Chapter 147 – Devil Bow Reappears

The elder of the Beast Martial Sect was suddenly sweating profusely, he could feel the anger of Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming, but this elder could also be counted as an old fogy, he immediately said in a heavy tone, “No wonder this Niu Hao was so confident, originally, he has actually entered the True Martial Realm. Although it is a good thing, but he still hid it from us, after we return, we must impose heavy penalties on him!”

Although the Beast Martial Sect’s elder said that they knew nothing about Niu Hao, and everything was the fault of Niu Hao, Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming didn’t believe a single word of it.

“Should we stop the contest?” Liao Shaoyun was very calm at this moment as he dismissively said, as if he had nothing to do with all this.

“No need, look at Chen Xiang’s appearance, he too hid the matter of him advancing to the True Martial Realm, I think he broke through in these past few days!” Wu Kaiming just faintly smiled, because he could see Chen Xiang intentionally revealed his own strength, both he and Elder Dan were very curious how was Chen Xiang was able to see through Niu Hao’s strength.

The whole body of the Beast Martial Sect’s elder was trembling, his complexion became pale, with a dignified look, he gazed at the martial art stage. If Chen Xiang had entered the True Martial Realm, then the outcome of this competition would be difficult to predict, furthermore, this was a life and death fight!

“Insignificant skills, go die!” Chen Xiang made Niu Hao choke in rage, he let out a shout, before a golden bull’s head suddenly appeared on his thick arms, his Qi Aura was cemented into a lifelike bulls’ head, along with a pair of sharp big horns on it.

Although Niu Hao looked very big, his speed was not at all slow, he swiftly and violently waved that giant arms of his and blasted a violent and fierce fist towards Chen Xiang. Just as those bull horns were just about to pierce two holes in Chen Xiang’s body, Chen Xiang was suddenly nowhere to be seen!

But everyone could see waves of Chen Xiang’s breath spreading from the stage one after another. Chen Xiang, in an extreme speed, was madly rushing on the stage, without releasing a single sound.

Chen Xiang, using high speed movements, escaped Niu Hao’s fist, at the same time, he hid his own whereabouts. Although, Niu Hao was able to identify Chen Xiang’s location through Cheng Xiang’s breath, Chen Xiang was still moving too fast. Suddenly he would be in the left, and in the next instance, he would be in the right, making it harder for Niu Hao to determine from where would Chen Xiang attack.

This kind of speed made Niu Hao secretly astonished. Right now, he also suspected Chen Xiang was also a True Martial Realm martial artist!

Since it was a life and death fight, and the other party too wanted to kill him, Chen Xiang would certainly not stay his hand!

Everyone was calmly looking at the martial art stage, waiting for Chen Xiang to attack. As of this moment, the atmosphere was very depressing because no one knew from which direction Chen Xiang would attack.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang appeared, and Niu Hao too grabbed towards the direction where Chen Xiang came from. Niu Hao quickly turned it into a fist, however, Chen Xiang had still lightly avoided Niu Hao’s violent and frightening fist of horned bull’s head.

Chen Xiang’s palm was like the tip of a spear, wrapped in a thin True Qi, but with quite an overbearing breath, at the same time, he was dodging Niu Hao’s fist, his palm that was like the tip of a spear already pierced towards Niu Hao’s heart!

[Profound Aura Finger]! Someone with good eyesight would be able to recognize it in a mere glance. With this formidable martial skill, the caster hands would be able to become as sharp as a divine weapon! Last time, Chen Xiang had used this [Profound Aura Finger] to pinch off a few well-known spirit weapons.

Chen Xiang’s hand penetrated Niu Hao’s body and came out from his back. Afterwards, he fiercely pulled back his hand as he he poised himself to shoot his left arm, then blasted a strike on Niu Hao’s dantian.

An explosion burst forth as the whole martial art stage suddenly collapsed, and the stones flew in every direction!

It was actually [Shocking Heaven Palm]! Chen Xiang had spent a lot of power in using this attack, not to mention that he had also struck above Niu Hao’s dantian. When he had struck on Niu Hao’s dantian, he could feel a large amount of True Qi bursting and spewing out from Niu Hao’s dantian.

The dust was blown away by the wind released by Chen Xiang, the martial art stage was already turned into a pile of scattered and broken stones. Niu Hao was constantly throwing up blood, and he had already lost consciousness.

Chen Xiang let out a light shout and landed a kick on Niu Hao’s waist. A powerful Qi burst out from his leg before Niu Hao flew towards Liao Shaoyun!

At this time, the whole body of the Beast Martial Sect Elder was trembling, he was checking the extent of Niu Hao’s injury. Although Chen Xiang hadn’t killed Niu Hao, Niu Hao was crippled, and from head to toe, there was not a single organ left intact in Niu Hao’s body.

“I’ve won against the Beast Martial Sect’s disciple, next one should be the True Martial Sect, right?” Chen Xiang, while looking at the delicate and pretty man standing beside Liao Shaoyun, loudly spoke.

At this point, both Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming were certain Chen Xiang had entered the True Martial Realm. Liao Shaoyun and the Beast Martial Sect Elder also had not expected Chen Xiang would actually breakthrough in these short five days. However, Chen Xiang had still not revealed anything, he was letting the True Martial Realm martial artist pose as a Mortal Martial Realm martial artist.

Since Chen Xiang wanted to fight, Liao Shaoyun would also accompany him till the end. He spoke a few words with the delicate and pretty man beside him. Afterwards, Chen Xiang suddenly saw a black crossbow appear in the hands of that delicate and pretty man, this was exactly the Demanding Life Devil Bow which Chen Xiang had obtained previously by killing a man from the Hundred Poison Sect!

Who didn’t knew about this matter? Liao Shaoyun had robbed Chen Xiang’s spoils of war!

“Life and death fight!” That delicate and pretty man floated and arrived in front of Chen Xiang, his voice was devoid of any emotion.

“Good!” Chen Xiang only looked at that Demanding Life Devil Bow which truly belonged to him, today, he would definitely take it back.

Wu Kaiming calmly said, “Liao Shaoyun, that Demanding Life Devil bow is what Chen Xiang had obtained, why did you seize it from him? After they finish fighting, you need to give me a satisfactory answer, that day, why were you against Chen Xiang, I’ll also investigate this matter!”

Liao Shaoyun slightly trembled, that day, he only thought Chen Xiang was merely an ant in the Mortal Martial Realm. If he wanted to kill him, he could kill him without any worry, and the Extreme Martial Sect would not do anything. However, now Chen Xiang had entered the True Martial Realm, and was also a Level-4 alchemist, with such a kind of talent, whichever major sect he went to, he would receive serious attention.

“Young man, do not be crazy! You’re still too tender!” Elder Dan coldly said, Chen Xiang was her young martial uncle, obviously, she would help Chen Xiang, even though she and Chen Xiang would not see eye to eye.

The delicate and pretty man grabbing the Demanding Life Devil Bow was called Zhao Cheng, he had recently entered the True Martial Realm. Not too long ago, he had also wounded a few Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples, but he actually took out a spirit weapon during a martial art contest, seeing this, many people secretly despised him.

Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples still didn’t know that the disciples sent by the Beast Martial Sect and the True Martial Sect were pretenders in True Martial Realm. Otherwise, they would have already been drowned in spits and curses.

Liao Shaoyun still believed Chen Xiang hitting Niu Hao and destroying the Spirit Runes for concealing the cultivation which revealed Niu Hao’s power level was only accidental. That was why, he didn’t worry about anything, as long as Zhao Chen was not found out, he wouldn’t have any relation whatsoever.

“Start!” Liao Shaoyun shouted.

Just as his voice fell, a black arrow was suddenly shot from the Demanding Life Devil Bow in the hands of Zhao Cheng. Everyone could see that black arrow shot into Chen Xiang’s body. This made the hearts of many people shocked, and everyone thought Chen Xiang was finished!


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