Chapter 124 – Liao Shaoyun

One handsome young man wearing a beautiful blue robe slowly descended from the sky, stood in front of Chen Xiang and bent over, extending his hand towards that Demanding Life Devil Bow. After he saw the devil bow slowly rise, and sucked towards that young man’s hand.

Chen Xiang looked up and glared at the young man with fire gushing out from his eyes. He wanted to deeply ingrain this young man’s appearance into his own mind. As long as he does not die, he would definitely make this young man pay tenfold, no a hundredfold!

Seeing the monstrous anger within Chen Xiang’s eyes, the young man only slightly smiled in response. “Chen Xiang, hmph now Mortal Martial Realm martial artists are actually worth 100,000 crystal stones! To think Mortal Martial Realm martial artists are now so valuable that one brat could actually be worth so much! I took this Demanding Life Bow, but don’t think I’m robbing you. I’m only taking it because it is a devil weapons, and in your hands it would be harmful for the entire martial arts community!”

“On what basis? If you want to confiscate it, you would have to wait for your turn! At the very least, our Extreme Martial Sect Dean needs to speak first!” Chen Xiang said while grinding his teeth.

“Based on the fact that right now, I alone can stomp all over you!” That young man contemptuously smiled and stepped down on Chen Xiang’s head, burying his face in dirt.

Chen Xiang felt like his heart was bleeding, he and that young man had never met before this, but because the other party was currently stronger he was stepped on, trampling all over his dignity. Mortal Martial Realm martial artists, in the face of those in the True Martial Realm, were nothing more than ants!

This time around, Chen Xiang was seriously injured, yet both his hands stubbornly grabbed a handful of soil while he struggled to lift his head. Glaring up at that young man, he asked through grinded teeth, his voice full of resentment, “What is your name!?”

“True Martial Sect, Liao Shaoyun! Why, do you want to take revenge? I’m afraid you will not have that opportunity! I’ll take you to Beast Martial Sect and receive the reward!” Liao Shaoyun sneered before once again vigorously stepping down on Chen Xiang’s head.

At this moment an endless hatred was born in Chen Xiang’s heart. To once safeguard and maintain his dignity, although he was nothing more than an ant in the eye of experts, he did not hesitate at all to oppose and defy Elder Dan. Although he was successful that time, it was on the premise that Elder Dan did not act with a heavy hand!

If you don’t have the strength, how could you talk about dignity!? If you had enough strength, you could obtain everything and your dignity would never be able to be trampled on by others! Never would you have to worry about losing your life!

I want to become stronger! This was Chen Xiang’s only thought, afterwards he could have his revenge!

Chen Xiang’s strength came out of nowhere as he once again lifted his head. By this point, the soil in his hands had already been reduced to powder as blue veins bulged out on both of his fists. He had a grim look on his face, and each and every word of his was like a knife, “Liao Shaoyun, I, Chen Xiang, had no injustice or hatred with you. However you still act and treat me like this. I swear, if I, Chen Xiang, do not die then you will! I’ll make you pay a hundred… No, a thousand times over! I will not only utterly destroy you, but also decimate the True Martial Sect behind you into mere rubble!

His voice contained bottomless hatred accompanied by a monstrous Slaughter Qi that was being released from his entire body, and people could not help but shudder from it!

“Humph, you do not have this opportunity!” However, just as Liao Shaoyun finished speaking, his complexion fiercely changed. A big pool of water had suddenly appeared underneath Chen Xiang’s body as he escaped into the water.

Everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air. To their surprise, Chen Xiang had actually escaped! From the ruthless words Chen Xiang had just spoke, nobody had a single doubt in their minds that with time, Chen Xiang would definitely become a huge problem for the True Martial Sect.

Chen Xiang had casted [Water Escape] and gotten away. Liao Shaoyun had blasted a few palm blows and cleaved open the earth, creating giant deep pits, yet not even a hint of Chen Xiang could be found.

“Beast Martial Sect, True Martial Sect! Just wait and see what happens!” Chen Xiang clenched his fists and viciously said while floating down a river’s side.

“Oh…Well, make a good recovery!” Su Meiyao didn’t know what to say.

“Quickly enter the True Martial Realm! At that time, I can pass down my supreme devil skills. You could make those sanctimonious guys suffer in agony, making their fates worse than death…make them regret ever being born into this world!”

Bai Youyou’s voice was also filled with Slaughter Qi, extremely cold and piercing. It was perfectly clear that she was furious on Chen Xiang’s behalf, making him feel very warm in his heart.

“Once again, I’m letting you down.” Chen Xiang climbed ashore and took a White Jade Dan out from a box and swallowed. His injuries were very serious and needed quite some time before he could recover.

“It’s nothing, you came out for experience, who hasn’t encountered these sort of things? As long as you’re not dead, everything’s fine. Relying on your wealth, only time is required for I and junior sister to make you into a peerless martial artist.” Bai Youyou replied. Her voice was rather high-pitched, she was encouraging Chen Xiang.

“En!” Chen Xiang operated the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise] and nursed his injuries before once again swallowing a White Jade Dan, which made him much better.

“That Liao Shaoyun is very powerful, his strength is close to the Nirvana Realm. He should be in the mid-stage of the Tempering Realm!” Su Meiyao said.

The True Martial Realm, altogether, had nine levels. After the True Martial Realm, one could enter the Three Extreme Great Realms(极致三大境).

These Three Extreme Great Realms were the Spirit Martial Realm(灵武境), in this realm divine sense was taken to the extreme! Then there was the Soul Martial Realm(魂武境), after the extreme peak of divine sense was achieved, a martial spirit was bred and then taken to its extreme peak! In the end there was the Tempering Realm(百炼境), where the body was tempered to its extreme limits, which was often the hardest step. This was because cultivation of the body was very hard. Once the pinnacle of the Tempering Realm was achieved, it lead to the Great Nirvana Tribulation. Only if one passes this tribulation, could they enter the Nirvana Realm!

The Nirvana Realm was the peak of martial might within the mortal world!

Chen Xiang still held a lingering fear. Previously, in front of that Liao Shaoyun, Chen Xiang truly didn’t even have the strength to fight back. If only he was in the True Martial Realm, he would not have been beaten so badly.

“After a good refinement of your Immortal Devil Body, going through the Tempering Realm is simply a piece of cake!” Said Bai Youyou.

When Chen Xiang had left the Extreme Martial Sect, he only brought two White Jade Dans with him. But this was a high-grade Spirit Level healing medicine, for those in the Mortal Martial Realm it had a very significant effect. Chen Xiang had just recuperated for a day’s time and already recovered about half of his strength.

He was currently in a cave not to far from the river shore. He had created this cave using the [Profound Aura Finger]. It was like digging a sediment and was a very quick process.

At this time, Chen Xiang was still recuperating from his injuries and still had quite some time left before complete recovery. He hid in this cave and took out the inferior alchemical furnace that had been given to him by his father before he started to learn about other Low-Grade Spirit Level Dans.

[TLN: The other Low-Grade Spirit Level dan he knows how to refine is the True Qi Dan.]

While Chen Xiang was in Danxiang Tower, he bought a ton of spirit level dan ingredients, and there were at least ten sets for each different dan. The most expensive of the herbs had been the ones for the White Jade Dan, with each set costing 2000 crystal stones. He had bought exactly ten sets of them. Meanwhile a set of herbs for the True Elemental Dan cost 1500 crystal stones, and he had bought ten sets of them as well. Both of these dans were relatively higher in demand among the High-Grade Spirit Level dans.

Then there was the Martial Elemental Dan and Gathering Spirit Powder, both categorized as Low-Grade Spirit Level Dans. As well as the Melting Poison Dan and the Exploding Qi Dan, both at the Middle-Grade Spirit Level. For all of them, he had bought twenty sets for each. He had a solid foundation and rich experience in refining True Qi Dans, and he believed that it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to refine other Spirit Level Dans. At most, he would just fail a couple of times.

Gathering Spirit Powder was a crystalline powder that could be taken with water. This was the first time Chen Xiang had refined herbal powder, but compared to dans it was much easier to refine because he wouldn’t have to solidify them.

Only after failing eight times was Chen Xiang able to successfully refine it, using a total of four days. However, they were all refined out using that poor quality alchemical furnace.

Next was the Martial Element Dan! It inherently contained violent elements, which was why refining it was very difficult. Actually, it was harder than refining True Qi Dans. Chen Xiang spent a total time of ten days, along with fifteen failures before he was able to successfully refine one out. After switching to the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, Chen Xiang once again failed three times, but did not fail in the two that followed.

Low-Grade Spirit Level Dans were more difficult compared to the three common grades of dans, all of which Chen Xiang had mastered before. However, after getting experienced in refining Low-grade Spirit Level Dans, the others were now much easier for him to master.

For example a Low-Grade Spirit Level Dan called ‘Confusing Spirit Powder’ Chen Xiang had been successful in refining with just one try. When this drug was sprinkled, it could confuse other people’s minds. Within the period of confusion, it would make others feel confused and drowsy, and it was a wonder drug used by shady martial artists or to deal with the demon beasts.


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