Chapter 138 – Fishing up a Fortune

Fire Spirit, once Elder Dan heard these two words, she could not help but be startled. Regarding this matter, she was very shocked.

“Are you telling the truth?” Elder Dan was still in disbelief over what Chen Xiang had previously said.

“If you don’t believe me, you should go and take a look.” Chen Xiang said with a small smile hanging on his face.

“I do not intend to take any apprentices, but I could instruct her and look after her like she was my own apprentice. There are not many who know the usage of the Fire Spirit even in the whole Chenwu Mainland.” Elder Dan proudly said. She guessed, Chen Xiang had already been told by that insane old man, Huang Jintian, that she was in possession of a Purple Moon Fire Spirit.

Chen Xiang grinned and said, “Elder Dan, now that you are my martial niece, if I win against you will you still become my woman?”

Elder Dan was stunned for a moment, before she instantly retorted, “Of course! This matter has nothing to with that one.” At this time, she truly began to worry that Chen Xiang could beat her, because she knew that insane old man would never causally take an apprentice.

“I hope you’re not ugly.” Chen Xiang licked his lips, his smile was very dubious.

“I have already said, I’m absolutely not uglier than Xue Xianxian! You don’t need to doubt my appearance.” Elder Dan furiously retorted.

“Hei hei, empty words. Remove your mask then, let me have a look.” Regarding Elder Dan, Chen Xiang was getting more and more curious, because he always felt Elder Dan was very familiar. Besides, she also intentionally altered her voice and hid her face.

Elder Dan coldly snorted before leaving the Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

“Little Dragon, were you able to see through this woman?” Chen Xiang asked, he knew that Long Xueyi had some unusual abilities.

“Not really, this woman is truly very mysterious! Her whole body is cluttered with Purple Moon Fire Qi, tightly covering every inch of her.” said Long Xueyi. “Chen Xiang, quickly use the Dragon Saliva thing to grow this fruit! I want to eat it!”

“Eat shit! Only with alchemy can one unleash its full potential!”

“I just wanted to try this thing.” Long Xueyi muttered.

Chen Xiang revealed a sliver of a smile as he looked at his Azure Profound Tree before he left the Extreme Dan Courtyard. He left in order to sign up for various events in the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament, one was the alchemy competition while another was the martial contest. He also signed up for the speed contest…Chen Xiang wanted to win in all of them! The winner of each contest would get a hundred True Elemental Dans and a hundred thousand crystal stones, and if one got first place in all three competition, they would get three hundred True Elemental Dans and three hundred thousand crystal stones.

Chen Xiang tightly clenched his fists. Besides, he also had to support this greedy little dragon. He had to work even harder to earn more crystal stones to buy the herbs for alchemy.

After being completely missing for eight months, Chen Xiang had finally returned to the Extreme Martial Sect which caused quite a ruckus in the Extreme Martial Sect. Not to mention the fact that almost everyone wanted his head. In fact, even some of the Extreme Martial Sect’s own disciples were entertaining the idea of taking Chen Xiang’s head. After all, three hundred thousand crystal stones was enough for them to buy a lot of True Elemental Dans. With that many True Elemental Dans, they could have their cultivation advance by leaps and bounds, this type of temptation was pretty hard to resist.

However, the Extreme Martial Sect had shown a firm stance on this matter, if any disciples were found out plotting against Chen Xiang they would be beheaded! Secretly though, there were a lot of people who had decided if they encountered Chen Xiang in the wilderness they would attack him.

Along with Chen Xiang, there was another piece of news that shook the Extreme Martial Sect. Wu Qianqian had advanced to the True Martial Realm! This news broke the heart of many disciples because now that Wu Qianqian was in the True Martial Realm she would absolutely never pay any attention to them. Furthermore, many female disciples broke into fierce jealousy after hearing the news.

If the Extreme Martial Sect had something like a Young Powerful Experts List then Wu Qianqian would definitely be ranked first. However, this was only because Chen Xiang was hiding the fact that his cultivation had reached the True Martial Realm from everyone. This was because he wanted to make a fortune in the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament, but if it were to be known he had reached the True Martial Realm, he would definitely be kicked out by Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming!

Chen Xiang soon returned to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, but he saw that Wu Qianqian was also here talking with Elder Dan.

He had not expected Elder Dan to actually make another exception and once again allow someone to enter the Extreme Dan Courtyard. When Wu Qianqian saw Chen Xiang, she could not help but lower her head, yet her expression gave away her depressed mood.

Elder Dan could be considered quite old and she had her fair share of experience. Obviously, she could see something was wrong.

“Chen Xiang, what did you do to her?” Elder Dan voice was extremely cold when she asked, it was also filled with Slaughter Qi.

At that moment, Chen Xiang clearly understood why Elder Dan allowed Wu Qianqian to enter the Extreme Dan Courtyard. After all, Chen Xiang proposed that she would not have to respect his seniority and call him martial uncle if an outsider was present.

“Old ginger is still hotter than younger ginger!” Chen Xiang lamented in his heart.

Wu Qianqian rushed to Chen Xiang’s defense, “He did nothing, it’s just I…”

“Why are you not quickly leaving, I’m instructing her in alchemy.” Elder Dan scolded. Chen Xiang hastily ran away as he cursed in a low voice.

Chen Xiang arrived in the courtyard of the Azure Profound Tree. He secretly poured the Dragon Saliva, he wanted to quickly grow the Azure Profound Fruits. With them, he could refine many Building Foundation Dans.

A few days passed as the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament drew closer., In these last few days, Chen Xiang found out that Elder Dan was actually really gentle towards Wu Qianqian. Elder Dan patiently instructed Wu Qianqian in the ways of alchemy and also gifted her many herbs.

When Chen Xiang learned that Wu Qianqian became a Level-2 Alchemist even with a lack of resources, he could not help but admire her. He believed that Wu Qianqian, with the Blue Start Fire Spirit, would definitely become an outstanding alchemistress.

Chen Xiang had just come out of the Mysterious Realm before he learned another piece of astonishing information. Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong, all three of them had simultaneously advanced into the True Martial Realm! They were also currently meeting with the Dean.

“Truly three idiots! Still, the advantage is occupied by me.” Chen Xiang snickered in his heart. He suspected these three must had gotten their hands on a large number of Building Foundation Dans.

As long as there were no True Marital Realm disciples participating in the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament, Chen Xiang was completely confident he would be able to win all three competition and get the three hundred thousand crystal stone prizes as well as the three hundred True Elemental Dans. This was not a small sum at all as a True Elemental Dan was worth five thousand crystal stones. That would mean three hundred of them would be an additional 1.5 million crystal stones!

“His mother’s… father will make it big!” Chen Xiang shouted in his heart. He was suddenly full of excitement and came to first Inner Courtyard.

Just as he walked in, he saw Dean Wu lying on his chair while Zhu Rong’s disgusting laughter was reverberating throughout the entire marital courtyard. Chen Xiang already knew that Zhu Rong had become a True Martial Realm martial artists and there was no doubt the he would have gotten some generous incentives for become a True Disciple of the Extreme Martial Sect.

“Younger brother Chen, you are not dead!” Zhu Rong after seeing Chen Xiang for the first time in awhile actually responded like this.

Chen Xiang said with a light snort, “Why does everyone keep asking me the same question? Is it better off for me to be dead?”

Yun Xiaodao laughed, “Elder brother Chen, we are blessed. Lao Zhu just invited us out to eat, are you prepared to make him poor?”

Xu Weilong also lightly laughed, “I’m already prepared, Chen Xiang you have truly made others worried in these past few months. It’s good that you’re back, however we can not participate in the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament with you.”

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “So much better, I’ve signed up in all three competitions, and I will be first, hei hei…”

Regarding monetary and mathematical matters, Zhu Rong was the most calculating of them all. In his mind there suddenly emerged a giant value, he exclaimed, “If you get first in all of them, won’t you earn a lot!?”

Both Yun Xiaodao and Xu Weilong suddenly realized this fact and they could not help but get shocked.

“After becoming True Disciples, each of us only got one hundred True Elemental Dans, fifty thousand crystal stones and a used Level-3 Spirit Weapon. Well, at least now, we can get a hundred True Elemental Dan and a hundred thousand crystal stones every year. However, we can’t participate in the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament now…” Zhu Rong sadly said. He suddenly felt he should have hid his own strength and also participated in the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament.


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