Chapter 13 – Five-Element Fusion

“Well it’s useless. I have a very large amount of True Qi. You probably won’t be able to drag it out for long and be the first one to fall.” Chen Yihan objected. He resumed his onslaught against Chen Xiang, delivering countless strikes against him. Even before the flurry of attacks, Chen Xiang was injured. Now that Chen Yihan continued to keep up the pressure, he was confident that Chen Xing would soon die by his hand.

Chen Yihan blasted fist after fist, continuously attacking with his [Profound Ice Aura Energy]. He also delivered the attacks from a long range away, so that Chen Xiang could not retaliate and only endure.

“Hahaha… Just a moment ago you kept on proclaiming that you must fight on behalf of your father. But now look, you don’t even have the strength to resist!” Chen Yihan emitted a shrill laugh. On Chen Xiang’s body, many bloody holes were emerging due to the strikes caused by the [Profound Ice Aura Energy] which burst out from the inside of his skin.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath while revolving the Tai Chi Yin Yang diagram within his body. With the help of his spiritual power, he controlled the five-elements of True Qi stored inside his body and proceeded to fuse them together.

The five elements of True Qi started to converge. Right now, the only chance of winning for Chen Xiang was to simultaneously use the five elements of True Qi. However, after the five elements of True Qi were done fusing together, it would become intrepid and wild. His current meridians were not be able to bear the strain.

Fusing together the five elements of True Qi had never been attempted by anyone before this, mainly because nobody ever had the opportunity. Chen Xiang was the first to embark on this mysterious domain which could be called pure insanity. If he was unable to control the Qi, Qigong Deviation would occur and as a result Chen Xiang would die.

However, he was successful. Although he felt his meridians threatening to rupture, within his dantian, the five elements of True Qi had actually been perfectly fused together. But it was still much harder to control, and a large amount of True Qi was lost from his meridians. Chen Xiang knew that he must act quickly, before the True Qi was exhausted. He needed to use this frightening power to defeat Chen Yihan.

A violent aura suddenly exploded from Chen Xiang. Chen Yihan’s heart could not help but thump, as the True Qi that suddenly appeared gave off the impression of an overbearing and tyrannical nature that would not hesitate to destroy anything in its path.


Chen Xiang’s body was in pain due to the impact from the violent True Qi, and he could not help but howl in pain. Suddenly, visible oppressive Qi waves started to pour out. A howl engulfed everything around them like a sea, as the whole field fiercely shook. All the bricks near Chen Xiang started to shatter.

Everything in the entire world was constituted of the five elements. By fusing together the five elemental forces, it would contain the heaven and universe. At the moment, Chen Xiang had fused together the five elemental forces and formed the universe’s power, the Universal True Qi!

“Fall down!” from within Chen Yihan’s body, an icy Qi burst forth. The more he felt threatened by Chen Xiang, the more he wanted to end the battle and quickly defeat Chen Xiang in order to prevent him from being victorious.

Lightning was flashing in Chen Xiang’s eyes. He moved towards Chen Yihan with large strides, and the soles of his feet were filled with the universal force containing a destructive nature. Each of his steps broke the floor tiles on impact. The momentum from his intense speed was like that of a herd of ten thousand steeds.

“[Profound Ice Aura Energy]!” Chen Yihan eyebrows twitched as he looked at Chen Xiang. Both his fists moved together as two more intrepid freezing cold aura energies sprayed a cold qi strike towards Chen Xiang.

At this moment Chen Xiang’s mental state was similar to a maniac. In his mind there was only one thought; to defeat Chen Yihan.

The two [Profound Ice Aura Energy] were able to tear stones apart on impact. Chen Xiang roared as he caught the frightening aura energies with both of his palms. A layer of ice momentarily covered his arms, but was broken in just an instant while never stopping his charge.

It only took a moment for Chen Xiang to arrive in front of Chen Yihan. His pair of fists struck forward, each producing a True Qi explosion. This turned out to be the very common High Grade Mortal Level Martial Skill, [Storm Killing Fist]. With each fist, a True Qi explosion would be produced, and it was extremely lethal but in return it consumed a lot of True Qi.

As each fist moved through the air, thunderous Qi waves were emitted. Yet even with this, Chen Xiang’s fists were lightning quick. Fist after fist, the waves of blows surged without break, almost as if executing the [Storm Killing Fist] did not consume any True Qi.

Chen Xiang had casted the [Storm Killing Fist] with Universal True Qi. This frightening level of power made everyone’s heart tremble. This level of attack was actually equal to Qi Aura!

Chen Yihan also had to use Qi Aura in order to resist Chen Xiang’s wild[ Storm Killing Fists], which fell towards his body like rain on the ground. As he resisted each blow, his heart could not help but sink. The violent True Qi explosion even made him feel fear. If even one fist managed to strike him, getting seriously injured would be unavoidable.

Even after a few more breaths of time, Chen Xiang continuously blasted dozens of [Storm Killing Fists].

Chen Tianhu’s eyes were wide open. His son was actually this incredibly valiant, but he could tell that Chen Xiang’s situation was actually not that good. To display power which transcends one’s limit, was essentially damaging to their own body.

“Motherf****r…” Chen Yihan continued to resist those crazy [Storm Killing Fists]. He could not help but curse. For everyone else, it was their first time seeing someone using [Storm Killing Fist] in such a peculiar manner. It was also the first time they understood that this High Grade Mortal Level Martial Skill could unexpectedly become this frightening.

The Universal True Qi was intensely draining for Chen Xiang’s body. He was regretting in his heart, he felt that if the True Qi inside him was consumed and Chen Yihan was still not defeated, then he was doomed.

Chen Xiang suddenly opened his mouth and let loose a giant roar. A dragon’s roar resounded through the horizon. Chen Xiang ejected a violent clear True Qi from his mouth, submerging Chen Yihan’s figure in one shout.

This was the [Azure Dragon Roar], but this time colourless Universal True Qi was surging out. Inside the roar was Lighting, Flame, Water, Ice and various other kinds of attributes.

Chen Yihan did not expect Chen Xiang to suddenly cast a large move. He quickly retreated to open up a gap between them while operating his True Qi. He started releasing his Qi Aura to create an ice cover to try and resist this violent True Qi attack.

Suddenly, in Chen Xiang’s hands, appeared a broadsword that was gleaming with a cold light.

[TLN: Broadsword (大刀)]

Chen Xiang’s whole body was emitting a violent True Qi. He pulled back the blade and with a yell, poured all of his remaining True Qi into the blade. This let loose a burst of glaring azure aura that exuded a sharp dragon roar that cracked stone and penetrated the clouds. The sight was mesmerizing to the hearts and souls of those present.

Chen Xiang leapt into the sky. His blade that was boosted with azure light left only a blur to be seen. Slicing the air with irresistible force, the blade hacked towards Chen Yihan’s head.

“No!…” From the distance a voices resounded. The broadsword had been chopped dowards with an intent to split Chen Yihan in half, but the blade stopped right next to his neck.

Receiving that quick and powerful attack from Chen Xiang, violent True Qi surged out in all four directions as everyone stood like a stone carving in-situ, blankly staring at Chen Xiang holding that broadsword.

Everyone was shocked speechless by Chen Xiang’s crazy and overbearing martial might. How was he a waste with no Spiritual Vein? He is simply a frightening monster!

A sixteen year old yet defeating a 7th level Mortal Martial Realm practitioner! It was simply a miracle!

In addition, Chen Xiang was also an alchemist!

Their family gave birth to this type of genius, this fact alone made many of the Chen family member’s hearts incomparably excited.

“Chen Xiang________Chen Xiang_______Chen Xiang!” Many people were shouting Chen Xiang’s name in unison. Within their hearts, their feelings could not help but give way to newfound pride.

Before, everyone thought that Chen Xiang accepting the challenge of the Yao Family genius would be similar to fighting a hopeless battle. But looking back on it now, Chen Xiang was completely sure about winning.


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