Chapter 125 – Missing

Chen Xiang was only nineteen years old yet he was already able to refine four different kinds of Low-Grade Spirit Level Dans. If he were to go back to Danxiang Tower and get his alchemist rank certificate, it would certainly scare many people.

Half a month passed, and he was only a little bit better. After all, his vital organs and meridians had received very serious injuries, and only now had he stabilized them. His condition would not continue to deteriorate, but only with time could he recover bit by bit.

Originally Chen Xiang’s target was to refine Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans, only then would he go for the alchemist assessment, but now he had made up his mind to only go when he could refine two kinds of High-Grade Spirit Level Dans so he could become a Level 4 Alchemist!

It should be noted that his ‘apprentice’, Yao Haisheng, was only a Level 3 Alchemist. Although there was only a single digit difference between a Level 3 and Level 4 Alchemist, but it was like the difference between heaven and earth. Level 4 Alchemists were able to refine two different kinds of High-Grade Spirit Level Dans, which was in itself extremely terrifying. This was because most people were not like Chen Xiang, who after refining only ten or twenty times was able to grasp the most crucial point in refinement.

Chen Xiang had heard that some alchemists, while learning to refine the True Elemental Dan, had failed hundreds of times. Plus, this was one of the better case scenarios. There were many alchemists who had a very unfortunate life who could never refine the True Elemental Dan.

In the blink of an eye, two months had passed as Chen Xiang was recuperating. He was already successful in refining the two Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans, the Exploding Qi Dan and the Melting Poison Dan!

Exploding Qi Dan contained a large amount of violent True Qi. After swallowing it, this True Qi would immediately be released. This released True Qi was very violent, but it would not hurt the dosed martial artists. This type of dan would allow martial artists to temporarily enhance their strength. It was a very popular dan, even if their entire True Qi had been depleted, after swallowing an exploding Qi Dan, the martial artist could still release one last powerful blow.

During a fight, even if it was just a single extra move, the result could end up completely different and overturn the entire fight!

The Melting Poison Dan was a detoxifying dan which could produce a special potent and True Qi. It would quickly dissipate the poison within the body, turning it into urine or releasing it through sweat. When martial artists went out to hunt demon beasts, taking one or two Melting Poison Dans with them would allow them to be much more relaxed.

After refining the two Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dan’s, he accumulated even more alchemy experience which laid a good solid foundation for refining High-Grade Spirit Level Dans.


Chen Xiang had already disappeared for two months after his escape, and had not returned to the Extreme Martial Sect. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming had secretly sent people to search for their young martial uncle. Although it was very difficult for them to accept a goofball as their young martial uncle, he was still technically their martial uncle and they still had to respect his seniority.

“This brat shouldn’t have died right? If later on, teacher or that insane old man came to learn about this then they would raise hell!” Wu Kaiming said with an anxious look.

“According to the information we have received, he definitely escaped yet not even his shadow has been seen in these last two months. It is highly likely that he is still recuperating! Liao Shaoyun, this little rascal, actually dared to do such a thing. Remember that a hundred years ago he once contradicted me. If you had not stopped me, I would have slapped off his rotten mouth!” Gu Dongchen had a furious expression on his face. Looking at his expression, it was perfectly obvious that he could not wait to head towards the True Martial Sect and immediately beat Liao Shaoyun to death.

Wu Kaiming said, “Dean, this Liao Shaoyun is a treasure of the True Martial Sect. In just three years he has achieved the Tempering Realm. It will not be long before he begins his path down Nirvana. At that time, he would be the first to ever enter the Nirvana Realm this quickly.”

“Fastest my ass, if he can not cope with the Nirvana Great Tribulation, then any genius is nothing more than shit.” Gu Dongchen looked out of the window, his eyes twinkling. “I need to take a trip to the Beast Martial Sect, and force them to remove the bounty on Chen Xiang. Otherwise this brat is going to face even more hardships in the future.”

“The Beast Martial Sect is relying on their three newly advanced Nirvana Realm martial artists to gain a mile after getting an inch from us, the Extreme Martial Sect! They were actually in the wrong in that matter, yet they still dared post a reward on Chen Xiang!” Wu Kaiming furiously shouted.

“They know the Nirvana Great Tribulation for all three of us is not far away. They want to take advantage of the fact we are concentrating on the Nirvana Great Tribulations and seize the position of the strongest sect in the Chenwu Mainland, meanwhile the True Martial Sect just seems ready to make trouble.” Gu Dongchen looked extremely serious.

The Nirvana Realm had a total of nine great tribulations. When the martial artist’s strength was elevated to a certain extent, a great tribulation would descend. After crossing each great tribulation, one would become even more powerful but similarly the next great tribulation would also become even more frightening. Historically many geniuses had fallen while attempting to cross the Nine Nirvana Tribulations. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, these vigorous old man, had survived these great tribulations again and again.

“Also, I have no idea where third sister has gone. She said she was going into closed-door training, but not once have I seen her inside the Mysterious Realm! All day she is so secretive, our Extreme Martial Sect has been relying on her high quality refined dan for support.” Gu Dongchen helplessly sighed, there were truly not many excellent alchemists out there.

“Yeah, she originally had a great chance to become a Dan King, but who could expect her to be seriously injured while crossing the great tribulation, leading her Purple Moon Fire Spirit being weakened, it is truly regretful!” Wu Kaiming sighed.

Chen Xiang had always though Elder Dan was a Dan King, but who would have thought she was the same as Su Meiyao, a Dan Ancestor. Nevertheless, this level was already extremely hard to achieve.

While hiding in the cave, Chen Xiang was oblivious to the fact that millions of people were searching for him. The majority of these people were trying to find him for the reward, because they had learned Chen Xiang escaped with serious injuries. As long as they could grab Chen Xiang, they could get 200,000 crystal stones as a reward!

The Beast Martial Sect had once again increased the reward, and this was right after Gu Dongchen took a trip to visit the Beast Martial Sect. Their intentions were very obvious, they were being intentionally provocative towards the Extreme Martial Sect and intentionally didn’t give face to Gu Dongchen.

The Beast Martial Sect and the Extreme Martial Sect both equally hated each other to an extreme because Huang Jintian had once killed the Beast Martial Sect’s Dean. In light of this point, the hatred between them could not be resolved in any way.

Seemingly in response, Gu Dongchen also issued a ruthless statement. If anyone stronger than Chen Xiang was going to try to kill him to seek the reward, no matter who they were, that person would become the number one enemy of the Extreme Martial Sect. At that time, all the elders of the Extreme Martial Sect would be dispatched. If they got hold of them, he or she would be tortured to death!

All the elders of the Extreme Martial Sect were very powerful and no one doubted Gu Dongchen’s words were merely an empty threat… if he said it, they would definitely follow through with it! Others thought Gu Dongchen did this in order to secretly clash with the Beast Martial Sect, but how could they have known that he did it to make it somewhat safer for his young martial uncle.

In these past two months, Chen Xiang had not only learned more about alchemy, but also refined a massive amount of True Qi Dans, a total of more than a thousand! All of which, he intended to sell. As for the True Qi Dans he had obtained previously, he had already eaten all of them. What he needed right now was a substantial amount of crystal stones to buy the herbs required for the refinement of High-Grade Spirit Level Dans. This was because when he was refining High-Grade Spirit Level Dans, he had failed in all of his attempts!

“Now you should start refining Building Foundations Dans, their difficulty is around the same as High-Grade Spirit Level Dans. Since you don’t have anymore herbs for High-Grade Spirit Level Dans, you should learn how to refine the Building Foundation Dan. If you’re successful, you should soon be able to enter the True Martial Realm!” Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang was elated in his heart, but at the same time it was almost unbearable. The materials for the Building Foundation Dan were very expensive, and every time he failed his heart would feel like bleeding.

“What are you so scared of? Obtaining a Thousand Year Beast Dan isn’t necessary for you. To replace it, you could simply hunt down demon beasts and get their monster dan. As for the herbs, you have the [Dragon Saliva Exercise], what are you so afraid of?” Su Meiyao continued speaking.


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