Chapter 123 – Demanding Life Devil Bow

“You are Chen Xiang correct!?” That middle-aged man held up a sheet towards Chen Xiang. On it was a very realistic painting of Chen Xiang’s appearance. Although Chen Xiang was now wearing a very common outfit, his eyes, face, nose, and mouth were all very similar.

Earlier Chen Xiang had heard that the Beast Martial Sect mass distributed portraits of him everywhere, which made him furious. He had just killed a Beast Martial Sect’s disciple to save his own life, but now the Beast Martial Sect was posting a high bounty on his head. Now he swore in his heart that one day in the future, he would definitely clear this debt with the Beast Martial Sect.

“So you want to kill me to collect the 100,000 crystal stones reward?” Chen Xiang clenched his fist and asked in a heavy tone. Chen Xiang guessed that this middle-aged man in front of him was responsible for sending all those people who were eyeing him previously.

By now there were a few thousand martial artists gathered in this valley, and they were mostly all in the Mortal Martial Realm. Although they had not found any treasure, they encountered Chen Xiang, and the 100,000 crystal stones reward was a temptation that was very hard to resist for many of them here. However, none of them had acted and all took a wait and see attitude. Besides, they all knew that Chen Xiang was not easy to deal with.

“According to the Beast Martial Sect, as long as someone can get your head, they would be able to receive 100,000 crystal stones. However, if you don’t resist, I might just leave your corpse intact for the reward.” That middle-aged man coldly smiled before retracting the portrait in his hand.

The middle-aged man wore a black robe, and a strange True Qi was exuding from his whole body. And it differed very much from the people around him. Moreover, Chen Xiang felt that this True Qi breath was somewhat similar.

“Are you a disciple of the Hundred Poison Sect?” Chen Xiang coldly asked. The Hundred Poison Sect was one of the Five Great Devil Sects. It was also the most feared devil path sect by the martial artists of the Chenwu Nine Provinces. Because the Hundred Poison Sect specialized in the usage of poisons, they could kill anyone invisibly, and after they were dead, they themselves wouldn’t know how they died.

Really, Hundred Poison Sect—hearing these three words, the complexion of everyone around suddenly changed. They one after another went far away from Chen Xiang, leaving out even more space, and overseeing everything from far. There were even some people who were afraid of death, and went far away from the valley even more quickly.

That middle-aged man in his heart could not help but be surprised, sneered and said, “Worthy of an exceptional figure of the new generation. You truly have a good eyesight!”

Chen Xiang noticed, few True Martial Realm martial artists were also overlooking from far away. If it was before, after knowing one was from the Hundred Poison Sect, he would have been directly hunted down by the righteous sects, but now the True Martial Realm martial artists had no intention to come out and fight.

From this it was perfectly clear they were all interested in watching, and even had the intention to wait for Chen Xiang to be killed. At this time they also wanted to receive the 100,000 crystal stones by taking out Chen Xiang. 100,000 crystal stones even for True Martial Realm martial artists was not a small amount.

“100,000 crystal stones reward, it is definitely mine to grab!” That middle-aged man grinned, fiercely waving his palm, only to see countless needles flying towards Chen Xiang. One after another colorless and odorless poisonous Qi permeated from these needles.

Chen Xiang after knowing the other party was a Hundred Poison Sect Disciple, he was immediately on alert, because the Hundred Poison Sect also specialized in usage of hidden weapons. If he could not find where the attack from his hidden weapons came from, then he would certainly be dead.

A slight black Qi suddenly covered the whole of Chen Xiang’s body, and this black Qi in the blink of an eye transformed into a clear water covering, wrapping around Chen Xiang. Those piercing poisonous needles plunged into that Water Qi cover, and suddenly the Qi Aura on the needles dissipated in the water.

This was a kind of hard and soft defensive martial skill that Chen Xiang had just learned. It was called the [Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover], and don’t see this layer of mild Water Qi cover as nothing. This cover could withstand very strong powers. Even if ten Mortal Mortal Realm martial artists of the 10th level attacked it at the same time, they would barely be able to destroy this Qi cover. No need to mention the person inside of it.

After the needle containing the poison pierced the Water Qi cover, they were resolved without a trace, and not even a shadow of any of them were seen. This made the middle-aged man dumbstruck. He himself was at the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm, and previously he had fired those poisonous needles with 100% of his power. He had already killed hundreds of 9th and 10th Level Mortal Martial Realm martial artists using this move, but Chen Xiang had dispelled it so easily.

Although the [Black Tortoise Divine Exercise] lacked in powerful offense skills, but its defense was abnormally powerful. Moreover, very little True Qi was consumed, Chen Xiang had only learnt this skill after entering the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm. He continued using the [Black Tortoise Tian Luo Cover] to protect his body, and then leapt towards that middle-aged man.

The Hundred Poison Sect’s martial arts were not strong, however, their poison and hidden weapon were. Chen Xiang’s attack was very fast, and not to mention that middle-aged man, even the people watching in the distance didn’t have the time to react. Chen Xiang came in front of that middle-aged man.

Chen Xiang shot a palm, and the ground fiercely shook, suddenly cracking open. As soon as he acted, Chen Xiang had used the powerful Low-Grade Earth Level Martial Skill—[Shocking Heaven Palm]. His palm carried a powerful shock and True Qi encompassed that middle-aged man’s body, and in the blink of an eye emitting a burst of blood mist due to shock.

That middle-aged man could clearly feel that inside of his own body his bones, and meridians, inch by inch, were shattering like firecrackers. Only those who had been struck by Chen Xiang’s attack could clearly feel Chen Xiang’s overbearing might. Otherwise who would have believed that this was the power released at the 10th Level of the Mortal Martial Realm!

Chen Xiang coldly smiled while he looked at the painful face of the middle-aged man lying on the ground. Just as he thought of beheading him, he saw that middle-aged pull out a pitch black crossbow. He could clearly see pitch black crossbow shooting a black arrow, directly stabbing towards his heart.

So fast! Chen Xiang subconsciously reinforced [Black Tortoise Tian Luo Cover]’s defensive force, and when that arrow shot from the pitch black crossbow arrived, only a ‘BANG’ sound was heard. The Qi cover wrapping around Chen Xiang’s body suddenly burst open, and a finger long short crossbow arrow was suspended in front of Chen Xiang’s chest.

“So close, it almost penetrated my heart!” Chen Xiang’s silhouette flashed, leapt into the air, and fired a palm towards the middle-aged man on the ground. A giant palm cemented from azure True Qi appeared, and fiercely pressed on that middle-aged man. The pressure broke everything, and blood and flesh splattered.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and thinking about that previous quick and sudden crossbow arrow, his heart had a lingering fear. From observing that shot crossbow arrow he found out it was congealed out of True Qi, and was very overbearing. Otherwise it would not have been able to shatter his powerful [Black Tortoise Tian Luo Cover].

Chen Xiang pulled out that black crossbow from the mutilated remains, and used clean water to washed it. Then he poured his own True Qi in it, and saw that the crossbow suddenly congealed a short black arrow.

“Isn’t this the third ranked among the Level-7 Spirit Weapons, Demanding Life Devil Bow?” From far away a sound came, and this made the onlookers near the center burst into hubbub. A Level-7 Spirit Weapon was very rare, and mostly True Martial Realm martial artists were in possession of them, moreover, the top ten were even more formidable.

Chen Xiang in his heart was delighted as this Demanding Life Devil Bow was very easy to use. This was absolutely the best spirit weapon for sinister martial artists, and just as he was about to put it away, a gust of fearsome Qi waves pressured down on him from the sky.

This True Qi was very heavy, as if a big mountain fiercely befell on him, ruthlessly pounding on Chen Xiang’s body. In that moment, Chen Xiang only felt his own internal organs inside his own body being squeezed together. Then his whole body cracked, making him spew a mouthful of blood, and then he fell on the ground.

Someone attacked him, but it was also someone at the True Martial Realm! Chen Xiang immediately thought, this attacker must’ve been someone who wanted to obtain this Demanding Life Devil Bow.


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