Chapter 128 – Ruthless Devil Skill

Chen Xiang had not opened the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, but he was convinced that there was a Building Foundation Dan inside it. In the midst of his laughter, both his eyes shed tears as only he was aware on how much torture he had gone through to achieve this result!

Nineteen years old, and he had not yet refined a High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, but he had directly refined a Building Foundation Dan. Even Su Meiyao was very, very shocked. Originally she had wanted Chen Xiang to completely refine all the herbs he possessed before once again refining after the new herbs had grown out. In this way, he would eventually be successful. She had expected him to require at least three or five years as she had refined a Profound Level Dan in a similar fashion!

After Chen Xiang laughed for a while, he fell down, asleep. He was extremely tired!

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou went over and opened the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace. They saw a crystal dan with numerous golden and azure lines, this was the Building Foundation Dan, and a high-grade quality one at that! In fact, most of the dans Chen Xiang refined had been high-grade quality which was extremely hard to achieve!

“The divine sense of this brat has actually reverted to its pinnacle state… No, it’s even stronger than before!” Bai Youyou pressed her cold beautiful hands on Chen Xiang’s forehead before shouting with surprise.

It was also the first time Bai Youyou had ever touched Chen Xiang. However, only Chen Xiang’s body needed to recuperate and rest, his mind was clearly aware. He could clearly feel Bai Youyou’s cold beautiful hands, it gave him a wonderful feeling and even put him in an absentminded state.

“Junior sister, aren’t you going to help him clean his body? I remember that you often use some dubious methods to reward him.” Bai Youyou said, revealing a smile with a hint of elegance on her face.

Su Meiyao lightly snorted before softly laughing, “Senior sister, this brat seems to like you more! Although he and me are more intimate, I feel as if he cares more about you. As such, when you’re gentle towards him, this brat is happy to death. I guess he is rather desperate in order to win your favor.”

Bai Youyou’s complexion turned cold, yet that ice cold white face of hers was slightly tinted red. She coldly replied, “Don’t talk nonsense, you do not know how he looks at your body? He could not wait to strip off your clothes and push you down, obviously he prefers you right? Besides, last time you kissed him, it turned him into a pig.”

Su Meiyao just lightly laughed in response before directly stripping off Chen Xiang’s clothes. Suddenly, Chen Xiang was left with nothing on his body, yet while looking directly at him, Su Meiyao didn’t even have a tint of red of her face.

“This brat is truly ruthless towards himself. However, his body looks much better compared to when we see it from inside the ring.” Su Meiyao said with a mischievous smile while rinsing off the stains on Chen Xiang’s body.

“Senior sister, come help me! We have already seen this brat’s body, do you not want to do something for him now?” Su Meiyao said with a soft laugh.

Currently Chen Xiang could not move his body after it had been badly tortured, but after hearing the conversations of the two girls, all sorts of complex and strange emotions surged in his heart.

Bai Youyou went over and coldly snorted, “I do not know how many times I’ve seen his body, yet I am unable to dispel my anger.” Although she said so, she still came up with a towel and carefully wiped Chen Xiang’s stained body.

Chen Xiang secretly despised both of these female rogues. They stayed inside the ring and had actually repeatedly peeped on him from inside it! Of course, he was also somewhat happy, after all both beauties had seen his body many times. He suddenly felt somewhat cheap, meanwhile they were complacent looking at him.

“Senior sister, I worry that one day you will not need me.” Su Meiyao said. Her pretty face was filled with a worried expression as she and Bai Youyou were cleaning Chen Xiang’s robust body.

Bai Youyou was silent for a while, before sighing, “When my great hatred has been resolved, I will disperse my [Ruthless Devil Skill]. At that time, you have to protect me!”

Su Meiyao revealed a smile, “Don’t worry, at that time this brat will definitely protect you!” While speaking, she patted Chen Xiang’s chest.

Bai Youyou no longer spoke, she knew that Chen Xiang would certainly be very strong in future, and it would be no problem for him to protect her. But at the same time, she was worried that when she had no strength, no one would care about her.

Su Meiyao said, “Senior sister, Master only cultivated the [Ruthless Devil Skill] because of us and it lead to his own demise… I do not want you to turn out like that!”

“I know, you do not need to worry about me. I have a sense of moderation!” Bai Youyou’s complexion became somewhat complicated.

Chen Xiang had not expected these pair of sisters to have this kind of story, but he always felt that Su Meiyao had hid some things from Bai Youyou.

Chen Xiang recovered very quickly. Just as Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were helping him clean his body, he suddenly sat up.

“Thanks for both sister’s concerns.” Chen Xiang smiled, before taking out his clothes and putting it on.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had touched Chen Xiang’s body over and over, they had not intended to tell this to Chen Xiang, but he had suddenly woken up. This made them somewhat angry and ashamed, both of their enchanting and cold faces were fully blushing. Both of the beauties were grinding their teeth while staring at Chen Xiang.

“You were awake?” Bai Youyou coldly asked. Previously, they had been conversing and done nothing, but it was seldomly this shameful for her.

Chen Xiang giggled and said, “Nope, I just woke up, I had not thought both sisters would be so considerate and personally help me take a bath.”

“Tell me honestly, have you or have you not heard what Junior sister and I were talking about before!” Bai Youyou’s voice and complexion instantly went below absolute zero as invisible Slaughter Qi spread open, making Chen Xiang tremble.

“Yes, but I did not do so intentionally. I had already lost sense of my body, but my divine sense still remained.” Chen Xiang truthfully replied. Seeing Bai Youyou’s complexion becoming more ugly, he quickly said, “Sister Youyou, I will never speak about you peeping on me, and I’ll definitely be there to protect you. I know what the Ruthless Devil Skill can do to people, I’m also worried about you.

“Forget it!” Bai Youyou closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Thinking of the shameful things she said before, her face could not help but become a little hot.

Bai Youyou had soon tried to forget, but Su Meiyao had not. She snorted to hide her shyness, and came beside Chen Xiang and pinched his arm. But she did not use much of her strength because it was Chen Xiang.

“Wasting my good intentions for you. To think you even intentionally pretended to be asleep just to tease me and senior sister.” Su Meiyao angrily said. It was the first time Chen Xiang had seen her so angry, but strangely it was captivating and made her look even more enchanting, Chen Xiang secretly praised it in his heart.

“Sister Meiyao, you look really nice even when you’re angry.” Chen Xiang didn’t know what was wrong with him but he could not help but blurt out the truth, this made Su Meiyao angrily stomp in response.

Chen Xiang scratched his head, grinned and asked, “Two sisters, where does my body look good, and how many times have you looked?”

Bai Youyou did not answer and just sat there with her eyes closed, pretending to have not heard the question. Su Meiyao was also speechless, could it be they were going to be forced to say they were bored and that was why they would secretly look at him?

“Later on you’re not allowed to mention this!” Bai Youyou coldly ordered. Although she actually didn’t care much about it, she still acted domineering, in order to avoid Chen Xiang’s continued probing of this topic.

Su Meiyao snorted and changed the subject. “Tell me about the process during your alchemy. Why did your divine sense suddenly revert back to its pinnacle state?”

Speaking of this, Chen Xiang was also puzzled and he quickly described what had occurred during that time.

“You really saw a baby?” Bai Youyou hurriedly asked as she came beside Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang nodded his head and Su Meiyao also came over with a look of shock as she glanced at Bai Youyou.

“Relax, do not move! I am going to take a look at your consciousness!” Bai Youyou extended both of her hands and placed them above Chen Xiang cheeks.

Chen Xiang’s face was being stroked by a pair of cold and soft hands and made him secretly shout ‘cool’, “Sister Youyou, it feels comfortable when you touch my face.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Bai Youyou coldly replied in a low voice.


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