Chapter 133 – Alchemist’s Assessment

As long as the situation was not serious, Chen Xiang would not look into. In the past he had learned from Su Meiyao, if there were some special circumstances, you could make this little dragoness lend her fearsome strength to yourself, and if he could fuse her strength with his own strength, that would be but very terrifying.

Of course, the most Chen Xiang was looking forward to was the fact that Long Xueyi would teach him the cultivation method of Shinto. But currently his infant soul was too young, and at least it would have to be one to two years old.

If Chen Xiang let those immortals from the Heavenly Realm know he had raised a dragon, and he was also complaining about it, he would certainly be scolded to death. He even got the advantage this cheaply and was still not appreciating it.

Chen Xiang had successfully refined the White Jade Dan and the True Elemental Dan, so he planned to take the Level-4 Alchemist’s assessment tomorrow, and become a Level-4 Alchemist.

The next day, Chen Xiang came to know Hua Xiangyue had already left the Danxiang Tower, and returned to Danxiang Taoyuan. If he had something important to say, he could let Mrs. Li know.

Chen Xiang suddenly felt Hua Xiangyue was not just a simple maidservant, otherwise Mrs. Li would not be so respectful towards her.

Chen Xiang arrived at the location for the assessment registration, and after he arrived he found out about the new improved standards of the alchemist’s assessment. Such as, Level-3 Alchemists now needed to know how to refine three kinds of Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans, and Level-4 Alchemists needed to know how to refine three kinds of High-Grade Spirit Level Dans. An extra kind of dan had been added to the previous requirement!

Chen Xiang only knew how to refine two kinds of High-Grade Spirit Level Dans, and a Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, the Building Foundation Dan!

Danxiang Taoyuan’s assessments could be considered as very strict. You would only be given one set of herbs, and if you fail, you need to pay half the price of the herbs. And if you’re successful, the dan is given to the Danxiang Taoyuan.

Chen Xiang found Mrs. Li, and after Mrs. Li came to know Hua Xiangyue and Chen Xiang relations were very good, she became respectful towards Chen Xiang, and this sudden change in attitude made Chen Xiang harder to adapt.

“Mrs. Li, I want to take part in the Level-4 Alchemist’s assessment, but I now only know how to refine two High-Grade Spirit Level Dans and a Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, I don’t know whether or not I can also sign up?” Chen Xiang asked.

“What?” Mrs. Li suspected she had gotten it wrong, and she looked at Chen Xiang with a surprised look on her face. Chen Xiang was just twenty year old, and to her surprise he could actually refine two High-Grade Spirit Level Dans and a Low-Grade Profound Level Dan. It was very hard to believe, and her heart was pounding faster and faster. She began to suspect Chen Xiang was in the True Martial Realm, and she even guessed the Low-Grade Profound Level Dan Chen Xiang knew was the Building Foundation Dan!

The Building Foundation Dan and High-Grade Spirit Level Dans had the same difficulty, and many alchemists already knew this. Mrs. Li also knew Chen Xiang had purchased a good few amount of Building Foundation Dan’s materials.

“Is it okay if I replace a High-Grade Spirit Level Dan with Low-Grade Profound Level Dan? Currently I don’t have much time to learn refining a different kind of High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, I must return to Extreme Martial Sect to participate in Extreme Martial Grand Tournament !” Said Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang only heard about the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament from Hua Xiangyue last night, and he still had more than ten days before it started. Extreme Martial Grand Tournament was a competition of alchemy as well as of martial arts. This exchanging martial art grand tournament was held once in a decade, and it was also a big test for all the disciples of the Extreme Martial Sect.

“Yes, but… we currently lack materials like Azure Profound Fruit, as for others there is no problem.” Although Mrs. Li was shocked, but there was no change in her expression.

“I have the Azure Profound Fruit!” Chen Xiang also had one, and it was originally left to be used as a seed, but he still had the Azure Profound Tree in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, so he didn’t need to worry about using it.

“That’s good, the entire process would be supervised by me and ten Level-4 Alchemists of Danxiang Tower, do you agree?” Mrs. Li asked.

Chen Xiang readily nodded his head, and then followed Mrs. Li for signing up. Finally he had the extra dan for the assessment. Chen Xiang arrived at the tenth floor, and this floor was specialized for the assessment.

Chen Xiang saw those ten Level-4 Alchemists, and all of them were old men with few white shinny hairs, each of them were highly respected. Mrs. Li had a very high respect for them, because these ten level-4 Alchemists were all most-renowned, besides they were responsible for supplying a large number of dans to Danxiang Taoyuan, and all of them were above the True Martial Realm.

Chen Xiang after seeing them, respectfully gave a salute to all of them, these ten old men usually were either refining dans or cultivating, and they rarely came outside. They were not aware of the outside matters, and when they learned that this immature brat in front of them was here for the Level-4 Alchemist’s assessment, all of them could not help but reveal a contemptuous expression in their eyes. What made them despise him even more was when they came to know Chen Xiang would actually refine two High-Grade Spirit Level Dans and a Low-Grade Profound Level Dan.

These old men themselves, for many years, were never able to successfully refine the Building Foundation Dan. They certainly had the materials, but it just took a long time to gather them

“Even all of us have not been successful, and this brat wants to refine? He doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth, and it is simply a waste of an Azure Profound Fruit!” An old man said to another man in a low voice, his voice was full of contempt.

When Chen Xiang heard, he just laughed and didn’t say anything. He had successfully refined the Building Foundation Dan a good few times.

Originally, these old men were all reluctant to waste their time supervising Chen Xiang’s assessment, but after they heard from Mrs. Li he was Hua Xiangyue’s friend, each of them were happy to stay, which made Chen Xiang even more doubtful regarding Hua Xiangyue’s status.

Hua Xiangyue said she was just one of the many maidservants of the Dean’s, but her identity was a point higher!

Chen Xiang took out the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, and gave it to those impatient looking old men to check. The Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace just looked very beautiful, but it was very difficult to see where it was extraordinary.

Chen Xiang already knew the rules of the alchemist’s assessment, such as, Chen Xiang’s level-4 test. It was needed to be supervised by ten Level-4 Alchemists. Of course, for a high rank test, only one or two were simply needed, because high rank alchemist were harder to find.

Chen Xiang started refining a dan. He was refining the True Elemental Dan and the herbs were all provided by Danxiang Tower while their quality was good. Chen Xiang performed very well, and in just half an hour he had successfully refined it.

“All right, refined a True Elemental Dan!” Chen Xiang slightly exhaled, while wiping the sweat on his face.

Those ten old-men looked at each other, and they had a I don’t believe it look. How was it possible to refine in just half an hour? At least they couldn’t.

But Mrs. Li was convinced, because she knew Chen Xiang’s deeds, and understood all the things Chen Xiang did were earth shaking. She personally went over, opened the lid of the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, and then saw five exquisitely carved, glittering white dans.

Mrs. Li took a deep breath with surprise, and though she was not alchemist, she knew ordinarily only four True Elemental Dans were refined out from one set of herbs. And these ten Level-4 Alchemists she found, most of them were only able to refine out three!

These ten old men one by one gathered around, looked at those five True Elemental Dans with a questioning look. They had suspected Chen Xiang had somehow cheated. But when they took those True Elemental Dans in their hands, they were able to feel the dan was still hot, as well as the rich herb fragrance, which was the distinctive features of a dan that was just refined out!

Their thin and old bodies could not help but shudder, and they all looked at Chen Xiang with wide open eyes, as if they had seen a monster. It was very hard for them to believe, a twenty year old little guy could actually refine the True Elemental Dan, moreover five from one set of herbs!


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