Chapter 139 – Race

TLN: Last night, while I was Translating, I made a mistake, the price of True Elemental Dan I mentioned was five hundred crystal stones, but actually, it was five thousand, and Chen Xiang would get 1.5 million crystal stones instead of one hundred fifty thousand crystal stones.

“We are now the disciples of the 15th Martial Courtyard, we’re a step higher than elder brother Chen!” Yun Xiaodao was still somewhat regretting in his heart, but he was now very proud. He had accomplished his target; to transcend Chen Xiang.

“How did you get so many Building Foundation Dans?” Chen Xiang curiously asked.

“I found them when Lao Zhu took me to the place where I found the True Elemental Dan last time. We have been searching there for three months, and finally, we found a box of Building Foundation Dans, in the box there were eight of them. Each of us got two Building Foundation Dans, we also left two of them for you!” Xu Weilong casually mentioned.

They actually found them! Chen Xiang in his heart was wondering, Xu Weilong’s luck was extremely good. But if they didn’t have Zhu Rong pestering them relentlessly, all three would have not been able to dig and search a place for three months.

Zhu Rong had a smug smile on his face as he said, “I’m rather loyal, take them! Six hundred thousand crystal stones, that is the lowest possible price!”

“Humph, I’m bankrupt, I paid him seven hundred thousand crystal stones!” Yun Xiaodao cursed in low voice.

“No way, you got these mainly because of me, you all have to recognize this fact.” Zhu Rong shook his head and smiled.

Chen Xiang had also previously thought that both Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong were very loyal, but he had not expected them to ask for money. With a scoff, he said, “I have all the materials for Building Foundation Dan, Elder Dan also promised to help me refine.”

“Xu Lao, let’s take them for auctioning!” Zhu Rong pursed his lips, and quickly took away the two Building Foundation Dan.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “When did I say I don’t want them? But currently, I don’t have the money, wait for me to get those True Elemental Dan, I’ll pay then.”

If they auction them, they would get a much higher price. Chen Xiang could also make a profit from them, because he was now already in the True Martial Realm, he no longer needed the Building Foundation Dan!

Zhu Rong also knew that if he could auction them, then he would get even more crystal stones. However, Chen Xiang was his friend, so he had to reluctantly gave them to Chen Xiang. Not to mention they thought Chen Xiang had still not entered the True Martial Realm.

Zhu Rong was now overflowing with wealth, his face was filled with the brilliance of success, a reason why Chen Xiang and the group could drink and eat lasciviously in the hotel for a day and night. All the good dishes and wine in the hotel were ordered over and over, they ate and drank until they got tired.

At the time of payment, Zhu Rong’s face was filled with sorrow, complaining incessantly, he had already expected Yun Xiaodao and others would ruthlessly slaughter him, but he had not expected that they would be so ruthless to the point where he didn’t wish to live anymore.

The Extreme Martial Grand Tournament was a grand tourney for everyone below the True Martial realm. As for True Martial Realm disciples and above, they were only responsible for some other work in the Grand Tournament. Of course, True Martial Realm disciples and above also had their own tournament, however, it was a competition between the sects that were part of the Chenwu Mainland, and this kind of scene could only be described as spectacular.

Today, all the streets in the Tianmen City were empty, because in today’s competition, the disciples participating would need to pass through the Tianmen City. Whoever dared to create any chaos on the streets today, would certainly be unlucky.

Inside the Extreme Martial Sect, Gu Dongchen stood on a high stage in the square, with his hands behind his back, overlooking the few tens of thousands of disciples below. This was also the first time he met with so many disciples after coming out of his closed-door training.

Gu Dongchen first spoke some nonsense about integration of the Peerless Martial Sect into the Extreme Martial Sect, then he also spoke a lot about things like being friendly with others. Afterwards, he praised those disciples who had recently entered True Martial Realm, and on the spot, he gave Wu Qianqian, Zhu Rong, Yun Xiaodao and Xu Weilong rich rewards which made many people very envious, but at the same time, greatly excited.

Later on, Gu Dongchen actually started to severely criticize Chen Xiang, saying that Chen Xiang created a lot of loss for the Extreme Martial Sect, caused a lot of destruction during the competition of first Inner Courtyard, injured a large number of disciples, and also sparked a lot of disturbance.

Chen Xiang secretly despised this martial nephew, it was pretty obvious Gu Dongchen was avenging personal vendetta in the name of public interest. But Chen Xiang didn’t care much about it, no matter what he said about him, at the end of the day, he still had to call him martial uncle.

After all the nonsense was finished, Gu Dongchen announced the start of the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament, and then held the first contest.

The first contest was the competition of speed, the competition would be held for the entire day. The participants would depart from the square in the middle of the Extreme Martial Sect with the goal of retrieving an Extreme Martial Token located on a hilltop at the other end of the Tianmen City, and whoever returned first, would be declared as the winner.

Over the years, it still took six hours for a round trip even for the fastest of all the winners. From this, it was clear that it was very far, and the participants would need to constantly run, and if they took even a moment of rest, other participants would be able to overtake them. This was a test of endurance and how rich their True Qi was.

“During the race, any kind of conflict isn’t allowed, once found out, you’ll be severely punished! Are you ready?” Elder Wu said in a loud voice.

Many disciples were participating for the first time, and so, they were very excited. Besides, all of them believed they could attain first place!

Three hundred thousand disciples participated in the race, and obviously, the biggest advantage was held by those standing in the front. Originally, Chen Xiang was also in the front, but who would have thought he would be lectured and dragged by Gu Dongchen to the end, which was nothing more than nagging.

“Chen Xiang, you will definitely get first!” Wu Qianqian was now a lot more open, she slightly smiled while looking at Chen Xiang, she had always felt an inexplicable joy whenever she was with Chen Xiang.

Both Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao were secretly hoping that they had a chance with Wu Qianqian, but they had not expected Chen Xiang would be set with the Extreme Martial Sect’s first beauty, so they secretly despised Chen Xiang. If Wu Qianqian had not entered True Martial Realm, fancying Chen Xiang would also make sense. But now Wu Qianqian was in the True Martial Realm, a lot of True Martial Realm people were pursuing her, but when they saw her walking with Elder Dan, not a single one of them dare to have an idea to hit on her.

“That is a given, I have also signed up for all the three competitions, hei hei!” Chen Xiang laughed and said. Hearing this, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming’s complexions slightly changed. If Chen Xiang attained first in all of the three competitions, then doesn’t it mean that he would be taking all the prizes?

Wu Kaiming said in a clear voice, “One, Two, Three… Start!”

Chen Xiang and others only saw the crowd in front suddenly started galloping in madness, they were rushing while shouting, making the entire Tianmen City slightly tremble. It was as if a horde of wild animals was charging.

At this time, Chen Xiang ran like a child, happily and slowly, entering into the billowing smoke on the square.

Suddenly, waves of scorching hot Qi spread around. Gu Dongchen, Yun Xiaodao and the others were suddenly petrified for a moment, and they immediately thought of something!

“Bastard! This brat is extremely sinister!” Zhu Rong immediately cursed while looking at Chen Xiang who was in the sky, flapping those huge fire-wings, flying towards the front.

“Too cunning, unfair, quickly come down!” Some of the True Martial realm disciples shouted, although they themselves could not participate, all of their apprentices had participated.

“Elder brother Chen, what you’re doing is not right, quickly come down!” Yun Xiaodao was also secretly jealous. Chen Xiang using his True Qi fire wings, he indeed could very easily get the first place.

Chen Xiang just laughed and didn’t reply. In the rules, it was not mentioned anywhere that he couldn’t fly.

Chen Xiang gradually arrived near the crowd in front, the participants below soon discovered him as they raised their heads to look. In the next moment, all of them started shouting and cursing again and again. Some of them also started throwing smelly shoes and bricks towards the sky.

“Bastard, quickly come down, this is not fair, we are also running, bastard!” A man angrily shouted.

Chen Xiang looked down and saw those flying shoes, bricks and other debris, he suddenly laughed, “There is still the second and the third prize, all of you can still concentrate on that, otherwise, you won’t even get shit.”

After laughing at them, Chen Xiang flapped his Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, and in the blink of an eye, he had already flown far away, while the people in the back started cursing the heavens. However, it was to no avail, they could only secretly despise Chen Xiang in their hearts.


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