Chapter 137 – Martial Nephew

TLN: I have changed Extreme Martial Grand Meeting to Extreme Martial Grand Tournament. Corresponding changes have already been made in previous chapter. If I missed it please do point it out.

Wu Qianqian’s pretty face turned very red, she had not expected Chen Xiang to say such frivolous things so lightly, but in her heart, she was secretly elated. After all, Chen Xiang had praised her, and she knew Chen Xiang was attracted to her.

Chen Xiang wanted to release his anger, but he refrained himself and explained instead, “I meant to say… your body is very nice.”

“En.” Wu Qianqian nodded her head, then distractedly left.

Chen Xiang, after getting sure she had left the martial courtyard, used all his force and smacked his own chest as he angrily said, “Little dragon, you better not appear in front of me, or else I will spank you till your little ass is swollen.”

Long Xueyi with a light snort replied, “You first captured her heart, and then was so ruthless towards her, this dragon could not bear it.”

“Let… Let’s talk in the future.” Chen Xiang slightly sighed, obviously, he could see Wu Qianqian was interested in him.

Chen Xiang like always waited for Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong in the 16th Martial Courtyard. However, instead of his two good friends, that old baldy Wu Kaiming, was the one who came.

“Hei Hei, my nephew little baldy, you are truly good! You knew I came back, you even personally paid a visit!” Chen Xiang smiled and said, taking advantage of this peerless martial artist made him feel superior..

“Young bastard martial uncle, you did not die, I’m truly unhappy. Don’t you know you made us worried for nothing for so long?” Wu Kaiming sighed bitterly, he could not wait to spank Chen Xiang.

“And little featherhead?” Chen Xiang smiled mischievously and asked.

“Dean is arranging things for Wu Qianqian, I did not expect she would go out on a trip and actually breakthrough her bottleneck and become a True Martial Realm Martial Artist at such a young age. Our Dean and the Peerless Martial Sect’s Dean are both discussing how to reward her.” Wu Kaiming replied, seeing Chen Xiang was safely back, he felt much better. He also learned Chen Xiang had saved Wu Qianqian, and allowed her to smoothly breakthrough.

“Are you waiting for that little fatty and skinny boy? You don’t need to wait, I don’t know where they acquired the Building Foundation Dan, but both of them had already entered closed-door training. I fear that they will only come out once the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament begins.” Wu Kaiming said.

Both Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao had actually eaten Building Foundation Dans, and it was still unclear from where they got it!

“What happened?” Chen Xiang asked in surprise.

“According to what Yun Xiaodao said, it is very likely that they got it from a guy called Squinted Dragon.” Wu Kaiming replied.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, he was of course happy for his friends.

“Did Elder Dan come out from her seclusion?” Chen Xiang asked once again.

“She came out. She is currently in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard. Both I and dean hadn’t told her the majority of things, especially the fact that you are our martial uncle. This is something you should explain yourself.” Wu Kaiming fraudulently smiled.

Chen Xiang stood at the entrance of Extreme Dan King Courtyard, inserted the jade card in a hole, then the gate opened. Just as Chen Xiang stepped into the entrance, a silhouette wearing black robe and a mask, with fiery light in both eyes, suddenly appeared in front him. This sudden appearance made Chen Xiang jump back in fear.

“Elder Dan, you scared me to death!” Chen Xiang exhaled a long breath.

“You’re not dead… where did you get that tree from?” Elder Dan asked, anxiousness could easily be detected in her voice.

Chen Xiang had planted an Azure Profound Tree in the courtyard, and he couldn’t simply hide it from Elder Dan, he replied, “I found it deep in the mountains, why?”

“That is the Azure Profound Tree, everyday it absorbs a large amount of True Qi, while bearing the Azure Profound Fruit in the process, furthermore, the speed by which it bears fruit is too fast, now the flowers had already blossomed!” Elder Dan’s voice was full of excitement.

Chen Xiang was also surprised, he thought that under normal circumstances, it would take one to two thousand years for it to bear some fruits. But he had only left for eight months and the flowers had already bloomed, with such a speed, he would be able to get fruits every year! This was simply similar to harvesting ordinary fruits!

“I’ll go and take a look.” Chen Xiang quickly ran over, when he saw twenty flowers blooming on the trees, he suddenly let out a loud laughter, “Ha ha, father would become the richest person.”

Elder Dan smacked Chen Xiang’s head and coldly spoke, “Do not be proud, it’s still hasn’t bore the fruits! Anyway, where and for what have you gone all these days? Although I hate you, you’re still a member of Extreme Dan King Courtyard, I’ll not allow you to have slightest mishap. You better accept me as your teacher, I can pass you remarkable Divine Martial Techniques, I can also refine Building Foundation Dan for you and help you breakthrough.”

Chen Xiang, using his pinky finger, scratched his ear and mischievously said, “Nameless Little Girl, you should be aware that I have killed a True Martial Realm martial artist of Beast Martial Sect, right! Then you should also know I was imprisoned in the forbidden land!”

“Yes, only that insane old man would use this name! Is it you…” Elder Dan was not stupid, after thinking it through, her tender body slightly shuddered.

Chen Xiang looked up and loudly laughed before taking out a contract, then he handed it over to Elder Dan, his laughter was just like that insane old man.

“This is proof of my apprenticeship, although teacher is maniac, he is a nice person. He taught me a lot of things. Otherwise I would have already been dead in Fragrance City.” Chen Xiang proudly said.

Elder Dan’s beautiful hands were trembling, she gradually opened the master and apprentice contract, she could clearly sense Huang Jintian’s peculiar True Qi breath.

Dan Elder let out a deep long sigh and slowly said, “Does Dean and Elder Wu know about this?”

“Of course they know, they both call me martial uncle. It doesn’t matter if you don’t call me that way, because I know you hate me, and I also don’t want to force you.” Chen Xiang said as he pretended to sigh, before putting away the master and apprentice contract.

Elder Dan lightly snorted as she stood there, speechless. Her teacher was very good towards her, and Huang Jintian was also the same. If not for these two people’s strength, she would probably not be alive today. She hold both of them in very high regards and was very respectful towards them, but as for Chen Xiang…

“Mart… Martial Uncle!” Elder Dan also called him so, but way she spoke was very stiff, not to mention her voice was also full of hatred.

“Hei hei, Little Bald and Little Featherhead both call me Young Martial Uncle, you can also call me so.” Chen Xiang laughed, he was even more proud, all of his teeths were clearly visible as if they could fall off at any moment.

Elder Dan coldly snorted, now any idea of taking Chen Xiang as her apprentice had already ceased to exist, taking her own Martial Uncle as her apprentice, it was simply a joke.

“When others are present, we will act like usual, but if there is no one, you have to respect me.” Chen Xiang’s complexion became serious, “You have keep this thing secret, you can’t let anyone know, otherwise, I would be in big trouble.”

“I’m not an idiot, you don’t have to teach me this point! Besides, you are now very annoying.” Elder Dan coldly said.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Elder Dan, Wu Qianqian have just advanced to True Martial Realm, and she has fused with the Fire Spirit just before advancing. I personally witnessed the whole process, she is a girl and also her talent is not bad. Furthermore, she is now a Level-2 Alchemist, it would be good if you take her as your disciple.”


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