Chapter 143 – Impossible

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded his head. His smile was cold and sinister. If the Lu Family did not pay up, he would make their public image change drastically!

Chen Xiang finally began taking things seriously. Elder Dan carefully checked his alchemical furnace just in case he wanted to cheat. At this time, the entire crowd was looking at these two young alchemists very seriously.

Everyone thought that Chen Xiang’s odds to win were a bit low. First off, Chen Xiang was refining under the strict supervision of Elder Dan, adding on additional pressure. Secondly, Chen Xiang didn’t have a backer or any support like the Lu Family, an alchemy aristocratic family with many rich resources. Lastly, Chen Xiang didn’t have an alchemist jade card on his waist.

Chen Xiang started processing the herbs. According to the rules, the herbs must be processed during the competition and if they were pre-processed, it would be considered a violation of the rules.

Elder Dan was staring closely at Chen Xiang. After she saw him take out a white grass, she was very shocked in her heart!

This white grass looked very similar to a white bone in form, and was also crystal clear with no blemishes. It was white like beautiful jade, this was the White Jade Bone Grass, the primary herb for refining the White Jade Dan!

The White Jade Dan was a High-Grade Spirit Level Dan and was on the same level as the True Elemental Dan. Ordinarily, only a Level-4 Alchemist was able to refine this sort of Dan and there were only a total of ten Level-4 Alchemist in the entire Extreme Dan Courtyard of the Extreme Martial Sect. In fact, the low number of alchemists resulted in the Extreme Martial Sect’s supply of True Elemental Dan being very lacking so they had to buy them from Danxiang Taoyuan. Thankfully, Danxiang Taiyuan gave very low prices towards the Extreme Martial Sect as a result of the good relations between the two.

Elder Dan secretly despised Chen Xiang’s actions, he actually revealed nothing, even to her! He was acting like a pig to eat the tiger. From the instant she saw Chen Xiang take out the herbs for refining a White Jade Dan she knew that Lu Zhengnan had no chance of winning.

“Don’t you think what you’re doing is shameless?” Elder Dan transmitted to Chen Xiang.

“Nah, we mutually agreed for this bet, not to mention the fact we are gambling, everything is fair and square. I’m just too lazy to boast about what high ranking dans I can refine. It was simply failure in his part for underestimating me. If he was not so arrogant and didn’t care so much about face, he definitely would not have lost so badly.” Chen Xiang said with a mischievous smirk.

“Humph.” Elder Dan let a cold snort but she was unable to say anything. She just felt that Chen Xiang was too crafty and she decided to take special notice of this particular characteristic of his from this point on in order to avoid getting sold by Chen Xiang while helping him count the money.

Lu Zhengnan was far left from Chen Xiang’s stage and couldn’t see what type of dan he was refining. Either way, Lu Zhengnan would never pay attention to it anyway and he concentrated on his own alchemy. However, Chen Xiang noticed that Lu Zhengnan took out the materials for a Middle-Grade Spirit Level Martial Elemental Dan.

Chen Xiang placed his own herbs in the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace before pouring in a white spiritual essence. This was another primary resource required for refining the White Jade Dan. On one side, he was leisurely refining the White Jade Dan while on the other side he was processing the materials for yet another dan.

“Xuan Zhen Grass, Ten Thousand Year Old Spirit Fruit, Spirit Crystal Essence, and Grand Elemental Nut. It seems like you already know how to refine the True Elemental Dan!” Elder Dan took a deep breath and her voice was full of surprise. She had not expected that in just a span of three years since she had not seen Chen Xiang his alchemical skills would advance to such a level!

Chen Xiang could actually refine two different types of High-Grade Spirit Level Dans!

“Littler martial niece, I cannot just casually become your martial uncle. I also have a bit of foundation.” Chen Xiang proudly smiled and replied.

“In other words, you are a Level-4 Alchemist?” Elder Dan was scared for a moment and asked.

“Of course, but that Jade card was a little big and the words written on it were a bit too bloody, making the whole thing somewhat ugly. That’s why I don’t like hanging it on my waist like Lu Zhengnan.” Chen Xiang smiled and said.

Just twenty years old and a Level-4 Alchemist! Even if Elder Dan knew how hateful Chen Xiang was, she could not help but admire him. She was totally left speechless.. She didn’t know what to say?

“Elder Dan, is there some relation between you and Danxiang Taoyuan’s Dean?” Chen Xiang asked. He was also using divine sense to converse with Elder Dan while he was refining the dans.

Elder Dan’s body slightly trembled, “I can not answer you!”

“Whatever, sooner or later I’ll defeat you and then you will become my woman. At that time I will know everything about you.” Chen Xiang said with a nasty laugh.

“Humph!” Elder Dan sneered, “There is still a long way to go. Perhaps at that time I would have already entered the Heavenly Realms!”

Actually, this was highly likely as Elder Dan was in the Nirvana Realm and stood at the peak of the Mortal World. Moreover, she was an alchemistress and could indeed advance very quickly.

Chen Xiang no longer spoke to her, and seriously concentrated on refining the dans.

Four hours, this meant that the competition would continue until night. Now there were only a few gamblers that stayed behind and they had betted quite a few crystal stones and were awaiting the end result.

Chen Xiang didn’t want to give a gigantic crippling mental blow to Lu Zhengnan which was why he was intentionally taking a bit longer to refine. Originally it would have just taken him an hour and he could call it a day, but he was worried Lu Zhengnan would not accept it and do something crazy.

“Fortunately you didn’t take Wu Qianqian as your apprentice. Otherwise she would have to call me marital grand uncle.” Chen Xiang said and smiled. At this time, he was almost done completely refining the two different types of dans.

“Qianqian’s talent is very high. I will vigorously cultivate her and definitely make her transcend you! Do not be too proud!” Elder Dan said with full confidence.

“That is for the best.”Chen Xiang had an equivocal smile hanging on his face, but the look in his eyes was somewhat complicated.

“Then thank you for cultivating my future wife, Wu Qianqian is destined to be my woman.” Long Xueyi again posed as Chen Xiang and transmitted with divine sense to Elder Dan.

A shiver ran down in Chen Xiang’s spine, but he couldn’t help but admire Long Xueyi for using divine sense so wisely. She could even avoid getting found out by Elder Dan, and also implicate him. He had already exhorted a thousand, no, ten thousand times to this naughty little dragoness not to play a joke in front of Elder Dan, this could be very troublesome.

“What?” Elder Dan voice was extremely cold. She certainly knew about Wu Qianqian’s thoughts for Chen Xiang, and also knew that he had greatly helped and encouraged Wu Qianqian, but Elder Dan had not expected Wu Qianqian and Chen Xiang to be together.

“This time around, she went with dean to meet the young heroes of other sect and families. She will definitely change her mind, there are far better men than you!” Elder Dan coldly said.

Chen Xiang was suddenly somewhat dissatisfied, “Really? Wait and see!”

A little less than half an hour was left from the total four hours when Lu Zhengnan stood up with a look of excitement. He laughed loudly and shouted, “Chen Xiang, you lose! I refined three kinds of Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans!”

A True Martial Realm alchemist who was responsible for supervising the competition nodded his head, “Lu Zhengnan has successfully refined the Melting Poison Dan, the Martial Elemental Dan and the Exploding Qi Dan. All of them are Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans and their quality is also top grade!”

Although it was midnight, the audience that had been waiting for the results burst into cheers one after another. All of them though Lu Zhengnan would win. At she was able to refine three kinds of Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans, he was really a Level-3 Alchemist!

Chen Xiang just laughed, “Don’t be so happy, I’m not finished with my refining yet!”

“So what? Can you refine four kinds of Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans?” Lu Zhengnan sneered, he already foresaw himself getting the Hell Spirit Grass and the three Building Foundation Dans.

The four hour duration was finished as Chen Xiang gradually opened his alchemical furnace. He dismissively said, “Refined two kinds of High-Grade Spirit Level Dans, respectively they were the White Jade Dan and the True Elemental Dan!”

The people who originally thought they had won their bets, instantly had their smiles frozen, while those who were upset due to thinking they lost betting on Chen Xiang were also somewhat doubtful if what they heard was true or not!

“Impossible!” Lu Zhengnan immediately yelled.


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