Chapter 135 – Blue Star Fire Spirit

Wu Qianqian’s arms were fully covered in blood, and a bloody sword slash stained her beautiful cheeks. The Level 3 Spirit Weapon in her hands had already been chopped into two. She was surrounded by twenty or so men, but she had a resolute look on her face, it was evidently clear she was not planning to retreat. She looked calm even though she was facing death, she knew her situation was already hopeless.

“Girl, obediently give us the treasure, and we will spare your life!” A handsome man coldly said. Although Wu Qianqian was beautiful, he was more or less concerned about the thing in Wu Qianqian’s hand.

“Even in death, you will not get it!” A blue bead suddenly appeared in Wu Qianqian’s hand, she opened her mouth and quickly swallowed the bead.

“Slut, you dare to eat this treasure!” That handsome man angrily roared and rushed over.

After Wu Qianqian swallowed the blue bead, she felt an excruciating pain coursing all over her body but she clenched her teeth and endured the pain. But as a result, she was now devoid of strength. Just as that handsome man’s sword was about to stab her, a scalding heat engulfed the group. A ball of flames fell from the sky, fiercely crashing onto that handsome man’s body, making him issue a blood curdling scream.

Wu Qianqian only saw a tall silhouette appear in front of her, and on the back of this tall silhouette, there was a pair of huge wings fully composed of flames!

Chen Xiang! Wu Qianqian remembered that Chen Xiang had huge fire wings exactly like those in front of her. She didn’t know why, but when she saw Chen Xiang appear in front of her, Wu Qianqian felt she was now safe. She slumped on the ground while enduring the stabbing pain, she strugglingly said, “Thank you for rescuing me.”

Chen Xiang huge fire wings were already very famous, and to his surprise, Wu Qianqian’s attackers actually recognized him.

“Ha ha… so it’s Chen Xiang who has a bounty of three hundred thousand crystal stones!” A man laughed and said. However, his laughter quickly disappeared, because he saw Chen Xiang was stepping on the handsome man’s head, and it was already buried deep into the ground. Chen Xiang had actually trampled the handsome man to death.

“They are True Martial Sect disciples. I accidently obtained an orb, but when they saw it, they wanted to rob me. They have been hunting me for the last ten days!” Wu Qianqian said while clenching her teeth. At this very moment, she was experiencing unimaginable pain.

Chen Xiang coldly snorted, “True Martial Sect’s disciples, you’re truly good! You actually dare to blatantly bully my Extreme Martial Sect’s Disciple!”

“Chen Xiang, do you also want to make the True Martial Sect list you as a wanted man?” That man gloomily said.

“Everyone is welcome to come at me!” Chen Xiang loudly shouted, accompanied by an invisible True Qi spewing from his mouth which struck that man’s body. Soon, that man spouted a mouthful of blood as an explosion rang inside his body along with the sound of breaking bones! In blink of an eye, he was killed!

Those True Martial Sect’s Disciples were astonished, their faces were filled with shock. Just by speaking, Chen Xiang could instantly kill one of them. In the end, just how strong was Chen Xiang?

“Go back and tell Liao Shaoyun to not die quickly, I’ll kill him with my own hands!” Chen Xiang said in an imposing manner. An invisible pressure suddenly enveloped those True Martial Sect’s disciples, making all of them them kneel and vomit blood. Their faces contorted in pain, some even fell unconscious.

“Humph!” Chen Xiang coldly snorted. Soon, all of those disciples spewed a mouthful of blood at the same time, before the invisible pressure immediately disappeared. Actually, Chen Xiang had not wanted to kill them. Otherwise all of them would have been dead long ago.

Right now, Chen Xiang was already at the 1st level of the True Martial Realm. Mortal Martial Realm martial artists were just like ants in front of him. As long as he wished to, he could make them turn into a puff of smoke in the blink of an eye.

Wu Qianqian, who was behind Chen Xiang, saw everything clearly. Regarding Chen Xiang’s strength, she too was very surprised, even though it was not the first time she saw Chen Xiang taking action! Seeing him safely returned, she secretly sighed in relief within her heart, she had been worried about Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang turned around and hugged Wu Qianqian, and then released his [Vermillion Bird Fire Wings]. In the blink of an eye, the pair flew away. Those True Martial Sect’s disciples all let out a sigh of relief. Just a moment ago, they felt that their death was imminent. Even if they hated Chen Xiang in their hearts, they could not help but admire Chen Xiang’s strength. In front of Chen Xiang, they were nothing more than ants!

While holding Wu Qianqian’s tender body, Chen Xiang felt her soft body trembling, and her body temperature was extremely hot. He could see that Wu Qianqian was in a lot of pain.

“What did you eat?” Chen Xiang landed on a mountain peak, held Wu Qianqian’s wrist, and probed the situation within her body. He was unexpectedly surprised to see a group of blue flames appearing in her body. These flames were emanating scalding hot Qi waves one after another, as if they were trying to refine Wu Qianqian’s True Qi and meridians.

“I also don’t know. To put it simply, this orb contained a huge amount of Fire Spirit Qi!” Wu Qianqian said while grinding her teeth. Even though she was suffering from intense pain, she didn’t cry at all, she didn’t want to appear weak in front of this man.

Wu Qianqian appeared to be in huge amount of pain, and Chen Xiang was also at his wits end.

“Yes, Blur Star Fire Spirit. When seventy-two blue stars fell on the mortal world from the sky, all of them became Fire Spirits. This is one of those star’s fire, and was bred inside a blue colored plant.” Long Xueyi said. It was evident that she too was surprised from her voice.

Fire Spirit! It was actually a Fire Spirit, this was the stuff of the legends! Even Immortals would be captivated upon hearing its name, yet it had actually ended up within Wu Qianqian’s possession! Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were also very surprised,.They had not anticipated that after Elder Dan, they would once again see yet another individual possessing a Fire Spirit.

If an alchemist had a Fire Spirit, it would be very handy for them to refine dans with. It was a sacred object in the eyes of all alchemists!

“Hold on, you must fuse with this thing!” As Chen Xiang held Wu Qianqian in his arms, he gently encouraged her.

Wu Qianqian nodded, she had no idea where she got the strength to operate her cultivation method, but her dantian responded as it continuously burst forth with compressed True Qi.

Inconceivable pain tormented Wu Qianqian. For her, the pain she was experiencing was worse than death. She leaned against Chen Xiang’s chest, with both of her hands embracing Chen Xiang’s waist. Her nails unconsciously scratched Chen Xiang’s back because of the pain, round after round of blood stains started appearing on his back, and although Chen Xiang was in some pain, he was silent, his one hand gently stroking Wu Qianqian’s back.

“No, her internal strength Heart Law is too low leveled. She is unable to quickly suppress the Blue Star Fire Spirit using a large amount of Spirit Qi. Quickly teach her the [Vermillion Bird Divine Exercise], her comprehension should not be too bad, otherwise, she would be unable to reach this level just by using such a low level internal strength Heart Law.” Su Meiyao said. She also wanted to take a look at how someone would fuse with a Fire Spirit.

Chen Xiang slowly read out aloud some mnemonics. After he finished reading each paragraph, he would then explain it to Wu Qianqian. While Wu Qianqian was enduring the pain, she carefully listened and was very grateful in her heart. She knew that Chen Xiang had imparted a very extraordinary martial exercise. She operated her True Qi according to the mnemonics, and gradually, the pain tormenting her body faded away…

Three days passed. Wu Qianqian slowly opened her eyes, she realised that she was lying in a warm embrace, and her pretty face could not help but blush. However, Chen Xiang just looked at her with a gentle smile, “Congratulations! You’ve become a True Martial Realm martial artist!”

Wu Qianqian was surprised and quickly left Chen Xiang’s embrace. At this time, she indeed felt very rich True Qi within her body, and her True Qi was pure blue in color, as well as two Vermillion Bird-like beast forms in her dantian.

“Thank you!” Wu Qianqian bowed and said. At this moment, this was the only way she could show her gratitude. She truly didn’t know how to pay back Chen Xiang for how much he has helped her. At this time, she saw her nails stained with blood, and she suddenly remembered how she was scratching Chen Xiang’s back while enduring the pain that was tormenting her body.

“Are you okay! Let me take a look!” Wu Qianqian hastily said, her beautiful face was filled with guilt.


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