Chapter 142 – The Final Strike

“Three Building Foundations Dans, are you betting or not?” Chen Xiang asked. “Whoever has the higher ranking than the other in the competition wins!”

Just a moment ago, those three Building Foundation Dans were blinding to the eyes of others, yet he called them just a little bet!?

For all of them, it was difficult to even see a Building Foundation Dan in their entire lifetime, meanwhile Chen Xiang actually took out three Building Foundation Dans at once for the ante. This was simply being extremely prodigal to actually take out these kind of things for a mere bet, many of the people were cursing Chen Xiang.

Elder Dan was also stunned, she immediately transmitted to Chen Xiang, “Where did you get these?”

At the same time, Lu Zhengnan also asked, “Where did you get these Building Foundation Dans?”

If Chen Xiang himself refined these dans, then Lu Zhengnan would bet jack shit.

“It’s none of your business where I got these from, do you dare to bet or not? Let it be if you are not betting.” Chen Xiang dismissively said. Careful people could see that out of these three Building Foundation Dans, two of them were relatively dark in color, while the other one was relatively more lustrous.

Of course, no one thought that Chen Xiang was the one who refined these Building Foundation Dans, even Elder Dan believed it was impossible for him. In her opinion, it was still too early for Chen Xiang, not to mention he didn’t even have a Fire Spirit.

“It doesn’t even matter don’t bet if you can’t!” Chen Xiang retrieved the Building Foundation Dans with a look of disappointment.

Lu Zhengnan being unable to bet? This would not only make him lose face within the sect but he would also be ridiculed in the entire Lu Family. He firmly replied, “I currently don’t have the Building Foundation Dans, but if I lose, within ten days, I will definitely give you three Building Foundation Dans!”

Chen Xiang had three Building Foundation Dans but he had not taken any. Everybody was assuming that Chen Xiang had prepared these for entering the True Martial Realm. Many people were extremely envious of Chen Xiang. After all, he could actually get three Building Foundation Dans just for preparation, everyone could already foresee Chen Xiang becoming a True Martial Realm martial artist in the near future.

Those older alchemists on the competition stage could only secretly sigh in their heart. They didn’t have such a good fate, but they didn’t think they would lose to these two younglings in alchemy techniques.

Regarding the origin of Chen Xiang’s Building Foundation Dans, no one was that curious. Chen Xiang had simply not revealed how he got it, even if it was Elder Dan who was asking. He deliberately did so in order to make Elder Dan depressed.

The Alchemy Competition was very comprehensive, all of the participants needed to refine from a list of relatively common dans, while the highest ranking one would be able to refine in the competition was a High-Grade Spirit Level Dan. However, most participants were only able to refine to the Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans. Lu Zhengnan easily fulfilled this because Level-3 Alchemist needed to refine three different types of Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans.

In the first competition, participants had to refine Low-Grade Mortal Level Quenching Body Dan within half an hour !

In blink of an eye, half an hour passed. The first to successfully finish refinement was Lu Zhengnan, while Chen Xiang intentionally slowed down. He only opened the alchemical furnace near the end of time limit. He did so in order for Lu Zhengnan to underestimate his opponent, besides, it would also save his consumption and be a lot easier too.

Elder Dan intentionally glared at Chen Xiang with one eye. Chen Xiang was easily able to refine the Low-Grade Spirit Level True Qi Dan, not to mention this kind of low-grade dan.

In the first competition, five participants failed to meet the criteria and they quietly left.

In the second competition, participants were needed to refine a Middle-Grade Mortal Level Baptizing Marrow Dan, and in third competition a High-Grade Mortal Level Grand Elemental Dan. For both competitions, the participants were given a time limit of half an hour to complete the dan!

In both competitions Lu Zhengnan was first to open his alchemical furnace, while Chen Xiang still always opened the lid at the very end, this made Lu Zhengnan secretly proud in his heart.

After the two competitions, only sixty participants were left on the stage!

It was already noon, but the competition continued. There was rarely any time to rest, this was as much a test of endurance of the alchemists as it was their skill. As a result, the audience also had to suffer as they continued to wait for the result. However, there were still those who became impatient and left early.

In the fourth competition, it was the Low-Grade Spirit Level True Qi Dan, and it had to be completed within an hour!

This was very demanding for the alchemists under the True Martial Realm. There were lot of people who couldn’t refine and they soon left the stage. There were also some who didn’t prepare the herbs, but most of the participants thought they would fail to meet the requirements anyway.

In addition to Chen Xiang, there were only fifteen alchemists left!

In Chen Xiang’s opinion, the True Qi Dan was still very common for him. After all, he would usually refine them in bulk for Long Xueyi, this greedy little dragon, to eat them like jelly beans. However, he still intentionally slowed himself down and opened the alchemical furnace near the end of time limit. Lu Zhengnan continued to remain high-profile, every time he was the first to open the alchemical furnace, and the quality was also not that bad.

Time was up, and now there were only eight alchemists left standing and soon the participants were narrowed down to only seven. Elder Dan nodded her head in satisfaction form this result,. Aside from Chen Xiang and Lu Zhengnan, five other Mortal Martial Realm alchemists were able to refine the True Qi Dan within an hour. This was lot better than the previous competition, although the age of these five alchemists were nowhere near small number.

It was soon afternoon, the sun was burning in the sky, but now it was also the tense final moments of the Alchemy Competition.

“This is the final competition, everyone is free to refine whatever they want! The time allotted is four hours. You can refine the most high-grade dan possible for your skill level, whoever’s dan is ranked higher in the end will win! You can also refine different types of dans to improve your odds of winning.” Elder Dan shouted.

Lu Zhengnan slightly upturned his mouth, because he knew he would undoubtedly win this competition due to the fact he was the only Level-3 Alchemist. He was able to refine three different types of Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans. He didn’t think Chen Xiang or other alchemists could even refine a single Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dan, and Lu Zhengnan was confident within four hours he would be able to refine all three dans.

Chen Xiang looked at Lu Zhengnan with a smile, saying, “Brother Lu, you’re looking very confident. It’s obvious that you’re sure you will win, then how about we add a little more to the bet?”

Chen Xiang actually wanted to raise the stakes at this moment. Suddenly, the bored audience acted like they were injected with chicken’s blood. Add even more to ante, whoever won, wouldn’t it be turned into a giant profit?

[TLN: Injected with chicken’s blood, meaning energetic.]

Many people in the audience were discussing with their gambling friends about increment in the stakes. Most of them had also gambled a little, however the majority of them had placed their bets on Lu Zhengnan. After all, on his waist the Level-3 Alchemist’s jade card was hanging, showing his very prestigious position and held the strength that accompanied the title.

Elder Dan looked at the slightly smiling Chen Xiang and knew that Lu Zhengnan had ran out of luck today. Last time she had also lost to Chen Xiang, but she just had to let Chen Xiang enter the Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

Whenever gamblers thought they would certainly win, they would always increase the stakes, perhaps even putting all of their possessions on the line to pressure their opponents. Chen Xiang and Lu Zhengnan were now both in the same mindset, both of them thought they would certainly win, which is why neither of them hesitated to increase the stakes.

“You can take out any amount, I will match it” Lu Zhengnan declared, his face was filled with confidence. Meanwhile, the other alchemists had already started refining their own dans, they didn’t accompany these two madmen in their insanity.

“I heard your Herb King Mountain has a Nine Sun Flames Fruit…” Chen Xiang mischievously laughed, “If I take out this Hell Spirit Grass, are you willing to use Nine Sun Flames Fruit as the ante?”

Once the black Hell Spirit Grass appeared, the audience went into an uproar. Although it was only palm sized, this herb was still incredibly precious because it was a sacred herb which could even raise the dead.

The Nine Sun Flames Fruit was also a precious High-Grade Profound Level fire attribute herb, that was mainly used to refine the High-Grade Profound Level Profound Sun Fire Dan. The Profound Sun Fire Dan had a very good effect and could allow one to continually elevate their flames quality. It was very helpful for upgrading the flames of alchemists. Many people only knew about this usage, but Su Meiyao had told Chen Xiang that this Profound Sun Fire Dan was the best dan to feed a Fire Spirit.

Chen Xiang was currently unable to use it, but he would definitely need it in the future. According to Su Meiyao, if one wanted to easily walk down the road of alchemy, possessing a Fire Spirit was a must!

“Good, I’ll bet!” Lu Zhengnan said while clenching his teeth .

“I fear brother Lu can’t take this responsibility. After all, it is a very valuable herb to Lu Family.” Chen Xiang said with a worried look. If the Lu Family refused to hand it over, though he had no way to make them pay, the Lu Family would have to carry the title of people who would not pay up their debts.

“I can!” Lu Zhengnan responded seriously .


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