Chapter 144 – Winning Streak

Chen Xiang stood up and stretched his waist. He looked at Elder Dan because she was the one supervising him and only with her statement would he be able to prove he refined the two High-Grade Spirit Level Dans.

Whether it was the refining difficulty or the price, the two High-Grade Spirit Level Dans were far above the three kinds of Middle-Grade Spirit Level Dans that Lu Zhengnan refined!

Elder Dan stated, “It’s true. I personally witnessed the entire refining process. From the processing of the herbs to the solidification of the pill, I saw the entire thing with my own eyes. He did not cheat. Just from the warmth and freshness of the dans, it is clear that they have been refined recently.”

Lu Zhengan wrinkled his brows as his complexion became ugly. He quickly went up the stage, some True Martial Realm alchemists also gathered over on the stage. There were many True Martial Realm alchemists who were able to refine one type of High-Grade Spirit Level Dan, but their success rate was extremely low.

A jade box was covered in a crystal clear powder and was still exuding some residual heat. After opening the lid, a rich herb fragrance wafted into everyone’s noses. It was a very cool and refreshing scent, this was a genuine high quality White Jade Dan!

In another box, five crystal clear shells were laid, inside of which there was a group of white mist at the center of the dans. This was the True Elemental Dan, and its quality was also very good. But what made people shocked was the fact that Chen Xiang had actually refined five dans at once from just a single set of herbs!

Looking at the fresh dans in both jade boxes, Lu Zhengnan clenched both his fists, his nails deeply embedded into his palm. His whole body was trembling and profusely sweating as he muttered, “Impossible, you can not possibly refine two kinds of High-Grade Spirit Level Dans… Impossible… impossible…”

Not to mention two different types of High-Grade Spirit Level Dans, even if it was just one kind Chen Xiang would still win!

“Do you suspect that I poorly supervised him?” Elder Dan coldly said.

Lu Zhengnan gulped, that previous arrogance of his was blown away to who knows where. He tried to calm himself down, “No…I don’t dare to doubt Elder Dan. I just think Chen Xiang had some means to cheat and didn’t let you see.”

“Exactly! It is impossible for Chen Xiang to refine High-Grade Spirit Level Dans! What would he use to refine? It takes the support of a lot of rare herbs. Not to mention the fact that during his disappearance he was still healing, and the time when he was in the Fragrance City, if he could refine these dans then why didn’t he go for the assessment!” Underneath the stage a mad man loudly shouted. Those who had also lost comparatively soon followed him in the shouting.

This was because most people had bet on Lu Zhengnan to win!

Chen Xiang coldly smiled before he went in front of the stage, loudly shouting, “Yes, refining two different types of dans requires a lot of herbs, but don’t forget that when I came from the secular world, I already had Metal Spirit Fruit and Thousand Vein Fruit! Furthermore, during the Inner Sect Assessment I had also found a few Azure Profound Fruit. I sold these, and it was enough for me buy a large number of herbs!”

“I was indeed seriously injured by Liao Shaoyun of True Martial Sect, but I was also carrying a few White Jade Dan with me, which allowed me to heal quickly. During the long period of time I was missing, I was mainly learning alchemy! If you don’t believe me, you could go to Danxiang Tower and ask Mrs. Li, I purchased a lot of herbs from her!”

Then, Chen Xiang took out a jade card. Above this jade card was four golden stripes, on it’s back there were ten signatures carved in blood, this was the proof of a Level-4 Alchemist.

“At that time I went for the assessment. This is my proof!” Chen Xiang raised his hand high to show the jade card. In the middle of the night, those four shinning golden lines representing the Level-4 Alchemist status were glittering like stars, dazzling the eyes of many people…

At this time, the audiences underneath quieted down, a Level-4 Alchemist! Chen Xiang was a little younger than Lu Zhengnan, yet he was already a Level-4 Alchemist! Although Chen Xiang and Lu Zhengnan had a difference of simply one level, this was like the difference between heaven and earth!

Everyone was simultaneously shocked, but they secretly cursed Chen Xiang for being sinister. Even daring to hide in plain sight before just to ruthlessly knock out Lu Zhengnan!

Lu Zhengnan with a shaking finger pointed at Chen Xiang, “You…you actually…actually…”


Lu Zhengnan spewed out a mouthful of blood. He lost very badly, three Building Foundation Dans and a Nine Sun Flames Fruit! This was a very large bet. Previously, he was absolutely sure of his success which is why he dared to bet so much. However, he hadn’t even gotten permission from his family to bet the precious herb. He knew that after today, he would be in very big trouble.

“If you suspect even Danxiang Tower’s alchemist certification system, then even I don’t have any way to convince you! Do you admit defeat or not!? If I don’t receive the ante, then don’t blame me for doing something!” Chen Xiang coldly declared, “If you can’t afford to gamble, then don’t carelessly follow up!”

Chen Xiang’s ante was his own, but in case of Lu Zhengnan it was his family’s. Just from this point alone, the difference between the two of them was clear cut!

Lu Zhengnan stared at Chen Xiang, his eyes were filled with murderous intention. Chen Xiang’s complexion suddenly became deadly cold, he clearly knew what Lu Zhengnan had in mind!

If the creditor was dead, then he would not owe any debt!

Although many people in the crowd underneath was thinking of cursing Chen Xiang, they did not dare to do so. After all, he was a Level-4 Alchemist and, aside from him, there were only ten of them present in the entire Extreme Martial Sect. Additionally, all of them supplied resources to Extreme Martial Sect, their identities was very noble. If they, in any way, offended a powerful alchemist, then the consequences would be extremely miserable.

Chen Xiang cultivated [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise] which was why he was able to restrain his breath. It was also the reason why Elder Dan and Gu Dongchen, these ancient tycoons, were unable to probe Chen Xiang’s strength. Originally Elder Dan secretly suspected that Chen Xiang was already in True Martial Realm. However, when she saw three Building Foundation Dan with Chen Xiang, she no longer thought so. She assumed that Chen Xiang had reached a bottleneck.

Lu Zhengnan was violently vomiting blood. This was very rarely seen, it could only be imagined how much hatred he felt towards Chen Xiang. After all, Chen Xiang indeed seized everything very cheaply and easily won so many good things. This could only be blamed on Lu Zhengnan for being too inexperienced. He loved publicizing and the publicity that came with it. He was not enough crafty and low-key like Chen Xiang, the miserable loss was only inevitable.

At the beginning, when Lu Zhengnan revealed his trump card, he was so sure that he was not going to lose, and just followed up when Chen Xiang increased the ante. But in the end Lu Zhengnan suffered a crushing defeat.

“Chen Xiang…wait for me!” Lu Zhengnan viciously roared. He fiercely wiped the blood stain off his mouth and left.

“Hei Hei.” Chen Xiang only laughed in response. He casually picked up another hundred True Elemental Dan and a hundred thousand crystal stones from Elder Dan before heading back to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard in a happy mood.

After obtaining the hundred True Elemental Dans, ten of them were immediately taken by Long Xueyi, this greedy little dragoness. This made him feel very sad, but after Long Xueyi took these ten True Elemental Dans, it was very difficult for her to get anymore. Chen Xiang strictly controlled the usage of these True Elemental Dans, they were not like the True Qi Dans which could be easily refined.

Since the start of the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament, two back to back competitions had ended with the grand winner for both competitions being Chen Xiang. Even many of the True Martial Realm disciples were secretly jealous of Chen Xiang because of the things he had obtained. Not to mention the fact that Chen Xiang also possessed at least three Building Foundation Dans which meant that it was very likely for him to enter the True Martial Realm.

What none of them knew was that Chen Xiang had long since become a True Martial Realm martial artist, but hid his own strength mainly out of habit.

The third and final competition was of martial arts, but it was being held ten days later, this was the Dean’s declaration. During these ten days, all of the Inner Sect Disciples mutually exchanged pointers. Some of the True Martial Realm disciples publically passed on their experiences and many were taught directly by elders from the Elder Courtyard.


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