Chapter 134 – Level-4 Alchemist

“Who is your teacher?” An old man, after taking a deep breath, asked.

His voice actually sounded very respectful, and he looked at Chen Xiang with a look of admiration. At this time, all of them didn’t dare to look down on Chen Xiang, and at the same time, they felt ashamed about their previous behavior.

“I’m a disciple of the Extreme Dan King Courtyard of the Extreme Martial Sect. I don’t have a teacher, but Elder Dan would from time to time guide me.” Chen Xiang calmly replied. After hearing his reply, these ten old men’s legs became soft, and they almost knelt from fear.

Extreme Dan King Courtyard! Although they had not seen it, its name reverberated like thunder. Simply because it was the residence of the Extreme Martial Sect’s Dan King, and only someone authorized by Elder Dan could enter. Although Elder Dan was mysterious, her skill in alchemy was well-renowned in the Chenwu Mainland.

Many alchemists believed Elder Dan had become a Dan King, but she was not, in fact, she was just a step away.

Chen Xiang was the only exception who could enter the Extreme Dan King Courtyard. Mrs. Li had already heard that Chen Xiang had also taken in a level-3 Alchemist, Yao Haisheng, as his apprentice.

In Chenwu Mainland, only two alchemists were the most excellent. One was the Dean of Danxiang Taoyuan, and the other was Elder Dan from the Extreme Martial Sect. And both of them were also the most mysterious!

Chen Xiang had the support of Elder Dan’s guidance, and it could be clearly seen that Chen Xiang must be better than the others, otherwise, he would not be favoured by Elder Dan.

Chen Xiang was even more faster while refining the White Jade Dan, and also refined a lot of them. It once again gave a heart attack to these old men. They felt very ashamed and were unable to even lift their head due to the fact that they had previously looked down upon Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang rested for a moment, and then started refining the Building Foundation Dan!

Ten level-4 Alchemists didn’t dare to bat their eyes, looking at Chen Xiang quickly processing the herbs. The familiarity and speed by which he arranged those herbs, made them secretly shocked in their hearts. They could see Chen Xiang had refined many times, at least more than them, otherwise, he would not be able to distribute the herbs so evenly.

As of now, when those old men looked at Chen Xiang, their expressions were as if they were looking at a grandmaster. After all, that was the Building Foundation Dan, and not to mention the refining, it was even rarely ever seen because Building Foundation Dan’s material were too little.

They very much wanted to know how Chen Xiang could get so many Azure Profound Fruits, and some were even playing with the idea of making Chen Xiang sell a little to them.

After the herbs were processed, Chen Xiang, with same familiarity and speed, once again started throwing them in the alchemical furnace, and then he placed them in the alchemical furnace in an orderly manner. All of those old men engraved the whole process in their mind.

Chen Xiang closed his eyes, with both hands placed on either side of the burner design of the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, and started pouring the flames. Then using his divine sense, he observed the internal changes of the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, as the flames simultaneously started incinerating the herbs in the furnace.

In this way, those old men ghastly stared at that Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace, except the subtle changes in the temperature, they were not able to sense anything else. Even more so, they didn’t know the flow of time in the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace.

One hour passed, Chen Xiang fiercely opened his eyes, and with a smile, he said, “Successful!”

What? Successful! Although those old men saw Chen Xiang stood like a statue, it was not fun to watch, and Chen Xiang was successful. Did he really refine the Building Foundation Dan? In just a single hour, he had actually refined it, besides, Chen Xiang looked as if he was making a dumpling, simple and easy.

Mrs. Li’s eyebrows were also knitted together, she doubtfully went over and opened the lid of the alchemical furnace. She suddenly let out a cry of shock, because she saw two Building Foundation Dans!

“He had actually refined two Building Foundation Dan!” Mrs. Li exclaimed.

Generally, it was good if one could refine a Building Foundation Dan, but Chen Xiang had actually refined two. This was really scary, even though Mrs. Li had good accomplishment with her cultivation, she still could not help but forget herself from shock.

Those ten old men were even more shocked, their mouth were wide opened, their teeth almost fell off from shock.

“This is the Building Foundation Dan?” An old man stuttered.

“Yes, it is the Building Foundation Dan, it is the same as what has been described, they have veins like Thousand Vein Fruit, golden and azure like Metal Spirit Fruit and Azure Profound Fruit!” Another old man exclaimed.

They could not describe their feelings, they looked at Chen Xiang with envy and jealousy, their eyes were filled with a look of worship. If Chen Xiang want to receive them as his apprentice, maybe they would immediately kneel!

Chen Xiang was now already a level-4 Alchemist, however, he was better than them. Because Chen Xiang was able to refine the Building Foundation Dan!

Refining the Building Foundation Dan not only represented that the divine sense had achieved a certain level, it also represented their True Qi had reached a higher level.

Those ten old men and Mrs. Li could not help but feel shocked, if Chen Xiang was now in the True Martial Realm, then it would simply be abnormal!

Chen Xiang got a jade card, there were four golden stripes on the jade card, and on the jade card’s back there were also ten signatures carved using blood and divine sense aside from his name. Those were the signatures of the people who supervised Chen Xiang’s assessment!

Out of two Building Foundation Dan he had refined, Chen Xiang only acquired one. But Mrs. Li still felt a little sorry for him, so she decided to give Chen Xiang a hundred thousand crystal stones, if Chen Xiang didn’t have the Azure Profound Fruit, they would never be able to witness the refinement of Building Foundation Dan!

“Chen Xiang, how about I send some True Martial Realm escorts with you to the Extreme Martial Sect? It might be dangerous on the way.” Mrs. Li said.

“Mrs. Li, thank you for your kind considerations, but it’s not needed!” Chen Xiang slightly smiled. Because of of Gu Dongchen’s previous statement, if anyone powerful than Chen Xiang tried to grab him, then the Extreme Martial Sect’s Elder Courtyard would take action, and no one would dare to take that risk, even the Nirvana Realm martial artists didn’t dare to do so.

Chen Xiang left Fragrance City, released the [Vermillion Bird Fire Wings], and flew towards the Extreme Martial Province! In order to ensure Chen Xiang’s safety, Mrs. Li and those ten level-4 alchemists didn’t spread things about Chen Xiang, and they also maintained secrecy about Chen Xiang.

At this time, any Extreme Martial Sect’s disciple who was out or arranged in a distant place had already returned to the Extreme Martial Sect, in order to participate in the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament, which was held once in a decade. It was the time to reveal how much their own strength had elevated, and at the same time, it was also the time to witness the birth of the new generation’s most outstanding disciple of the Extreme Martial Sect.

Chen Xiang, while flying in the air, was very relaxed and casual, this was exactly the benefit of True Qi wings.

“Brother Chen, give me that Building Foundation Dan to try!” Long Xueyi tenderly said, after Chen Xiang left Fragrance City, Long Xueyi never stopped asking, using all kinds of lovely and sweet words as she tried to cheat Chen Xiang into giving the Building Foundation Dan to her.

“No, I also am in need of it, wait for me to collect the herbs again, then I’ll refine them for you.” Chen Xiang flatly refused.

“Just let me taste it a little! I’ll only lick!” Long Xueyi once again muttered pathetically, her voice was very likable, but Chen Xiang still rejected her. If she got it in her mouth, that was like hitting a dog with a meat-bun, which would never return.

[TLN: 肉包子打狗 hit a dog with a meat-bun, using the wrong method to approach a problem]

This little greedy dragon was not so easy to keep, besides, she loved to eat dans, the more high-grade it was the more she loved to eat it, this made Chen Xiang’s heart bleed.

Flying high in the air, Chen Xiang suddenly heard a sound from below. When he looked down, he saw a group of people were surrounding a white robed girl. At this time, he was already at the border of Danxiang Taoyuan and the Extreme Martial Province, it was also a very chaotic area.

“Wu Qianqian! How could she be here?” Chen Xiang immediately dove downwards.

Wu Qianqian was originally an arrogant girl, but after fighting with Chen Xiang, she became aware of her own faults, and turned over a new leaf, which led to her improved impression on Chen Xiang.

A person making a mistake was normal, but if one was unable to realize their own mistakes and obsessions, then this person would end up getting destroyed from their own mistakes.


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