Chapter 136 – Return

After seeing the scratch marks on Chen Xiang’s back, Wu Qianqian felt very guilty before meekly saying, “I’m sorry, let me help you with this.”

Chen Xiang slightly smiled. “No need, it’s only minor injuries.” Although he said so, Wu Qianqian made him lie down before taking out a very cool liquid. She applied the cool liquid on the scratch marks on his back. Chen Xiang felt very comfortable as her beautiful hands lightly rubbed his back.

“Wu girl, do you know what you just fused with?” Chen Xiang asked.

Wu Qianqian’s face was currently hot and red since it was the first time she had such an intimate contact with a man. Not to mention the fact that she held very good feelings towards this specific male. She softly said, “I do not know. Young Master Chen is well informed, you should know! Young Master Chen, from now on simply call me Qianqian.”

Chen Xiang had a mischievous smile hanging on his face, “I remember when you first saw me, at that time, your imposing manner was very good. Hmm… now you are like a little girl! From now on, you should simply call me Chen Xiang, what’s with this young master nonsense.”

Wu Qianqian let out an “En”, her pretty face had a tinge of red as she spoke, “Chen Xiang, I was like a frog in a well who didn’t know her own insignificance, and because of my talent, I was proud and arrogant. But fighting with you made me realize my own mistakes, and if not for that, I may have failed to realize my own wrongdoings. I would have made even more mistakes and led myself on the wrong path of cultivation. Honestly, since my last contest with you, my state of mind has elevated a lot, allowing me to breakthrough my bottleneck.”

Chen Xiang smiled. “You didn’t just breakthrough a little bit, you are now a very young True Martial Realm martial artist. That’s right, how old are you anyway?”

At this point, Wu Qianqian was no longer formal with Chen Xiang, because she knew this man was very amiable. As long as you would respect him, he would also respect you, and he was also very straightforward.

She stuck her tongue out, chuckled, and spoke, “Don’t you know it is rude to ask a girl’s age? But I can tell you, I’m twenty-eight this year.”

“Ah! Ha ha ha, elder sister!” Chen Xiang laughed and said, Chen Xiang would absolutely not refuse if he could be together with a beauty, not to mention the most beautiful girl in the Extreme Martial Sect.

Since the fight with Chen Xiang, Wu Qianqian was no longer confident. But now that she had entered the True Martial Realm, her confidence had once again reached its peak. However, she was no longer proud and arrogant, now she was even more beautiful, more matured, and had a better temperament.

“Chen Xiang, do you know what I have just fused with?” Wu Qianqian lightly smiled as she continued to stroke the scratch marks on Chen Xiang’s back. Those scratch marks soon became a lot lighter.

“It is called the Blue Star Fire Spirit, a special and rare martial spirit. In other words, with this thing, you can release a Strange Flame! This type of flame originated from the Fire Seed, and is very beneficial for alchemy!” Chen Xiang replied, he had a look of envy on his face as he continued, “This thing is very formidable, in fact, one of the reasons why Elder Dan has such high achievements in alchemy is because of her Fire Spirit!”

Wu Qianqian had also heard about Martial Spirits, but it was the first time she had ever heard of a Fire Spirit. When she discovered that she got such an extremely rare treasure, she was very excited in her heart. Of course, she knew that if Chen Xiang was not here, she would have probably already been destroyed by the Blue Star Fire Spirit!

“Chen Xiang, I can also refine dans. I just got back from Fragrance City and am now an official Level-2 Alchemist. I hope you could give me one or two pointers.” Wu Qianqian calmed down the excitement in her heart and revealed a charming smile.

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded his head, “I certainly would, you are even more beautiful compared to the first time I met you, sometimes, real beauty does not necessarily rely on a beautiful face, sometimes, it’s all about how beautiful the heart is!”

Wu Qianqian blushed, lowered her head and whispered, “En, thank you for your guidance.”

The scratch marks on Chen Xiang’s back had already disappeared. He knew that this was because of the healing potion Wu Qianqian refined herself, its effect were pretty good!

“Woops,the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament starts in eight days, we don’t have enough time!” Wu Qianqian suddenly exclaimed.

“Why would you be afraid of such a thing!” Chen Xiang’s laughter resounded before a pair of fire wings suddenly sprouted on his back.

Wu Qianqian shyly lowered her head, she knew that she would once again have a close contact with Chen Xiang for quite a while, but she was also secretly looking forward to it.

Chen Xiang hugged Wu Qianqian, spread his wings and soared. In the next moment, he was already flying high above the clouds. Wu Qianqian’s beautiful face became pale from fear, but she quickly adapted.

“Qianqian, not in a million years should you ever pass the exercise I gave you onto others. I trusted you when I passed on this martial exercise, do not let me down.” Chen Xiang said with a serious expression.

“En, I promise, I’ll never spread it to anyone!” Wu Qianqian nodded her head before closely wrapped her arms around Chen Xiang’s robust waist. Chen Xiang also used one hand to embrace her tender and pretty waist, both of their actions were very ambiguous.

It only took three days for Chen Xiang and Wu Qianqian to reach Tianmen City, it was currently very lively! In these past three days, Wu Qianqian had been embracing Chen Xiang as he flew. Remembering that feeling, she secretly felt warmth inside her heart, she also felt it was very romantic.

“Qianqian, you don’t have a teacher, right? I’ll introduce to Elder Dan, she seems to be missing an apprentice.” Chen Xiang cheerfully said. Wu Qianqian was somewhat surprised after hearing this because, according to the rumors, Elder Dan could not wait to kill Chen Xiang. But apparently it seemed that Chen Xiang and Elder Dan’s relationship was quite good.

The past few days, Chen Xiang had also learned many things about Wu Qianqian. He had not expected Wu Qianqian to come from a plain mortal family. But as she was inherently talented, she was recruited into the Peerless Martial Sect. There, she mingled with various rich and powerful disciples, and over time, she found herself becoming a part of the group. However, whatever she had accomplished today, was all achieved advancing step by step as she transformed herself into a genius level figure.

“En.” Wu Qianqian happily nodded her head, if she could have Elder Dan as her teacher, that was indeed something worth rejoicing for. However, Elder Dan had always been elusive, she had been in closed door training for almost three years.

When they arrived inside the Extreme Martial Sect, Chen Xiang and Wu Qianqian looked like an attractive couple which was very conspicuous as they walked on the road. Many people knew about Wu Qianqian, after all, she was recognized as the number one of the top ten beauties of the Extreme Martial Sect. As for Chen Xiang, he was also recognized by a lot of people, he was not only famous in the Extreme Martial Sect, he was even famous in the entire Chenwu Mainland because of the three hundred thousand bounty on his head.

Chen Xiang arrived with Wu Qianqian at the 16th Martial Courtyard, and just like before, it was still deserted. That day when Wu Qianqian and Chen Xiang had a martial contest here, it was still the 500th Martial Courtyard, who would have thought it would suddenly be at the forefront of all the Inner Martial Courtyard.

“Qianqian, you go and find Elder Wu to make arrangement for you. After all, you are now in the True Martial Realm. This first Inner Martial Courtyard in your eyes is just floating clouds.” Chen Xiang spoke with a smile on his face. Wu Qianqian should have the qualms to be proud of herself. She hadn’t even reached thirty years old, but had already entered the True Martial Realm, not to mention the fact that she had also acquired a Fire Spirit.

But Wu Qianqian, after coming into contact with Chen Xiang, had already changed a lot. So it was no surprise that she just replied, “Isn’t it possible for me to be with you in the same Martial Courtyard in the future? Although I’m in True Martial Realm, I feel that I can learn many things with you. At least now, because of you, I have changed a lot.”

Chen Xiang, after some thought, said with some difficulty, “I worry my fiancee would get jealous!” He missed Xue Xianxian very much, after the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament , he felt he should go and find Xue Xianxian.

Wu Qianqian was shocked in her heart, she bit her lips, evidently loss and pained in her eyes, “You have a fiancee? Is she also a disciple of the Extreme Martial Sect?”

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “No, she and I were betrothed in the secular world, she is called Xue Xianxian, she is in Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire!”

It turned out to be Xue Xianxian! Wu Qianqian was shocked, she understood why Chen Xiang was never interested in the beautiful girls within the Extreme Martial Sect, he already had a fiancee, he certainly didn’t need to bother with any other woman!

Wu Qianqian lowered her head, she felt extremely sad.

“Your chest is very big, holding you felt great!” At this time, Long Xueyi imitated Chen Xiang’s voice and responded, which then made both Chen Xiang and Wu Qianqian petrified.


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