Chapter 122 – Search For Dragon

TLN: Danxiang means Dan Fragrance and Taoyuan means Paradise, as it will be confusing we are not going to change the name, but specified to make it clear

“80,000!” Chen Xiang said one very fair price, and Mrs. Li nodded her head, then rotated a white jade bracelet on her hand, and with that a storage pouch appeared.

“These are the 80,000 crystal stone, young master can check it.” Mrs. Li slightly smiled.

Chen Xiang swept with his divine sense, quickly understood clearly, there really were neatly cut 80,000 middle-grade crystal stones, and contained inside all of them was a rich Spirit Qi. Usually they were used for cultivation, and it was the most favored method of many low level martial artists. While the majority of sects used them in arranging some large array or they were embedded in a spirit weapon…they had a very wide range of usage.

“Mrs., I want to ask you something, whether or not you know about the the girl who was sent in the secular world to manage Danxiang Herbal Manor?” Chen Xiang asked.

Mrs. Li shook her head, “I don’t know, it was all arranged by the Dean personally, even when she came or returned we are not clear. Besides whoever was there only used Hua Yueyun—this name.”

Chen Xiang lightly sighed.

“If I meet the Dean, I’ll inquire for the young master, hope that young master can often come.” Mrs. Li slightly smiled and said.

Chen Xiang gratefully nodded his head. He now had 100,000 crystal stones. This was not a small sum, and he came to Danxiang Tower to buy some spirit herbs.

Both the Deans of Danxiang Taoyuan and Icewind Valley were very mysterious, and rarely participated in major things. So not many people had seen their faces. But Chen Xiang was certain both the Deans of Danxiang Taoyuan and Icewind Valley were females. From seeing that both the stewards of Danxiang Herbal Manor and Danxiang Tower were females, Chen Xiang dared to to be sure of this point.

“The Danxiang Taoyuan’s Dean, and Elder Dan… whether or not they have any relation to each other?” Chen Xiang vehemently suspected.

Chen Xiang now bought a large number of herbs for refining Low Grade and Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans.

Now he first wished to learn how to refined two kinds of Low-Grade Spirit Level Dan. One was called Gathering Spirit Powder, and this was the favorite for people with poor Spirit Veins. After taking it, it could temporarily improve the quality of their Spirit Vein, and could make the martial artist absorb Spirit Qi as fast as the martial artists with good Spirit Veins. It was relatively easy to sell Low-Grade Spirit Level Dans.

Another one was called the Martial Element Dan which contained a kind of violent True Qi. After swallowing it, it would make the martial artist enter into a violent state, increasing the power released from their True Qi. But it also carried side effects with it, and if it was taken continuously, it would be hazardous to the human body. But it was one of the favorite dans taken by martial artist at the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm because while fighting demon beasts, as long as they could increase their strength even by a little bit they would be able to win. If carefully taken, it had no major side effects.

Then there were also the Exploding Qi Dan and Melting Poison Dan — Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans, and that was what he planned to refine after successfully learning how to refine the Low-Grade Spirit Level Dans.

It was said that both the Martial Element Dan and the Gathering Spirit Powder were relatively easier to refine than True Qi Dan. Besides, they were also not too expensive. One of them could also lay a good foundation.

A Martial Elemental Dan could be bought for 300 crystal stones, while the Gathering Spirit Powder could be bought for 400, and each set of herbs for each dan was also similarly priced. Because after refining each set of herbs, they would be able to yield at least four dans. After successfully refining could one cheaply earn crystal stones.

Chen Xiang bought twenty sets of materials for each dan, then left the Danxiang Tower. Because he found that he was being targeted. When he came out from the detention, he came to know a bounty was set by Beast Martial Sect on him. In the entire Chenwu Provinces he had a bounty of 100,000 crystal stones.

These 100,000 crystal stones were counted as nothing in the eyes of Chen Xiang, but for many people it was a very large number. Because it would allow the martial artists to buy a lot of True Elemental Dans or True Qi Dans. From which they would be able to elevate their strength by a lot.

After leaving the Danxiang Tower, Chen Xiang walked towards the outskirts of Fragrance City. He wanted to lead those targeting him to the outside of the city, and if they had any evil intentions then Chen Xiang would also conveniently act.

As long as he didn’t encounter any True Martial Realm level martial artists, Chen Xiang had nothing to fear. Even if there were many of them.

Just as the city gates were in his sight, a dragon roar suddenly came from a distance. This sudden oncoming sound was deafening, and everyone inside the Fragrance City could heard it clearly. This dragon roar made everyone’s eardrums slightly sore from shock, and it was very shocking.

Chen Xiang raised his head, looked, and saw in the sky far away from the city gates, there was now a red overcast which was gradually transforming into a dragon, but it only appeared for a short time, and then suddenly disappeared.

This vision could be described as earth shattering, and this sharp dragon roar even made the land slightly tremble making the fishes in the river writhe, and all the birds resting on the trees in Fragrance City densely flew in the upper air. Everything and everyone was very frightened.

Chen Xiang immediately told this situation to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou. They had also heard the dragon roar previously, and when they came to know about a dragon overcast emerging just after the roar far away in the sky, they could not help but exclaim.

“Dragon birth!” Su Meiyao with excitement as well as with some fear said. Dragons appearing in the mortal world was very detrimental for the mortal world. If this dragon became a full adult, it would absolutely be a huge disaster for the mortal world.

“How could a dragon be born?” Chen Xiang walked out of the city, and even he found it difficult to believe.

“Not clear but our teacher had once told us that when the dragon had broken the shell of the dragon egg, a dragon overcast would appear in the sky, and it would be accompanied by a dragon roar. A dragonling is born in this way.” Bai Youyou’s complexion became gloomy like she was worried about something.

“If a dragon is reined in by a wicked person, then it would be troublesome!” Su Meiyao’s brow wrinkled, and her enchanting face became somewhat pale, “Chen Xiang, you should also hurry. You might be able to find the dragon, and as you have learnt the Dragon Martial Technique, it should be much easier for you to rein in the dragon.”

Rein in a dragon! Are you kidding! That was what Chen Xiang thought, and Chen Xiang didn’t believe he could do it. Besides a large number of people were now running towards that direction.

“What are you standing there for, quickly, let’s go!” Bai Youyou’s cold voice loudly resounded in his ear. Chen Xiang also broke into a gallop, mixed in the crowd inside. He had intended to use [Vermillion Bird Fire Wing], but he feared he might be found out by the True Martial Realm martial artists of the Beast Martial Sect, and at that time they would attack him and that was not worth it.

While he was running, Chen Xiang felt a few True Martial Realm martial artists Qi fluctuations, as the more time passed he sensed more and more True Martial Realm martial artists Their speed was very fast, and some were even standing on their own spirit weapons and flying at a low altitude.

After pouring their True Qi into their spirit weapons, one could, by using their divine sense, control their True Qi undulations, which would allow the spirit weapon to fly. But with this they could only fly at a low altitude. Once they flew too high, due to some other conditions, they would fall down. Besides, this could only be achieved by using Level-7 Spirit Weapons.

In just a short span of time, Chen Xiang discovered more than thirty True Martial Realm martial artists. As this place was rich in dans, it could attract many strong martial artists.

A large group of people flew towards the location where the red dragon cloud appeared, and most people thought a strange treasure must have appeared in that place, otherwise it absolutely would not cite such a vision.

Only Chen Xiang knew, that this vision was due a dragonling being born!

An hour passed, and everyone came to a very large valley. Currently there was a big light red cloud over this valley, which was left over from the previous cemented dragon.

Everyone was searching in this huge valley, but they had not found any other thing. Just a zhang wide pit in the center of the valley, and it appeared as if something burst out from below.

“Chen Xiang!” One man suddenly shouted, and everyone was immediately surprised, and as long as someone took part in a day to day life, all of them would have heard Chen Xiang’s name. Chen Xiang was but worth 100,000 crystal stones!

Chen Xiang did not immediately respond, but there was a middle-aged man wearing black robe, with a sheet in his hand, who gradually walked towards him.


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