Chapter 149 – Cold War

Chen Xiang also stood among the crowd and was sweating profusely. Although both Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming had acted at the same time, Liao Shaoyun still escaped by unknown means.

“This should be the [Space Divine Martial Skill]! It allows the caster to travel over tens of thousands of Li to escape in a short notice.” Wu Kaiming coldly snorted. Afterwards he coldly glared at the Beast Martial Sect Elder.

“Imprison him!” The instant Elder Dan’s command came out, nine black silhouettes suddenly appeared around the Beast Martial Sect’s Elder. This unexpected appearance of nine people made everyone surprised, they could all clearly feel the terrifying Slaughter Qi being emitted from the stranger’s bodies.

Chen Xiang actually retreated a few steps because those nine people gave him a very dangerous feeling. These people were actually dressed the same as Elder Dan. They all wore black robes and had a mask on their face, it was pretty evident that they were Elder Dan’s men.

At this moment, Chen Xiang thought he needed to re-evaluate the strength of the Extreme Marital Sect. Their overall strength was not at all as weak as it appeared to be. Not even mentioning the mysterious 0th Martial Courtyard, as well as the always empty 1st Martial Courtyard, those from the 2nd to 10th Martial Courtyards very rarely appeared within the Extreme Martial Sect.

The Extreme Martial Sect’s true strength was wrapped in many layers of clouds, others were simply unable to completely see through it.

“Liao Shaoyun should have been injured. Let’s head back for a meeting. Everybody’s missions are put on hold, the True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect, have overstepped their boundaries. I will absolutely not let them blantly bully the Extreme Martial Sect!” Wu Kaiming declared. The detestable actions the Beast Martial Sect and the True Martial Sect had done today was simply trampling on the dignity of the Extreme Martial Sect!

Although every disciple remained silent, they were filled with hot blood, and could not wait to immediately go all out with the Beast Martial Sect and the True Martial Sect!

Chen Xiang also received a hundred True Elemental Dans and a hundred thousand crystal stones reward. This time around, his contribution was not small. Even Elder Dan also had no choice but admit it and her tone also became a lot more polite.

Chen Xiang also received the reward for advancing to the True Martial Realm from Elder Dan. Just like Yun Xiaodao and the others, Chen Xiang also received a hundred True Elemental Dans, fifty thousand crystal stones, and a tattered used Level-3 Spirit Weapon! Of course, this was just the reward for advancing. He also received the annual benefits provided by the Extreme Martial Sect, which was another one hundred True Elemental Dans and a hundred thousand crystal stones!

These could be considered as very rich rewards. Chen Xiang was now overflowing with wealth, he had received a grand total of five hundred True Elemental Dans and four hundred fifty thousand crystal stones during the period of the Grand Tournament. He had also used a hundred True Elemental Dans and a hundred thousand crystal stones to obtain two Building Foundation Dans from Zhu Rong, Chen Xiang also made a large profit from this.

Additionally, he had also won three Building Foundation Dans and a Nine Sun Flames Fruit from the bet between him, and Lu Zhengnan. By then, Chen Xiang would always have a smile on his face whenever he woke up. In the short span of just ten days, he had earned so much!

However, he felt a bit depressed, because everyday that greedy little dragoness would think about how to get his True elemental Dans and Building Foundation Dans. Fortunately, he currently had no lack of True Elemental Dans, so, he would occasionally give her one or two dans when he was in a good mood.

The Extreme Martial sect was truly enraged due to the humiliation they had to bear because of the Beast Martial Sect and True Martial Sect. At the very first moment, Danxiang Taoyuan came to support the Extreme Martial Sect. Meanwhile, the Divine Weapons Heavenly Empire, Icewind Valley, Lotus Island, and the Proud Sword Sect choose to remain neutral, all of them didn’t support either side.

Due to the recent occurrences, Gu Dongchen, who had left with the young True Martial Realm disciples for the exchange hastily returned to the sect to discuss how they would deal with all sorts of things that may occur in the future.

For this kind of matter, Chen Xiang would naturally not have to worry. He felt that his martial nephews and martial niece could handle it themselves. Right now, he was having a meal along with some fine wine inside a hotel with Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong, Xu Weilong and Wu Qianqian.

“Elder brother Chen, you must pay for this meal! You actually made so much money, and you’re also a Level-4 Alchemist, tsk tsk!” Yun Xiaodao exclaimed while lamenting. If Chen Xiang was just a young True Martial Realm martial artist, it was ok. But at the same time, he was also a Level-4 Alchemist! Among the billions of people in the entire Chenwu Mainland it would be nearly impossible to find a second person like Chen Xiang.

Wu Qianqian sat beside Chen Xiang with a light smile hanging on her face while drinking some juice. Chen Xiang actually brought her with them, this made her very happy. Although there was a stunning beauty next to them, Yun Xiaodao and others didn’t make a single move. When they were out with Gu Dongchen, they also became familiar with Wu Qianqian, they knew that she had feelings for Chen Xiang.

“Younger brother Chen, I’m not boasting to you, but I, Lao Zhu got praised by the Dean! Although it is said going out to exchange martial art is just rubbish, in fact, it is very close to real fighting. I made a guy from the Danxiang Taoyuan beg for mercy.” Zhu Rong said with a triumphant laugh.

“Cut it out, that’s just rubbish. I listened around, and everybody says that the disciples of Danxiang Taoyuan don’t have strong martial skills, their main aspect is alchemy! Each and every alchemist has a very wide network of connections. If they wanted to, it wouldn’t be a problem to call four to five True Martial Realm martial artists just to beat you.” Xu Weilong contemptuously said.

Wu Qianqian seriously nodded her head “What Xu Weilong said is not wrong. Although we can win against Danxiang Taoyan’s disciples, if they truly wanted to fight, with respect to their contacts, we are certainly not their opponents.”

Yun Xiaodao didn’t agree with them, he pursed his lips and said, “Don’t underestimate me, I’ve Dual Heaven Veins. Getting first in one of three competitions is not a problem. Moreover, now I’m a True Martial realm martial artist! I can completely unleash the might of Dual Heaven Veins, even elder brother Chen is not my opponent.”

Wu Qianqian heard someone say her sweetheart strength was weak. She didn’t get angry, but instead sweetly smiled, “Do you dare to make a gamble with Chen Xiang?”

Yun Xiaodao took a glance at happily smiling Chen Xiang. Yun Xiaodao lacked self-confidence in his heart, although he was very confident of his current strength, it was a different matter if it was against Chen Xiang…

“How about a simple bet? If I win, you’ll have to pay the bill. If I lose, till next year, we can come here to eat and drink and it will all be my treat!” Chen Xiang said with a smile.

“Good, how are we going to gamble? You decide!” Yun Xiaodao was excited. Anyway, at worst he would just lose the money for the meal and drinks.

Chen Xiang slightly smiled. He looked at an empty wineglass, and in the blink of an eye, released the invisible colorless Universal True Qi, which wrapped around the wineglass, levitating it. With his enormous divine sense, he controlled the Universal True Qi, as his powerful divine sense fused with his True Qi, transforming into a invisible power. This allowed Chen Xiang to control the wineglass as he pleased.

That small wineglass was suspended in front of Yun Xiaodao, motionless.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “If you can move this wineglass even a little bit, I lose. Otherwise I win! You have until nightfall.”

It was currently evening, and there was a short time till nightfall. Seeing the wineglass dangling, Yun Xiaodao just thought Chen Xiang had used his powerful divine sense and suspended the wineglass, in his opinion it was just a common trick. Yun Xiaodao secretly disdained it in his heart . Afterwards, he extended his hand to grab the wineglass. When he came in contact with the wineglass, it gave him a heart attack! That wineglass seemed tightly crucified in mid-air, it would simply not move!

Chen Xiang wrinkled his brow. It was pretty clear he was also very serious, this was because he was using a special method taught by Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou on how to use True Qi and divine sense simultaneously.


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