Chapter 120 – Azure Profound Fruit Tree

Chen Xiang returned to Extreme Dan King Courtyard, dug a hole inside a small courtyard, and buried an Azure Profound Fruit. Then he started dripping Dragon Saliva from above!

These five bottles of Dragon Saliva were enough for maturing a Metal Spirit Fruit Tree, at least it would bear ten Metal Spirit Fruit. All of the Dragon Saliva was what he had collected in these two years, if he was unsuccessful, then all the Dragon Saliva would be wasted!

Chen Xiang soon spilled the complete bottle, then using divine sense he probed the internal situation of the Azure Profound Fruit. He sensed the Dragon Saliva being slowly digested by the Azure Profound Fruit and releasing some peculiar Spirit Qi, he knew it required some time to complete.

Chen Xiang returned to his room, took out the ten True Elemental Dan. Although the True Elemental Dan was a High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, but for him it did not have too much of an effect. What he needed now was the Building Foundation Dan!

But he still swallowed them, and at once he took three of them, then began refining their potencies…

The price of a True Elemental Dan was ten times that of a True Qi Dan, and the True Qi Dan could be bought using five thousand crystal stones. Ordinary Inner Sect Disciples only received three thousand crystal stones in a year. From this one could know how expensive a True Elemental Dan was, besides, these dans were something a sect was required to have. Because they could allow the sect’s disciples to quickly advance, and were also used as a reward for encouraging disciples.

In the blink of an eye ten days passed, Chen Xiang compressed all the True Qi obtained from these ten True Elemental Dans in the White Tiger beast form. But it only made the true element grain inside it a little brighter. It was negligible. From this it could be clearly known how huge of the amount of True Qi was needed to compress to enter the True Martial Realm. In that Mysterious Realm, abundant in Spirit Qi, Chen Xiang absorbed the Spirit Qi for two years, and it only let him light up two true element grains to the extreme. And that was also with the help on that insane immortal—–Huang Jintian. If he had cultivated outside, it would have taken him at least ten years.

He had the Yin and Yang Divine Veins, and also cultivated using the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise], so his absorption of Spirit Qi was many times faster than the ordinary people. But even after all this it would take him a lot of time to enter the True Martial Realm. If it was someone else, without any dan’s help, even after more than a hundred years it would be difficult to advance.

Chen Xiang now understood, why 10th Level Mortal Martial Realm martial artists were a dime in a dozen, but True Martial Realm’s martial artists were so meager in number! He had once heard many younger geniuses had entered the 10th Level of Mortal Martial Realm, but at last most of them were unable to enter the True Martial Realm, and eventually died of old age in the 10th Level of Mortal Martial Realm!

“No wonder both Xiaodao and Lao Zhu had not been taken seriously by their families, because the chance to enter from the 10th Level to the True Martial Realm is very slim! If I progress as I’m now, it would at least take me fifteen years to enter the True Martial Realm, which is too long! Xianxian this little girl has already entered True Martial Realm two years ago. This girl in the end ate what kind of Immortal Dan?” Chen Xiang inspecting the three dim true element grains inside his dantian, said to himself.

“I suspect Xue Xianxian also has Divine Veins, and she also cultivates using a Divine Exercise. She is the apprentice of the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, so she must have received quite a large amount of Building Foundation Dans, that’s why she has advanced so quickly.” Su Meiyao replied.

Chen Xiang obtained all the information of these last two years, and he knew Xue Xianxian had directly went into closed-door training, and Leng Youlan was also getting secret guidance in the secret land of the Icewind Valley. It was very difficult for him to contact either of them.

“I don’t know what time this barbaric woman—Elder Dan would come out. I truly want her to help me refine two sets of Building Foundation Dan.” Chen Xiang sighed and said, as he suddenly missed this mysterious woman.

Sometime ago Chen Xiang had heard that the Extreme Martial Sect was very much lacking Profound Level Dans, and didn’t have many of them left as the spirit herbs required for them were very rare. Besides it was very difficult to refine Profound Level Dans, and it could easily lead to failure. Even if one painstakingly collected the herbs, because of failure, it would lead to naught.

Therefore, many sect’s martial artists had once accumulated a large amount of crystal stones, and all of them were planning to go Danxiang Taoyuan. That place was the gathering location of alchemists, and though the Profound Level Dans were expensive there, but they still had many of them. Even if it was entrusted to some highly reputed alchemists for refining, the failure rate was quite low. It was also the reason why Danxiang Taoyuan was respected by many sects.

Frowning, Chen Xiang came to that small courtyard, but he suddenly saw a very small shoot emerging from the soil surface.

“Ha ha…successful, father from now on will have many Azure Profound Fruit!” Chen Xiang loudly laughed in excitement.

“Don’t show off!” Su Meiyao lightly snorted, and Chen Xiang too hastily closed his mouth.

Chen Xiang had just spent a bottle of Dragon Saliva, and it made the Azure Profund Fruit sprout, and he still had four bottles left.

Chen Xiang grabbed another bottle of Dragon Saliva, and cautiously poured it on top of that shoot, at the same time using his divine sense he probed the situation of the sprout. He wanted to see how quickly this sprout absorbed the Dragon Saliva.

But to his surprise the speed in which it absorbed the Dragon Saliva was very quick, and in just half an hours time, it had completely absorbed all of the Dragon Saliva. Before the Azure Profound Fruit had taken ten days to absorb the same amount!

The Dragon Saliva’s special power had allowed this shoot to madly absorb the rich Spirit Qi inside this Mysterious Realm, and accelerate its own growth. After another half an hour, the sprout now had become a small sapling.

At this point Chen Xiang was very excited. If he could get a large number of Azure Profound Fruit, he could sell one of them, and afterwards using the crystal stones he could purchase additional herbs. Allowing him to learn how to refine even more high ranking dans.

According to Su Meiyao, for him to be able refine a Building Foundation Dan, he would have to atleast be able to refine a High-Grade Spirit Level Dan! Refining a Building Foundation Dan was not too difficult. But as it had a very good effect and the herbs required for it were very rare, that was why it was counted as a Low-Grade Profound Level Dan.

Another half an hour went by, and Chen Xiang had spent another bottle of Dragon Saliva. Now that small tree had already grown up to his waist. The top of the tree was laden with round leaves. The leaves arteries and veins were extremely clear, which were flowing with azure Spirit Qi.

In the evening all the Dragon Saliva had been consumed, and the tree was was as high as two humans combined (12 feet). Su Meiyao had often passed him some knowledge about spirit trees, spirit flowers, and spirit grasses. Chen Xiang was now impressed by the Profound Azure Tree’s growth as the small spirit tree had now become so tall. Moreover most of the spirit trees were only as high as a human.

“It would troublesome if Elder Dan sees this.” Chen Xiang was now starting to think about how to get away from Elder Dan. After all, this tree looked very marvellous, shining with a peculiar Spirit Qi making it look very striking

The Azure Profund Tree had not bore any fruits. Till now Chen Xiang had continued to collect the Dragon Saliva and had already spent every bit of it. Now he had not cultivated, and he was planning to use all of his energy, day and night, to cohesion out Dragon Saliva!

Previously, when he was at the bottom of the sinkhole, because his cultivation was being overseen by Huang Jintian everyday, so in those two years time he was only able to collect five bottles of it. But now it was different. He wholeheartedly operated the [Dragon Saliva Exercise], and produced Dragon Saliva. Besides, he was now in the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm, and the amount of Dragon Saliva he could cohesion out was very much. In just five days he already had a bottle of Dragon Saliva, but he spent all of it in a moment.

Five days passed by, and Chen Xiang had once again spent a bottle on that Azure Profound Tree. The Azure Profound Tree had already blossomed, and its large flowers were glittering with azure light, looking very beautiful, especially at night.

This made Chen Xiang extremely excited, as he believed he would be able to usher a great harvest very soon. Although the tree had only twenty flowers, but that was enough.

Chen Xiang secretly estimated, his Dragon Saliva at least had accelerated the Azure Profund Tree maturation by three thousand years!

Once again he had spent a bottle of Dragon Saliva, and at this time those flowers were now cocooned, and condensing the fruits so the tree now absorbed more and more Spirit Qi!

Five day later, Chen Xiang had once again produced a bottle of Dragon Saliva and this time his hand were trembling. He poured the bottle of Dragon Saliva on the tree, and afterwards looked up. His face was full of excitement as he looked up those flowers which were now like azure lanterns.

Time went by a little bit, and Chen Xiang was gazing at the branches. Those Azure Profound Fruits looked like azure gemstones during the night, dazzling like the stars in the sky.


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