Chapter 146 – See Through The Conspiracy

The disciples sent by the Beast Martial Sect and the True Martial Sect were very strong, all of them suddenly defeated the eight Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples that could participate in the final round. Also, they had publicly challenged some disciples in the audiences while some powerful Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples at the same time came on the stage, but they were all defeated.

“Elder Wu, my disciples had won against the strongest eight disciples of your Inner Courtyard, shouldn’t the hundred True Elemental Dan and hundred thousand crystal stones be given to me for my disciples?” Liao Shaoyun had a faint smile on his face as he asked Wu Kaiming beside him. He intentionally raised his voice, so that the other people could also hear him.

Today, the Beast Martial Sect and the True Martial Sect were simply hitting wherever they went. While most of the strongest disciples of the Extreme Martial Sect had now already entered into the True Martial Realm, such as the four powerful disciples of the first Inner Courtyard, among the four of them, three were now in the True Martial Realm. As for Chen Xiang, he was nowhere to be seen.

“Chen Xiang, go up and teach these guys a good lesson, let them know our Extreme Martial Sect is also formidable.”A middle-aged man shouted.

One by one everyone beside Chen Xiang started shouting, Chen Xiang was originally very upset for not being able to participate in the Martial Art Competition. However, now that the opportunity had presented itself, it was very highly likely for him to get those hundred True Elemental Dan and hundred thousand crystal stones.

Of course, Chen Xiang also had to make those two sects who were rampaging wherever they went to suffer a little bit!

Chen Xiang lightly took a leap, stepped on the air just like a beautiful rainbow arc, then landed on the martial arts stage

Long-awaited Chen Xiang was eliminated five days ago, many people were very regretful due to this. However, Chen Xiang had now appeared at the most crucial moment, this made them very excited, many people had personally witnessed Chen Xiang’s strength, that was not some ordinary strength. Many of them believed that Chen Xiang would be able fight even those who were at True Martial Realm.

Chen Xiang was now in the True Martial Realm, even if the opponent was someone in 1st level of True Martial Realm, or even the 2nd level, he was not a least bit afraid.

Once he arrived at the stage, Chen Xiang looked at Liao Shaoyun above the high stage not far away from him, both his eyes were overflowing with murderous intention. He would never forget how Liao Shaoyun trampled over him, he had already sworn, he would definitely behead Liao Shaoyun and have his revenge!

When Liao Shaoyun arrived, he already knew what happened to Chen Xiang. Because Chen Xiang was not on time to participate in the qualifiers, he was eliminated, but regarding Chen Xiang, he was just a little concerned about him, he didn’t think too much about him. After all, he was someone who was just about to enter the Nirvana Realm, this small ant wasn’t able to enter in his eye.

Many people knew of the things between Chen Xiang and Liao Shaoyun, that day Chen Xiang had almost died in the hands of Liao Shaoyun. But now Liao Shaoyun had dared to come to the Extreme Martial Sect, he simply had not placed the Extreme Martial Sect in his eyes.

“I’ve come to compare notes with them!” Chen Xiang looked at Wu Kaiming and saw him nodding his head, with eyes filled with smile. Now he knew that Chen Xiang had appeared, Extreme Martial Sect would be able to save their face.

“Humph, didn’t you not participated in the qualifiers just because of a stage fright? Why have you now appeared to get tortured?” Liao Shaoyun sneered and said, he suddenly found Chen Xiang very hateful, especially the look of hatred in the eyes of Chen Xiang.

“That is because I had to attend some matters temporarily, I’m an Extreme Martial Sect’s disciple, don’t you want to challenge the Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples?” Chen Xiang didn’t look at Liao Shaoyun, instead, he faced the two disciples of the Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect.

“Whatever, in short, getting injured is inevitable, at that time, don’t complain to us.” Liao Shaoyun looked at Chen Xiang with a frown, being ignored like this by Chen Xiang, it made him somewhat unhappy in his heart, he certainly knew Chen Xiang hate him to death.

At this time Long Xueyi’s said in a tender voice, “These two guys has just entered into the True Martial Realm, their body’s have a strange energy in their dantian which is masking off their breath, that’s why it is very difficult to see, that thing should be called runes!”

Chen Xiang in his heart was surprised, clenched his fists even more tightly, at the same time he was very excited. Now he knew, why the Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect dare to break everything wherever they went, and only sent two people.

These two had hidden their True Martial Realm very well, naturally, they would not have any opponents in the Mortal Martial Realm. However, now they had ran into Chen Xiang, who had also very well hidden his True Martial Realm, and not to mention his strength which was much higher than others of the same level.

Chen Xiang secretly chuckled in his heart, he had extreme hate for both the Beast Martial Sect and the True Martial Sect, and now that these two sect’s newly advanced young True Martial Realm disciples had come to compete with him, he would naturally not be any lenient.

“Who is coming first from you?” Chen Xiang asked

“Do you dare to have a life and death fight?” One robust guy looking more like a bull spoke, he was the disciple of the Beast Martial Sect.

If Chen Xiang was killed, he could get the three hundred thousand crystal stones reward. Now that such a good opportunity had presented itself, how could the big guy let it go?

Just as both Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming wanted to open their mouth and stop him, they heard the immediate reply of Chen Xiang’s, “Dare? Come if you want to come, let’s see who’s afraid of who?”

Life and death fight, as long as both side agreed, and if there were a lot of people who could testify, then it can be started. If any of them unfortunately died, the forces behind him could not hold the survivor accountable.

This Beast Martial Sect’s disciple was called Niu Hao, with a robust body, he was even a head taller than Chen Xiang. That body looked more like a small giant, his whole body brimming with power, giving off a kind of oppressive feeling.

“Chen Xiang, the runes should be attached at his dantian’s location, you should wait for an appropriate moment and burn off that rune. Afterwards, it will allow you to reveal his strength!” Long Xueyi transmitted to Chen Xiang with divine sense.

Spirit Runes did have this kind of benefits, Chen Xiang whenever he could, especially during his idle time, would also study these Spirit Runes. But, he still had no idea, after all, he was trying to grab something in the darkness, without any kind of guidance.

Although both Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming could have prevented this life and death fight, in the end they didn’t stop it, both of them knew that the reason why Chen Xiang could become their young martial uncle was certainly because he was someone extraordinary. Besides, they had already seen Chen Xiang’s strength, however, they were still somewhat concerned in their heart.

Not to mention the Beast Martial Sect’s disciples, even some disciples of the Extreme Martial Sect wanted to kill Chen Xiang. Simply because, Chen Xiang was worth three hundred thousand crystal stones, this sum was very attractive to many.

As Chen Xiang knew the opponent was also in the True Martial Realm, he didn’t dare to underestimate the enemy.

“Start!” Wu Kaiming was the one who issued this order. The Beast Martial Sect’s and the True Martial Sect’s disciples had come and this made him feel very unhappy, but he was still unable to do anything, even if they had been making irresponsible remarks. However, he hadn’t expected that two strong and young disciples of the Beast Martial Sect and the True Martial Sect would actually arrive and break the balance.

Once his words had been heard by everyone, Niu Hao fiercely let out a roar, the martial art stage completely constructed from hard-rock severely shook, however, this didn’t affect Chen Xiang. At the same time, Chen Xiang also let out a roar. However, his roar was accompanied by a wave of azure and lightning Qi Aura which came out from his mouth, and like a fountain, it rushed towards Niu Hao.

Chen Xiang didn’t utilise all of his strength, otherwise, the strength of the True Martial Realm could be revealed. If that happened, Liao Shaoyun and others would be able to see through his strength and that would be very troublesome for him.

Unless he let the other party expose their True Martial Realm strength, only then would Chen Xiang be able to justifiably beat the other person. Even if his True Martial Realm was revealed at that time, it would be nothing.

The azure lightning Qi Aura released from the mouth of Chen Xiang would be fatal to Mortal Martial Realm martial artists, but for Niu Hao, it was nothing. Because he was in the True Martial Realm and with his terrifying strength, he would be able to counteract this kind of power. But he didn’t expect Chen Xiang would mix a bunch of powerful flames when he emitted the [Dragon Roar], which in turn, directly struck Niu Hai’s dantian’s location and burned off his clothes.

Chen Xiang’s flames were the Vermillion Bird’s flames of the True Martial Realm, it was not something easily extinguishable by an ordinary True Martial Realm martial artist.

Niu Hai was surprised in his his heart as he gathered the True Qi above both of his hands. While he was smacking the flames above his abdomen, he was vigilant against Chen Xiang’s attack. However, Chen Xiang didn’t have any intention of attacking him.

Flame spread quickly and not long after, Chen Xiang could see those flames suddenly changing the colors, his eyes lit up. He reckoned this was the phenomena due to the burning of the Spirit Runes.

Wu Kaiming brow suddenly wrinkled, because this Niu Hao’s body released a very powerful breath, and it was just that only True Martial Realm martial artist should be able to have this kind of breath.

“True Martial Realm!” Elder Dan voice was incomparably cold, as if it came from the ninth level of the Underworld.


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