Chapter 145 – Encountering an Old Foe Once Again

Many True Martial Realm disciples were showing off their strength and powerful divine martial skills for the Grand Tournament, attracting the jealousy of many Mortal Martial Realm disciples. For them, this was also a kind of incentive. Some disciples who rushed about everywhere year in and year out began to take out some strange exotic things to broaden the horizons of the Inner Disciples. There was also someone who stood up on a table, blowed a horn, and then began to speak about his own majestic life experience.

During this period, there were some small scale activities were disciples could win a few dans and crystal stones by using their strength or wisdom. Some examples were answering questions and solving riddles.

On the other hand, Chen Xiang just stayed in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard and used the Dragon Saliva to accelerate the growth of the Azure Profound Tree, thus speeding up the fruits growth. Elder Dan also found out about this and was very suspicious. Although she was very well-informed, she was still unable to understand why the tree’s growth was so fast.

Five days passed, the Azure Profound Tree’s flowers were already cocooned and were about to congeal the fruit. Chen Xiang secretly sighed in emotion within his heart. He found out that the Azure Profound Tree didn’t need the Dragon Saliva for ripening and could grow very quickly on it’s own.

“The Azure Profound Tree gathers wood essence to bear fruit. This tree is planted inside the Mysterious Realm, an environment filled to the brim with rich Spirit Qi. The absorption speed of Spirit Qi is very quick, which is probably why it can quickly turn the Spirit Qi into fruit.” Su Meiyao said, however these were just her guesses.

The qualifiers had already started a while ago. To be precise in how it worked, many fights were placed on many stages till there were only eight participants were left for the final Martial Art Competition. There were many participants for the Martial Arts Competition and the Inner and Outer Courtyards were assigned to carry out the qualifiers. Each day, there were many people who were eliminated.

In these qualifying stages, almost everyone was afraid of encountering Chen Xiang because he was the No.1 Disciple of the Inner Courtyard, and he had no peers under the True Martial Realm. However, there were also many strong young newcomers who wanted to challenge Chen Xiang.

During these qualifiers, Chen Xiang was really benevolent and used a very gentle way to defeat his opponents. If he found any deficiencies in them, he would pass along one or two pointers. After all, the Grand Tournament was for the disciples to exchange pointers with one another, and so Chen Xiang won the respect of many people.

Chen Xiang had just finished pouring the Dragon Saliva onto the Azure Profound Tree and started to return to his own private room. He swallowed five True Elemental Dans as a large sudden rush of True Qi burst out from within his body. He operated the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise] and started refining to transform it into his own True Qi. At last, all of the True Qi had been turned into Divine Sense which poured forth into his consciousness, feeding the Shinto Infant Soul.

According to Long Xueyi, only when this Shinto Infant Soul was a little grown up would he be able to cultivate Shinto.

Unconsciously, Chen Xiang became immersed in the cultivation of the Shinto Infant Soul. With a single-minded attitude, he started congealing a lot of Divine Sense to feed his Infant Soul. Although he didn’t eat any more True Elemental Dans, his Yin and Yang Divine Veins were able to absorb a large amount of Spirit Qi to aid in the cultivation process.

Not far away, Elder Dan was standing on a rooftop, looking down upon a private room. This was the location of Chen Xiang’s room, she muttered, “It really is a Yin and Yang Vein, only those things have the ability to absorb Spirit Qi at this insane speed. He really is the same as teacher’s martial ancestor.”

From a long time ago, ever since Chen Xiang began residing in the Extreme Dan Courtyard, he had been closely monitored by Elder Dan. However, Chen Xiang was very cautious and only used Dragon Saliva when no one was in the Extreme Dan Courtyard. He had not seen or caught Elder Dan, but he guessed that she was secretly watching him.

For the past three days, Chen Xiang was endlessly cultivating. His continuous absorption of Spirit Qi had not diminished even the slightest bit, on the contrary it was only growing! This caused many people residing in the Elder Courtyard to become extremely shocked. However, simply due to the fact this unique event was occurring inside the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, no one dared to casually go and check, and only observed the spectacle from far away.

Elder Dan coldly snorted, “Could it be that this brat wants to enter the True Martial Realm? In these last three days he didn’t even go out to participate in the qualifiers and lost the qualifications to participate in the Martial Arts Competition. This is extremely unlike him, according to his usual personally, he would have taken first place before attempting to break through.”

At this time, Chen Xiang was in a state of forgetting everything around him, ignoring all outside stimuli. He was like a newborn baby sleeping in a mother’s womb, who knew nothing but still continued to absorb a large amount of nutrients to grow.

Chen Xiang’s consciousness was entirely submerged in the Shinto Infant Soul. He was solely thinking of absorbing a large amount of Divine Sense to grow. Regarding any matters occurring outsider or other disturbances, he had no clue what was going on.

“Elder Sister Meiyao, I tried my best but I still can not wake him up. I think it’s best to let him be. If we forcefully wake him up, things could turn out very troublesome.” Long Xueyi helplessly said in a sweet voice. She knew that Chen Xiang now had no way to win the hundred True Elemental Dans, due to this she was secretly distressed.

The Martial Art Competition had long ago begun. The Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples were very surprised because Chen Xiang was not in any of the final eight locations. Before, many people had assumed that, in light of Chen Xiang’s strength, it would be very easy for him to win first place.

After asking about, everyone only came to learn that Chen Xiang had not arrived on time to participate in the qualifiers and was thus eliminated. Furthermore, he had disappeared five days ago.

While Chen Xiang was cultivating, he was extremely pleased with his results because the Shinto Infant Soul had now grown a lot. Previously, it had the appearance of a newborn but now it’s appearance was same as that of a six month old baby.

Chen Xiang learned from Long Xueyi that the growth phase of the spirit was very slow. Take Long Xueyi for examples, it took her a total of eight long years before she was finally able to come out of her dragon shell. If she wanted to become an adult, it would take an even longer period of time. However, once she became an adult she would have the strength to disregard everyone and everything in existence.

Chen Xiang finally woke up to the tender and sweet voice of Long Xueyi, which was filled to the brim of anger. “Chen Xiang, you have been asleep for five days! Those hundred True Elemental Dan and hundred thousand crystal stones have all gone down the drain.”

“Why did you not wake me up!?” Chen Xiang immediately left the private room and walked towards the Extreme Martial Square, he was very upset in his heart.

“I called you many times, who knew that you would cultivate so earnestly. Next time, do not take all your Divine Sense and stuff it into your Infant Soul, otherwise it wouldn’t be strange for you to be asleep for eight to ten years.” Long Xueyi seriously told him. Her tone was very solemn, this was because she didn’t get to eat anything ever since Chen Xiang fell asleep.

Chen Xiang could not wait to give himself two slaps. His own negligence had caused his removal from the Martial Arts Competition and resulted in the loss of a hundred True Elemental Dan and hundred thousand crystal stones!

He felt like a knife was twisting in his heart.

He arrived in the middle of the square which was surrounded by many people. However, all the disciples of the Extreme Martial Sect had their faces filled with anger. At this time, Chen Xiang saw a few people tumbling down from the martial arts stage not far away from him.

“What happened?” Chen Xiang asked a middle-aged man right beside him.

The middle-aged man after seeing Chen Xiang could not help but be surprised, and others around him were also surprised. Simultaneously, everyone started telling Chen Xiang what had happened in his absence.

Soon, Chen Xiang came to learn what had occurred. He looked towards the high stage at Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming. His pupils fiercely contracted when he came upon a very familiar face. It was a very handsome face, the forehead was giving off a slight aura of arrogance, yet it did not make others feel disgusted.

Seeing this man, Chen Xiang clenched his fists as his nails dug deeply into his palm, this man was Liao Shaoyun!

After coming back from the Fragrance City, he came to learn some things about Liao Shaoyun, the results gave no small surprise to him. Chen Xiang had not expected Liao Shaoyun to actually be an elder of the True Martial Sect. Furthermore, he was also at the verge of becoming the youngest martial artist to enter the Nirvana Realm. With such an amazing talent, he was a very important figure of True Martial Sect.

Today, both the True Martial Sect’s and Beast Marital Sect’s Elders, along with their sect’s disciples, came to participate in the Extreme Martial Sect’s Grand Tournament. Furthermore, they also proposed to allow their own sect disciples to learn with the Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples before defeating all of them.


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