Chapter 141 – Small Bet

Long Xueyi started laughing mischievously, seeing Chen Xian’s bitted gourd face, her laugh became even more haughty. As of this moment, Chen Xiang just wanted to spank her ass to the point where blooming flowers would be seen all over her ass.

[TLN: This was hard to TL, blooming flower means, when you spank the ass, a red imprint of hand is left, and it looks like a blooming flower. And obviously this part was the hardest. :)]

“Little Dragon, I’ve decided to keep you hungry for eight to ten days!” Chen Xiang spoke as he suppressed his anger in his heart and clenched his teeth.

“Don’t, I was just joking. Besides, you are a bad guy, a womanizer. I only said what you have in you heart, and didn’t you see how happy Wu Qianqian was? It’s like having it both ways!” Long Xueyi proudly said.

Fortunately, this Long Xueyi had only done mischief in front of Wu Qianqian and Hua Xiangyue, if she did it in front of Elder Dan or some other powerful figure, even if Chen Xiang had ten lives, they would never be enough, he would certainly be dead.

Chen Xiang didn’t understand why this little dragon less than one year old was so weird, she actually had the mind of an adult.

The next day, during the Alchemy Competition, as much as a hundred people had signed up for the competition, and the competition rules were very strict. Also, the participants had to refine dans in front of many people, so it required a certain courage and conviction to do so.

Generally, alchemists refine dans in their own private room, which was very quiet without any distractions, however, today’s competition was under everyone’s presence on a high stage. This required a certain mental endurance. Besides, the surroundings was very noisy, which could very well affect their performance, but this could test an alchemist’s level.

Today, fewer people were in the square, but the square was still full. After all, it was still a competition, whoever came to watch were very lively. Besides, many of them had heard Chen Xiang was going to participate in this competition too, they had decided to harass him during the competition from the stands, so that he would be unable to refine dans with a calm heart.

Chen Xiang had not seen Yun Xiaodao and the others, Dean Gu Dongchen was also not present, this made Chen Xiang secretly despise Zhu Rong and the others. They didn’t even think of greeting him before going, while Wu Qianqian had actually told him, a person who didn’t have much of an interaction with him. This made him feel warmth in his heart, regarding Wu Qianqian, his heart didn’t reject this ranked one beauty, in his heart, he liked a her a little.

The whole Alchemy Competition was supervised by Elder Dan, her flaming eyes were looking downwards, and many alchemist felt a chill running down their spines. Regarding Elder Dan, this mysterious temperamental woman, there was not a single soul who didn’t fear her. If Elder Dan was angry, they had learned their lesson from watching Chen Xiang.

Although Elder Dan was dead set against Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang was staying in Extreme Dan King Courtyard. Many people thought Elder Dan intentionally made him go there, so that she could more straightforwardly deal with him.

“Chen Xiang, why is the growth rate of the Azure Profound Tree so fast? It is far more than what I had anticipated.” Elder Dan’s voice, as if it was travelling through a silk thread, reached Chen Xiang’s ear.

“I don’t know, but no matter how fast it is growing, it has no relation with you, that was planted by me.” Chen Xiang responded similarly, and a proud smile was hanging on his face.

“Humph, what are you going to do with so many Azure Profound Fruit? You don’t even know how to refine a Building Foundation Dan!” Elder Dan coldly retorted.

“Can’t I just eat them? That thing is mine, what I want to do, it’s none of your business?!” Chen Xiang laughed and said, seeing Elder Dan’s whole body slightly tremble in anger, he was delighted in his heart, the corners of his mouth slightly rose, he was filled with pride.

“Alchemy Competition starts, if anyone was found cheating or violating the rules, they will certainly be expelled from the Extreme Martial Sect, quickly select your location!” Elder Dan coldly shouted, her penetrating and majestic voice made everyone’s body shiver, the entire square immediately quieted down.

Chen Xiang was just about to choose a location but suddenly, he heard Elder Dan spoke, “Chen Xiang you refine dan beside me, you’re crafty, I’m worried you will be using some means invisible to the naked eye to cheat, I want to see how you refine!”

For others to refine dan, in the middle of the square, a huge high stage was erected, and Elder Dan stood on a high stage at a distance, this made participants relatively relaxed. If Elder Dan was near them, even breathing was very difficult for them, because everyone was fearful of Elder Dan.

Chen Xiang let out a light snort, he wasn’t fearful of Elder Dan. After all, she was his martial niece, and she had already supervised him before while he was refining the True Qi Dan.

At this time, a man who was approximately twenty years old or so with a somewhat juvenile aura walked towards the high stage of Elder Dan, this made everyone surprised. Although this man’s face was filled with arrogance, the white jade card on his waist made many of them dumbfounded!

Everyone immediately realized the identity of this man

“Isn’t he the Level-3 young Alchemist from Lu Family of the Herb King Mountain? I remember his name is Lu Zhengnan, at such a young age, he is already in the True Martial Realm and also a Level-3 Alchemist. It seems in the future he will become an outstanding figure who would be capable of controlling a region with just his name.” An old man said.

Chen Xiang also had heard of this man from Wu Qianqian last night, he had also heard of Lu Family of the Herb King Mountain, it was a family controlling a large number of herbs, they even had the Azure Profound Fruit, but they would not sell it. There were also many strong martial artists in Lu Family, rumor was there was also a Nirvana Realm old codger in the Lu Family.

“Disciple Lu Zhengnan greets Elder Dan!” Lu Zhengnan respectfully gave a salute to Elder Dan, but he still had a look of pride.

“Is there anything you want to do?” Elder Dan, seeing that dirty look of Lu Zhengnan, made her furious in her heart, but she didn’t attack him. She felt Chen Xiang was more amiable than this Lu Zhengnan.

“Disciple has entered the True Martial Realm last night, but I know True Martial Realm disciples cannot participate in the Grand Tournament, however, I would still like to participate, because I want to compete with Chen Xiang.” Lu Zhengnan looked at Chen Xiang, his eyes filled with an aggressive aura and contempt. As if to say, “I’m now a Level-3 alchemist, and also in the True Martial realm, you are far worse than me!’

Chen Xiang secretly sighed, although he admitted this Lu Zhengnan’s talent was good, he was still too inexperienced. He could already foresee that this Lu Zhengnan would be in a complete mess after being defeated.

But in other disciples’ opinion, this was an explosive information, Lu Zhengnan had actually entered the True Martial Realm, he was just twenty-one years old. Although he was two years older than Yun Xiaodao, Lu Zhengnan was still an alchemist. Because of that, everyone believed Lu Zhengnan was more talented than Yun Xiaodao.

“If it’s just the alchemy, it is nothing. I’ll allow you to participate in this competition. However, if it is martial art competition, you should already know the answer!” Elder Dan spoke and dismissed him, she just wanted to take a look whether Chen Xiang would be able to defeat Lu Zhengnan or not.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Brother Lu is a rare genius born once in thousand year, it’s my pleasure to compete with you. Since brother Lu came for me, then I will gamble a little, might as well enliven the atmosphere!”

Chen Xiang was going to bet once again, last time, he won a True Martial Realm apprentice and the qualifications to enter the Extreme Dan King Courtyard. This time, what would he place as ante?

Elder Dan also felt it was very interesting, although she was against Chen Xiang at every step, she was also concerned about Chen Xiang. Once she came out from her closed-door training, she first inquired about Chen Xiang and what he had done, and Chen Xiang had not let her down, he created a lot of noise.

“Wishing for it earnestly!” Lu Zhengnan proudly smiled, even if Chen Xiang hadn’t mentioned it, he would have still suggested it himself. He was a True Martial Realm martial artist, and also a Level-3 Alchemist, he got certified from the Danxiang Tower, that represents a very high honor.

“Since you proposed to bet first, what do you want to bet?” Lu Zhengnan asked, he knew Chen Xiang had a good amount of resources, the ante would certainly be enough to shock everyone. However, he was not worried, he thought he could win.

Every gambler would always think so.

Chen Xiang faintly smiled, turned over his palm, and three dan shining brightly in azure and golden aura were sandwiched between his fingers.

Chen Xiang actually used three Building Foundation Dans he himself refined as an ante!


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