Chapter 130 – White Dragon

Chen Xiang quickly dived down and released his Dragon Aura because most demon beasts would cower in terror at a dragon’s might. After that white squirrel sensed the pressure of a dragon, it could not help but be distracted for a moment and hit the trunk of a tree, creating a very comical scene.

Just as Chen Xiang was preparing to smack a deadly palm towards that squirrel, a burst of white light soared from that squirrel to his surprise. But that white light soon disappeared revealing a white robed little girl who had a fair face and delicate skin, sitting cleanly onto the snow. She was using her cute little hands to hold her head, flat mouth and tears on the edge of her eyes, she looked like she was about to cry and looked very adorable.

Seeing a squirrel suddenly turn into a seven or eight year old lovely little girl, Chen Xiang could not help but be taken aback. Although he heard that demon beasts could change forms, only very strong ones could do so! But this furtive squirrel, apart from having extremely high speed, did not look strong at all!

“Why did you steal my True Qi Dan?” Chen Xiang asked with a cold face. Although she was hateful, she was still a lovely little girl. However, Chen Xiang didn’t have a nice expression on his face as he glared at her.

“I was hungry… you confused me and knocked my head… it hurts… I hate you!” That little girl looked up and two drops of tears had already dropped down from her watery eyes. Biting her lips she glared at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang suddenly caught a glimpse of two small things on the little girl’s head, it looked very similar to small antlers!

Antlers…No, was it not a dragon’s horn!? Chen Xiang quickly associated the two because he recalled that eight months ago, a dragonling had been born. Was this little girl a transformation of that dragonling?

“Dragon! This little girl is actually a dragon! Anyway, no matter what means, we must keep this dragon!” Su Meiyao’s voice became very excited and quickly exclaimed.

“She is strong… although she is a dragonling she is by no means weak!” Bai Youyou warned.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang’s mind became blank. He had totally not expected to encounter this dragonling. After the shock passed, he quickly calmed down.

He then leaned over, took a few grains of True Qi Dan and held it towards the girl. His face had a look of shame and with a gentle smile he said, “Little sister, I’m sorry. If you had told me you were hungry I would not have chased you! I thought you were a thief!”

That little girl sniffed the five True Qi Dans in Chen Xiang’s hands. Her tears didn’t fall again as her big eyes rotated a bit. Like lighting, her hands reached over and snatched away the True Qi Dans from Chen Xiang’s palm. Seeing such a speed made Chen Xiang suck his own tongue.

“Can you forgive me now?” Chen Xiang sat back and watched the little girl’s delicate and cute little face.

After that little girl devoured those five True Qi Dans with relish, she revealed a sweet smile. “After you give me ten more of those things I’ll forgive you!”

Chen Xiang had not expected this little girl to actually be so smart at such a young age. It was as if this dragonling had not just been born recently. Is it that after a dragon was born, their wisdom would develop very quickly?

Chen Xiang had a lot of True Qi Dans, he took out twenty of them and handed them all over. The little girl soon ate them all. At this time, the little girl had an irresistible expression in her eyes as she waited for Chen Xiang. A neat and pitiful appearance, it was so potent that it made Su Meiyao anxious and she almost ran out to hug that little girl.

Chen Xiang was now akin to taking out candy to beguile a child. He once again took out ten True Qi Dans before asking, “Little sister, how can you transform…”

“My name is Sister Long(龙姊姊), do not call me little sister.” The little girl interupted him

[TLN: 龙姊姊= Dragon Sister ]

“Oh, Sister Long, why can you transform into a little squirrel?” Chen Xiang asked.

The little girl suddenly giggled, “Just a moment ago, you called me Sister Long! This brother is really stupid, looking at you being so stupid I will tell you! I’m a dragon, whatever beast I see, I can transform into them, formidable right!”

Chen Xiang’s mouth slightly twitched. He had actually been cheated. He originally thought this little girl was smart, but had completely not expected her to be so high-profile to the point where she revealed that she was a dragon.

“Moron, you’re not thinking why I dared to say I am a dragon are you?” The little girl mischievously laughed.

Chen Xiang was once again taken back by surprise. Just a moment he had indeed thought of this.

“Fool, I’m very clever! I also know that you can tell that I’m a dragon.” The little girl grabbed a handful of snow, and squeezed it into a snowball. With a mischievous laugh, she threw it straight towards Chen Xiang.

Just before Chen Xiang was about to react, that snowball smashed right on his face. It made the little girl even more happy.

“My name is Long Xueyi (龙雪怡), I am a newly born white dragon!” Long Xueyi mischievously laughed and said, “Previously I heard someone tell you that I’m a dragon, and you should do anything to keep me! Am I right?”

Chen Xiang was shocked, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao were shocked as well. That dragonling girl could actually hear their voices despite them being inside the ring.

Long Xueyi looked at Chen Xiang’s hand. Although there was an invisible ring, it seemed as if this dragonling could actually see it. Chen Xiang suddenly had a feeling that he was being completely seen through by this little girl.

“Good! Very formidable. Yin and Yang Divine Vein, Shinto Infant Soul, and your cultivated martial art is also our dragon family’s most powerful [Dragon Slaying Divine Martial Art], the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Exercise]! You also seem to be in possession of the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade that was refined with the help of our dragon family’s Azure Dragon.” Long Xueyi’s small face was filled with shock. She had not expected in this world that a single human had actually collected all these heaven defying things!

Chen Xiang gulped, he was ever more surprised than the little girl inside his heart. This feeling was a little bit uncomfortable because he had just been totally seen through by this young girl!

“You should be Chen Xiang who was being searched by those group of people from before! In the forest I had heard many people mentioning your name. I know that you’re a very powerful guy.” Long Xueyi licked her lips and once more used a hungry expression as she looked at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang gulped, in his heart he was even more surprised, this feeling was a little bit uncomfortable, because he had been totally seen through by this girl!

Chen Xiang was shocked. After a sigh, he took out a box of True Qi Dan.

“Little girl, although I am not a good person, you will absolutely not find a single good soul who can give you this kind of thing to eat everyday.” Chen Xiang smiled. He calmed himself down and could see this little girl also had ideas to be together with him.

“Indeed. If I expose my identity as a dragon, it would become very troublesome for me! You have so many good things, but you should not have any ideas to fight with me!” ‘Nom Nom Nom’. Long Xueyi nodded her head while she ate those True Qi Dans like she was eating rice. It was clear that she had been hungry for a very long time.

“I can give you these things to eat, but I also have much better things, provided that you give me some help? Although you look like a little girl, you are by no means stupid.” Chen Xiang said.

Long Xueyi stuffed those True Qi Dans inside her mouth. While chewing, she also spoke at the same time, looking very cute. This made Chen Xiang unable to help himself as he touched her cheeks.

“Although I don’t know how you cultivated out Shinto Infant Soul. I know that you definitely don’t know a way to cultivate it, however I do! You should know that we dragons from the very start do not cultivate our bodies but instead practice Shinto until we are able to congeal out our bodies, only then will we break our egg shells!”