Chapter 148 – Elder’s Rage

The black arrow pierced Chen Xiang’s body which made it suddenly burst open. In that moment, everyone’s mouth was wide open with a look of utter shock on their faces as they stared at the spot where Chen Xiang had been blown away and disappeared!

In Elder Dan’s and Wu Kaiming’s minds, a thunderous explosion rang. In addition, Elder Dan’s body slightly trembled. It was evidently clear that Chen Xiang’s death dealt a serious blow to her!

Zhao Cheng also had a proud look on his face. He sneered and said, “Tch, Just so-so!”

Just as he finished speaking, out of nowhere a huge long blade pierced through Zhao Cheng’s dantian as Chen Xiang suddenly appeared behind him! At the same time, it also pierced that sheet of spirit runes in front as a terrifying True Qi breath burst out from Zhao Cheng’s body.

Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang had quickly used water to create a mirror image, this was the [Water Mirror Technique], part of the [Black Tortoise Divine Exercise]! Then, using high-speed moment while also converging his breath, he quickly moved behind Zhao Cheng. Finally, when Zhao Chen let down his guard, Chen Xiang took out the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and hurled it towards Zhao Cheng’s back, piercing his dantian.

Although numerous Extreme Martial Sect disciples were somewhat frustrated, they were completely stunned silent at this moment. They all wanted to know what kind of goddamn technique Chen Xiang used to create such a scene. What, did he have a fucking cloning technique?

Chen Xiang quickly pulled out his blade as a gush of blood started streaming out, just before his fists transformed to look as if they were casted from pure solid gold! A strong oppressive pressure swept through all four directions which made it difficult for everyone to breathe.

[Dragon Aura Fist]! Chen Xiang with his True Marital Realm strength along with the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise] finally thoroughly unleashed the potential within this Dragon Martial Technique. He stimulated the oppressive dragon’s might to perfection, deterring many people. This kind of mighty pressure made the crowd feel like nothing more than ants before Chen Xiang!

The [Dragon Aura Fist] struck forth like lightning as the land fiercely shook. Chen Xiang’s fist completely scattered the True Qi within Zhao Chen’s body while also utterly destroyed his Five Zhang and Six Fu! Chen Xiang had once again wasted a True Martial Realm martial artist.

Liao Shaoyun’s body slightly trembled, his complexion becoming very ugly. He looked on the Demanding Life Devil Bow which was being taken away, making his heart bleed. Just a moment ago, he gave the Demanding Life Devil Bow to his own apprentice, Zhao Cheng. Yet he had just been wasted by Chen Xiang.

“Chen Xiang has the strength of the True Marital Realm!” A True Martial Realm martial artist exclaimed. Amongst the crowd of onlookers, there were many in the True Marital Realm. Previously, they were still rather doubtful about it, but now they were absolutely certain!

Chen Xiang had enter the True Martial Realm!?

“Did he break through his bottleneck during these last five days!? This is extremely astonishing, not only is he a Level-4 Alchemist, but now he is also a True Martial Realm martial artist!”

“My god, this guy could be considered as one of the most talented practitioners in history. How could he even be put on the same level as Lu Zhengnan, he is nothing compared to Chen Xiang!”

“Twenty years old yet he is already in True Martial Realm! There is only a year age difference between him and Yun Xiaodao, but Chen Xiang is also a Level-4 Alchemist!”


This astonishing information quickly spread amongst the crowd as the whole square burst into a ruckus. This fact was just truly too shocking, Chen Xiang was actually in the True Martial Realm!

“Niu Hao and Zhao Chen must also be in True Martial Realm, otherwise they would have already been killed! Only a True Martial Realm martial artist could have withstood Chen Xiang’s attacks!” Another True Martial Realm’s disciple said, his voice was filled with anger.

The True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect’s disciples had actually smashed everything in their paths inside the Extreme Martial Sect by relying on the True Martial Realm’s strength. They had also injured many Extreme Martial Sect disciples. This was simply cheating, someone in the True Martial Realm fighting with Mortal Martial Realm martial artist, what the hell is this!? It was clear that they were intentionally creating trouble!

Tens of thousands of Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples suddenly started cursing the opposing True Martial Realm martial artists, one after the other. They demanded an explanation from the True Martial Sect.

“My three hundred thousand bounty is not that easy to obtain!” Chen Xiang sneered. He then looked at Liao Shaoyun, before shouting, “Both these disciples from the True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect were in the True Martial Realm. It is evidently clear that they intentionally hid their power to create trouble. Elder Wu, Elder Dan, how should we deal with them?”

“True Marital Realm martial artists actually disguised themselves as people in the Mortal Martial realm just to challenge our Extreme Martial Sect’s Mortal Martial Realm disciples, injuring many of them! I didn’t expect these two ‘great’ sects to be far more despicable than I thought. I applaud them!”

Chen Xiang’s mocking voice spread throughout each and every corner of the Extreme Martial Sect. Everything was heard loud and clear by everybody. All the disciples from the Extreme Martial Sect became furious and started loudly cursing the two sects.

The amiable smile on Elder Wu’s face disappeared, turning into an absolutely expressionless look on his face. This kind of appearance was rarely seen on his face, but once it does appear, it was evident something or someone had truly enraged him.

Although Elder Dan had a mask on, the atmosphere around her emitted a strong oppressive pressure. This made everyone in the entire square quiet down. The once calm and quiet Liao Shaoyun was sweating profusely at this moment. Beside him stood two old men, both of whom had entered the Nirvana Realm ages ago. Although Liao Shaoyun was just a hair’s breadth away from the Nirvana Realm, he was still just an ant in front of Elder Wu and Elder Dan.

“You had all better give me a good explanation that will make all of my Extreme Martial Sect satisfied… Or else, let your dean come and take you away!” Elder Wu firmly declared with an ice cold voice.

The Beast Martial Sect Elder had not yet entered the Nirvana Realm. His strength was almost same as Liao Shaoyun, they were simply defenseless when facing two genuine Nirvana Realm martial artists!

Suddenly, Chen Xiang took a leap, grabbed Zhao Chen Xiang and leapt back to his previous location.

“Chen Xiang, what are you doing!?” Liao Shaoyun suddenly shouted, his face was burning with anger!

Elder Dan instantly arrived in front of Chen Xiang, due to this Liao Shaoyun’s complexion sank.

“I just don’t want you to silence him! I want to make him truthfully speak. To explain, just whose plan it was in the end!” Chen Xiang said, Just a moment ago, he could clearly see that Liao Shaoyun was trying to find ways to kill his own disciple, permanently silencing him. Liao Shaoyun was close to the Nirvana Realm, doing this kind of trick was simply too easy for him.

If Liao Shaoyun placed all offense on Zhao Cheng and claimed to kill him in a fit of rage, then all the blame would lie on Zhao Cheng alone. However, if someone had ordered him, then this matter would become very serious…

Following Bai Youyou’s method, Chen Xiang placed his hand on Zhao Cheng’s head. Afterwards, Chen Xiang manipulated his divine sense to move in a peculiar way and enter inside Zhao Cheng’s skull.

“Zhao Cheng, did Liao Shoayun know that you entered the True Martial Realm?” Chen Xiang asked with a sneer.

“He knew.” Zhao Cheng replied in a hollow voice.

At that moment, the square was dead silent. Everyone in the square was a martial artist, they all had a very keen hearing, and heard everything loud and clear. This confession made the entire square burst into a commotion!

A simple reply was enough to prove Liao Shaoyun and his group had come to intentionally pick a bone with the Extreme Martial Sect!

“Do you have anything to say?” Elder Wu’s voice was filled with anger. He hadn’t expected the Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect to actually barge into the Sect and bully them in their own home. To actually dare come swaggering into the Extreme Martial Sect and commit such atrocities was simply not placing the Extreme Martial Sect in their eyes!

“Starting today, the Extreme Martial Sect is irreconcilable with the True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect! From this moment forth, start cleaning up the Extreme Martial Province by getting rid of all the Beast Martial Sect and the True Martial Sect’s disciples!” Elder Dan loudly shouted. Her voice resounded throughout the Extreme Martial sect accompanied with dense Slaughter Qi, it was pretty clear she was extremely angry in her heart .

“Humph, the Chenwu Mainland First’s Sect position should be changed, just you wait!” While speaking, Liao Shaoyun’s body gradually started fading away. Instantly, both Wu Kaiming and Elder Dan blasted a palm at the same time. This blow of theirs seemed dull and slow, but after it was unleashed, everything within the radius of a thousand li fiercely shook. All the animals started crying at the same time, it was as if Heaven itself was being trampled and the Earth was on the brink of destruction.

While the entire Extreme Martial Sect fiercely shook, many disciples could not help but feel their legs turning to jelly as they slumped onto the ground. This was exactly the true terrifying strength of the martial artists who stood at the apex of the Mortal Realm!


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