Chapter 126 – A Woman’s Heart

Chen Xiang’s heart was pounding as he was debating whether or not he should attempt to refine. The Thousand Vein Fruit, Metal Spirit Fruit, and Azure Profound Fruit, he had more than twenty of each which was more than enough for him to try twenty times. The life element inside the Thousand Year Beast Dan was only enough for him to try five times. As for the other auxiliary spirit herbs, he was definitely not lacking in them. As for the Purple Spirit Fruit, Thousand Year Old Ginseng, Blood Ginseng, Blood Spirit Grass, Radix, Earth Spirit Grass and others, they were all herbs he obtained from the herb garden and he still had plenty.

Chen Xiang also knew that in order to protect himself, he needed to enter the True Martial Realm. Otherwise he would become targeted by those who had reached the True Martial Realm and he would be once again be embarrassed and forced to escape or he might even be killed!

Su Meiyao thought for a moment and once again began speaking. “Use the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace while refining because refining it will require a lot of time. As much as one or two months, at the very least it would still take eight to ten days. Also, in order to bake those herbs into herbal powder you need to use extremely high temperatures, and when you fuse the herbal Spirit Qi it would require even more time and spirit.”

Chen Xiang nodded his head in response and took out the herbs required for refining a Building Foundation Dan. He was currently hiding in the mountain side and in order to ensure more safety he dug a passage from under the river leading to the mountainside, making it ever more difficult for people to find him.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou both came out. The cave was illuminated by luminous stones and the environment could not be considered bad as there was also a nearby lake.

“Take each herb and divide each of them into four equal parts!” Su Meiyao ordered while glancing at the spirit herbs that were exuding all kinds of peculiar Spirit Qis.

“What, divide it into four?” Chen Xiang couldn’t understand and asked.

“Exactly! Divide a Metal Spirit Fruit into four equal parts and do the same for a Azure Profound Fruit… Now do you understand? Divide a single set of Building Foundation Dan Martials into four parts and refine them individually! All of your herbs have sufficient Spirit Qi, this will not damage them at all. Additionally, if you fail now, it will be less disheartening.” Su Meiyao teased while smiling slightly, at the same time she grabbed a knife and started cutting a Metal Spirit Fruit.

Chen Xiang now understood. He had also once thought of doing this, but previously the herbs were not of a superior enough quality to do so, and after cutting them much of their Spirit Qi would be dispersed.

In order to prevent the dispersal of Spirit Qi from the herbs, Su Meiyao made Chen Xiang dilute the Dragon Saliva using water, and then soaked the cut off spirit herbs in it. That way, not only would the Spirit Qi of the herbs not be dispersed, but on the contrary it would increase by a lot!

“Sister Meiyao, I had not expected that not only were you so beautiful, but also equally clever! Who said big chest means no brains, all nonsense.” Chen Xiang said while smiling. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to flatter Su Meiyao.

“If my junior sister wasn’t clever, she would never have become so strong. Even more, she would definitely not have become a powerful alchemist!” Bai Youyou said.

Su Meiyao tenderly spat, “Good! Brat, have you or have you not, previously considered me and Sister Youyou as only big chests and no brains?”

Chen Xiang saw that Bai Youyou looked colder than usual. He could not help but take glances again and again at the proud chest of Bai Youyou, but he still hastily said, “Sister Meiyao, why do you want to drag in Sister Youyou…. Previously I was just kidding… just joking around.”

He had already seen everything from these two beauties. Chen Xiang would never forget this, and it was the same for Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao. After all, they were women, and this kind of thing would be taken even more seriously inside their hearts, in fact they would often think about it. However, they also knew that Chen Xiang at that time had no choice in the matter, besides it also gifted them a great hope.

Right now, both beauties once again thought about the time Chen Xiang saw their perfect jade bodies, and their face could not help but turn red. However, Chen Xiang was concentrating on cutting the herbs and was completely oblivious of this fact, or else he would have definitely been stunned at their facial expressions.

Chen Xiang was first cutting the main herbs, before sorting out the other auxiliary herbs and uniformly cutting them. This was all done very carefully, otherwise it would affect the alchemy. However, it is very important to know that Chen Xiang had now been refining dans for quite a long time, so he was clear on how much each section should be. This sort of subtle feeling was a must have for alchemists.

“Sister Youyou, Sister Meiyao, who do you two like? When your strength was at its pinnacle, hadn’t there been a lot of people who chased you?” Chen Xiang curiously asked. Like hell these two divine girls were ordinary existences. He had read long and heard as well as scoured a lot of historical texts, but still hasn’t found out anything about them. He suspected that they were from other mortal martial worlds, like Elder Dan.

“Although I have encountered many powerful men, I have never liked any of them. In my entire lifetime I would never have this sort of feeling, this is mainly because the primary exercise I cultivate is called the [Ruthless Devil Skill].” Bai Youyou coldly said. “While some people did chase me, they were unable to defeat me so I refused them on those grounds.”

Bai Youyou truthfully replied, this actually made Chen Xiang somewhat surprised but also doubtful. He glanced at Su Meiyao and saw that her eyes were full of concern, as if she was worried about Bai Youyou.

“Sister Meiyao, what about you?” Chen Xiang asked. As they had spent more time with each other, they had all become a bit more familiar. Sometimes he would also ask about some relatively large issues.

“I’d like to find a good man, but that is too hard. My teacher was powerful enough, but he was still not able to give us maximum protection, otherwise we would not be in this situation.” Su Meiyao replied in a low voice. Afterwards she gently laughed, “Don’t look at me like that, not a single person has actually chased me, because I was an alchemist. Other people could not afford to have such high aspirations, not to mention the fact that my reputation was even more ferocious than senior sister’s.”

Such an enchanting and moving Yaojing actually had a ferocious reputation! Chen Xiang found it somewhat hard to believe.

Chen Xiang was sure that these two woman had hid many things from him, and perhaps even lied to him about some things. He had begun to suspect that these two were not from the Mortal Martial World, but had already gone to the Heavenly Realms, otherwise their enemy would not be so strong!

But how would people from the Heavenly Realms appear in the Mortal World? After all, only at the time of the intersections of the three worlds would they be able to descend to the Mortal World!

“Could it be that both of them arrived at this Mortal Martial World 100,000 years ago during the time of the last great battles between the three realms?” Chen Xiang while thinking in his heart was secretly shocked, but he immediately rejected this notion. This was because even during the three realms fusion, the Heavenly Realms and the Mortal World remained separated.

“Do not think too much about it. Should you live well and fully play out the Yin and Yang Divine Vein to it’s full potential, you might be able to transcend me and senior sister. At that time, I might think of making you my man.” Su Meiyao coquettishly winked at Chen Xiang and said with a pretty smile. This made Chen Xiang’s mide suddenly fall into utter chaos

“Cough, cough. I already have Xianxian!” Chen Xiang replied.

“So what? If I’m willing to be your woman do you think I would care about that?” Su Meiyao mischievously smiled before touching Chen Xiang’s face. At this time, Chen Xiang acted like a shy girl as he blushed before turning away, his heart was pounding.

The herbs had already been systematically arranged. Chen Xiang began refining the Building Foundation Dan. He intended to try refining a few times before asking Su Meiyao about the difficulties he encounters.

He originally only had fifteen sets or herbs, but after cutting them it had become a total of sixty! He believed that he would absolutely not fail more than fifty times!

Using the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace to refine the Building Foundation Dan, he actually only needed an hour, but that was only for the cut off herbs. Besides, he also failed in the middle of refining.


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