Chapter 132 – Hua Xiangyue

After Chen Xiang successfully refined the Building Foundation Dan, this precious Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, it would now be smooth and easy for him to refine the White Jade Dan and True Elemental Dan. After only a few failed attempts, he was successful in refining the latter out.

It also just took three days of time!

White Jade Dan, fifteen. True Elemental Dan, twenty. Whenever he refined a set of herbs to make the True Elemental Dan, the little greedy dragoness, Long Xueyi, took away half of them! However, with just one set of herbs, he was able to refine four True Elemental Dans!

Chen Xiang was profusely sweating inside his private room, but a familiar sense wafted into his nose before he saw the stunning beauty who was reclined on his bed.

The girl wore a light pink veil which covered her crystal white skin and voluptuous body. She bore a magnificent and noble temperament that added to her already mesmerizing charm.

Chen Xiang would never be able to forget this alluring and bewitching figure that belonged to the mature, tender, and breathtaking beauty in front of him. He immediately recognized that this enchanting, noble and dignified girl was Hua Yueyun whom he had met in the secular world.

“This is my bed, quickly get off!” Chen Xiang didn’t know what to say so he unconsciously blurted out this sentence.

With a sweet smile hanging on her beautiful face, her pretty eyes were filled with sorrow and a special type of hate as she gradually got off his bed. She softly laughed, “I know that you are regretting not accepting me as your maidservant! Aren’t you very upset?”

Chen Xiang indeed had some regret in his heart, but his face didn’t reveal an ounce of it. He indifferently said, “I’ve found you, now tell me your real name!”

“Hua Xiangyue (花香月)!” The beauty took out a fragrant silk towel, and wiped the sweat off Chen Xiang’s forehead. She lightly chuckled “Doesn’t my name sound nice?”

[TLN: 花香月, 花 flower, 香 fragrance, 月 moon. Moon of flower fragrance]

“Your name sounds good, and you’re quite beautiful! You’re also powerful, in the end, who are you?” Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed as he bluntly stated his question.

Hua Xiangyue was sitting beside a table as she slowly lowered a teapot. In each of her gestures a unique charm was overflowing, the scene was very pleasing to the eye.

“I’m just a maidservant, it just so happens that my master is Danxiang Taoyuan’s Dean. However, I can leave Danxiang Taoyuan whenever I want to, but it’s just that this little miss still hasn’t been able to find a good liege.” Hua Xiangyue sent a coquettish glance towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang knew he had nothing which could been seen fit by this woman, yet he also remembered previously that this woman truly intended to become his maidservant but for what reason would she do so?

Hua Xiangyue stood up, standing by the window her back was facing towards Chen Xiang. She faintly sighed, “Chen Xiang, recently you’ve created a lot of commotion….”

“That booty is truly marvelous!” A voice was suddenly heard.

Chen Xiang was startled, as for Hua Xiangyue, she started blushing red all over her pretty face. She immediately turned her head and shockingly stared at Chen Xiang with her pretty eyes wide open.

This voice sounded exactly like Chen Xiang, but it was not spoken by him. Its source was that little mischievous dragoness Long Xueyi. Chen Xiang gulped and ruthlessly smacked his left chest. He had not expected Long Xueyi had this sort of ability and could perfectly imitate someone’s voice!

Chen Xiang really wasn’t worried for no reason at all previously!

“Did you just say something?” Hua Xiangyue asked with a frown. She was sure that she had not heard wrongly, yet she also felt that Chen Xiang would not say such frivolous words, in spite of the fact that he usually had a nasty expression in his eyes when he looked at her.

Chen Xiang had a wry smile on his face, how could he say it was not him? But then again who would he say spoke? This loss, even if he didn’t want to suffer, he still had to own up to it!

“I just…felt like it, but didn’t express well, I meant to say your body is very good.” Chen Xiang quickly explained.

“Humph, your guts have increased immensely, you even dare to verbally molest me!” Hua Xiangyue tenderly spat. In her heart, she was strangely excited.

Chen Xiang poured himself a cup of tea. While drinking it, he used his divine sense to warn that naughty little dragoness, “Girl you are so dead, don’t act so unreasonably, that sort of statement nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“I only said what I felt was true.” Long Xueyi giggled. “Such a beautiful woman should be flirted with.”

“Chen Xiang, you have provoked Elder Dan during your stay in the Extreme Martial Sect. She is very powerful, what are your plans for the future?” Hua Xiangyue asked with a strange expression in her eyes as she looked at Chen Xiang.

“What plan do I need? That woman would not dare to go against me now, hei hei!” Chen Xiang, thinking about Elder Dan having to call him martial uncle, made him secretly delighted in his heart.

Hua Xiangyue frowned and walked over to Chen Xiang’s side, “Why?”

“This is my confidential secret, I can’t tell you.” Chen Xiang replied. His face was brimming with a triumphant smile.

“Sister Hua, don’t you have high and powerful authority within Danxiang Taoyuan?” Chen Xiang was worried about her continual probing and immediately changed the subject.

“Just simply call me Xiangyue or else I’ll ignore you.” Hua Xiangyue pressed her jade finger on Chen Xiang’s lips, making his mind sway.

“Xiangyue! Okay!”

Hua Xiangyue softly laughed, “That’s good. I just manage some very headache inducing things in Danxiang Taoyuan. Usually I’m very busy. I specially took some time out just to see you.”

“Xiangyue, why are you so good to me?” Chen Xiang curiously asked, He could not think of a reason why he gained this girl’s favor.

“Are you not even confident about your own charm?” Hua Xiangyue affectionately and lovingly looked at Chen Xiang, causing his heartbeat to rapidly speed up.

“Of course not, but in front of you I don’t have the confidence!” Chen Xiang flung his head.

Hua Xiangyue seeing such appearance from Chen Xiang, softly giggled. She no longer harassed Chen Xiang and listened to him talk about the things happened to him during the past few days. He also told her about his experience in the Extreme Martial Sect.

They talked late into night. Chen Xiang had just finished with his alchemy so he was even more tired than usual but still endured up until now.

“It’s late, I ought to return to my own room!” Hua Xiangyue yawned. She stood up and just as she turned around, she heard Chen Xiang’s voice.

“Stay! Let’s sleep together!” That naughty Long Xueyi once again imitated Chen Xiang’s voice!

Chen Xiang’s mouth was twitching because this was not spoken by him, but rather Long Xueyi. He was once again teased by Long Xueyi.

Suddenly two enchanting blush marks emerged on Hua Xiangyue’s pretty cheeks, she turned around and lightly smacked Chen Xiang’s head, angrily scolded, “You little brat! You’re getting worse and worse, also you have a fiancee.”

Long Xueyi’s soft giggles resounded in Chen Xiang’s mind. He could not wait to get a hold of her and slap her little ass until it is swollen red for daring to tease him! It was okay right now since it was Hua Xiangyue but what if this little dragoness acted up when it came to Elder Dan, his good days would come to an end!

After thinking so, Chen Xiang could not help but feel chills run down his spine. He now thought he had wrapped himself in a cocoon of trouble by asking this naughty little dragoness to follow him.

“I meant that you should sleep here on my bed while I cultivate meditating.” Chen Xiang explained with a wry smile.

“Humph, no need!” Hua Xiangyue lightly snorted, but in her heart she was very happy.

This is because previously she was not able to draw Chen Xiang to Danxiang Taoyuan, even resorting to selling her own body and allowed Chen Xiang to see all of her, but she was still not successful. Yet now she saw Chen Xiang was regretting his decision, and very much wanted her. She was secretly pleased.

Chen Xiang naturally didn’t know her thoughts as he watched Hua Xiangyue leave. Then he hastily shut the door, took off his clothes, and started ruthlessly hammering the white dragon tattoo on his body.

“It hurts, it hurts!”

Even after hearing Long Xueyi’s tender cries Chen Xiang continued to beat the mark on his chest.However it didn’t take long before he heard her giggle, “Stupid! Your beating doesn’t hurt me, you’re just hurting yourself! You’re truly an idiot, just look at how you’re seriously beating yourself, ha ha ha!”

“Little girl, don’t challenge my bottom line or else you won’t get any dans to eat from me in the future!” Chen Xiang did not say so angrily but rather dismissively. He knew the more angry he sounded the more it would make this little girl happy.

“No… I was just playing a prank on you! I admit my mistake!” Long Xueyi said in a low voice.


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