Chapter 121 – Fragrance City

Chen Xiang began jumping in happiness. He was full of excitement with a smile hanging on his face. He would have laughed, but he wanted to remain somewhat low-key. Otherwise, if the Elder Courtyard’s members came now to investigate, it would definitely be bad.

Using his quickest speed, he picked the twenty Azure Profound Fruits. These fruits were enough to last his uses for a very long time. Plus, if this tree continued to grow, it could still bear fruit. Perhaps this was the first ever Azure Profound Tree!

“If I go to some place with dense Death Qi, would I be able to grow Hell Spirit Grass?” Chen Xiang was lying on his bed and secretly got excited as he thought about it. At the same time, he was discussing the possibility with Su Meiyao.

“I have never tried, after all Hell Spirit Grass is difficult to locate and very rare. I never came across it naturally, but if there is an opportunity you should definitely try.” Su Meiyao replied.

All the healing dans refined using Hell Spirit Grass were very formidable, almost all of them were above the Middle-Grade Profound Level!

If people were to learn that Chen Xiang had grown twenty Azure Profound Fruits in just twenty days, they would definitely be mad with jealousy. This was one of the biggest most confidential secrets Chen Xiang had.

Leaving the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, Chen Xiang arrived at the 16th Martial Courtyard. He didn’t see Yun Xiaodao or the others and, after asking around, he found out they had not yet been assigned any missions, so they had all went out to enjoy their own matters.

“I have to make a trip to Danxiang Taoyuan and pass the test for a Level-3 Alchemist!” Chen Xiang left a note behind before traveling to Danxiang Taoyuan to obtain proof that he was now a Level-3 Alchemist.

A Level-3 Alchemist was required to understand how to refine two different types of Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans at least. For refining, the number of failures allowed within the given time were extremely specific, making sure that the tested alchemists truly deserved this title. Chen Xiang wanted this, after all the title of a Level-3 Alchemist alone would make others fear him and dissuade many from seeking trouble with him.

Danxiang Taoyuan was located in the Taoyuan Province, furthermore, it was quite far away from the Extreme Martial Sect. If one were to take an ordinary horse carriage, it would take them at least a month to reach there.

However, Chen Xiang had the [Vermillion Bird Fire-Wings] so he estimated that it would take him around ten days to reach Danxiang Taoyuan!

“Danxiang Taoyuan will probably have a Yaojing waiting for you.” Su Meiyao said while making fun of him.

[TLN: Yaojing(妖精) Alluring woman or evil spirit who is enchanting and beautiful]

Hua Yueyun… Chen Xiang had certainly not ever forgotten about this seductive woman… who could seduce everyone with but a movement from her! Thinking about this woman, to his own surprise, he was inexplicably agitated.

“Hasn’t that Yaojing said her true name was not Hua Yueyun? It may be hard to find her, does that make you very disappointed?” Su Meiyao teased with a soft laugh.

“If she is truly from Danxiang Taoyuan, I don’t think it would be too difficult.” Chen Xiang touched his nose. After arriving at the outskirts of Tianmen City, he used his [Vermillion Bird Fire Wings] to fly above the clouds and towards the Taoyuan Province.

Fragrance City, this was the nearest city before Danxiang Taoyuan. It could also be considered one of the largest cities within the entire Taoyuan Province. While walking down the city, Chen Xiang smelled all sorts of different scents. Everywhere he went, he saw many beautiful flowers blooming on various tree and plants, this was truly a beautiful city.

Chen Xiang had already flown for ten days. He crossed a dense gigantic mountain range that had been filled with danger and finally arrived at this beautiful place. At the moment, he was sitting on a river shore and feeling the cool breeze on his skin while watching the trees blooming with purple flowers on the shore. His mind and soul became very relaxed.

Located in the city was a Danxiang Tower, a property belonging to Danxiang Taoyuan. It was extremely large scale, not only selling various spirit herbs but also many Middle-Grade and High-Grade Spirit Level Dans, however they were all very expensive.

After asking around the city, Chen Xiang finally learned the location of Danxiang Tower. It turned out to be the 20 floor high giant tower. It occupied a very large area and was a hundred zhang wide square tower. Standing in the middle of Fragrance City, it was extremely visible and the center of the city.

The tower looked ancient, as if it had been standing there for eons. Many vines had grown on top of it, blooming with various colorful flowers. From time to time, a flock of spiritual birds would hover on top of the vine’s flowers near the top of the tower, and it seemed like a very warm and beautiful scene.

“Worthy of the name Fragrance City, it’s so fragrant everywhere! No wonder Hua Yueyun, that Yaojing’s entire body smelled so wonderful.” Chen Xiang muttered. Although he had seen, albeit not very clearly, Hua Yueyun’s enchanting and seductive body, his heart could not help but be a little bit moved as he started fantasizing about that seductive Yaojing.

After entering the first floor of Danxiang Tower, Chen Xiang saw many transparent cabinets, and each of them were filled with small jade bottles or boxes. Above each was a label, indicating the name of the dans.

There were many people inside, mostly 9th or 10th Level Mortal Martial Realm martial artists. But Chen Xiang could sense that many of the people in the 10th Level Mortal Marital Realms had a similar uncommon type of True Qi, he inferred from this that they were the hired guards of this tower.

Chen Xiang learned from a beautiful shopgirl that among the 20 floors of Danxiang Tower, the first five floors at the bottom were specialised in selling dans. The sixth to ninth floor were used to refine dans, and the tenth floor was the location of the alchemists assessment. As for floors eleven to twenty, they were either used to grow spirit herbs or the residential location of some of the staff from Danxiang Tower.

“If I want to sell spirit herbs, which floor should I go to?” Chen Xiang asked in a low voice. He intended to dispose of various expensive spirit herbs, and he was sure the buyer would be an important figure of Danxiang Taoyuan. At that time, he could inquire details about Hua Yueyun.

“Young master, what level of spirit herbs do you wish to sell?” That beautiful shopgirl asked with a sweet smile.

“I want to sell the Metal Spirit Fruit!” Chen Xiang lowered his voice and whispered, making the beauty surprised.

She saw Chen Xiang appeared to not be joking, furthermore she knew that no one dared to joke around with Danxiang Tower before whispering in reply, “Young master, please follow me.”

Metal Spirit Fruit, even in Danxiang Taoyuan there were only a few, now there was someone here who wished to sell them. Who in the world would be unwilling to buy it? This was the main reason why Chen Xiang soon arrived inside a VIP room.

While drinking high grade spiritual tea, Chen Xiang could not help but emotionally sigh, “Ah! Good tea! It is amazing and worthy of Danxiang Taoyuan to receive guests with such a great tea!

The person who came to discuss the matter with Chen Xiang turned out to be a middle-aged woman. Although she looked ordinary, she had a noble temperament and her bearing revealed an almost regal atmosphere, giving off a very good impression.

Chen Xiang quickly stood up and saluted her with a smile. After all, this person could be considered his elder.

The middle-aged woman was wearing a plain light blue dress, but her regal aura made her more compelling. This was also the reason Chen Xiang was somewhat stiff, furthermore he was unable to tell the full strength of this middle-aged woman.

“There is no need to be so polite, I’m just a steward. Young master can forgo the formalities and act as he wishes!” that middle-aged woman softly said with a faint smile, she had a very amiable tone.

Chen Xiang was sure that this middle-aged woman was someone in the True Martial Realm. This Danxiang Tower had actually sent such an important person as a guard!

“You can simply call me Mrs. Li, can I take a look at the young master’s Metal Spirit Fruit?” Mrs. Li asked with a slight smile.

Hearing her name, Chen Xiang was slightly surprised, asking, “Could it be you are the wife of Fragrance City’s governor, Li Shao?”

“Exactly. It seems that young master has just come to Fragrance City. We, husband and wife, are True Disciples of Danxiang Taoyuan.” Mrs. Li replied.

Chen Xiang took out the Metal Spirit Fruit. Just now, he came to understand a little bit more about Fragrance City. The governor and his wife were both in the True Martial Realm, yet only the governor was famous.

“For how much does young master intend to sell this Metal Spirit Fruit?” Mrs. Li took only a glance before confirming this was indeed a Metal Spirit Fruit. Moreover it was grown under good conditions, and the Spirit Qi inside this Metal Spirit Fruit was very verdant.

Before coming here Chen Xiang also learned about the general prices of spirit herbs. This Metal Spirit Fruit was probably worth around 70,000 middle-grade crystal stones. Although it was technically a same ranked herb as the Azure Profound Fruit, it was ten times cheaper than its counterpart. Not to mention if the Azure Profound Fruit was put up for auction, it would sell for an even higher price!


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