xiang now only realized that even though he had a divine exercise, the gap between the two of them was still too large, but he still he had to win.

“Ha-ha-ha…………..I have to acknowledge that out of all the geniuses that have ever been born in the Chen family, you are the greatest one yet, but you and your father are too arrogant!”

Chen Yihan with an evil smile, step by step moved towards Chen Xiang, as he was in no hurry to kill Chen Xiang. He wants to tear Chen Xiang into numerous pieces in front of the Chen family members, to show his strength and deter everyone.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang with a flip actually stood up, and everyone thought he was seriously injured from the kick a moment ago, but it looked like nothing had happened to him. Including Chen Yihan, everyone was surprised.

On the sidelines where Chen Tianhu was watching, he let out a sigh of relief while transferring Qi to heal himself.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had not taken that much damage, Chen Yihan leaped forward. Moving with elegance and gentleness, for everyone present, this agility skill was pleasing to the eye.

With Chen Yihan approaching, Chen Xiang felt that he was inside a world full of ice and snow, and below his feet were covered with a layer of frost.

Chen Yihan leaped, and the freezing cold fist felt like it was strong enough to shake the skies. His fist instantaneously landed on Chen Xiang’s chest, and blood started to flow from where he was just struck, but it was immediately covered with frost.

“It is the [Profound Ice Aura Energy]! A High Grade Profound Level Martial Skill, releasing it can even pierce metal and break stone!” Chen Tianhu spoke with a dignified tone.

After being hit, Chen Xiang almost simultaneously dodged the incoming flying kick coming from Chen Yihan, resulting in Chen Yihan’s kick to be covered with a layer of ice when it landed on the ground, and shattering a large amount of bricks and it also crushed stones from the shock and froze them.

“Casting Qi Aura has two weaknesses, it consumes True Qi and divine sense quickly, but if he does not use Qi Aura, you will not get injured!” Chen Tianhu said.

Chen Xiang knew that he could only drag the battle on.


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