Chapter 150 – Ambiguous Ante

“Elder brother Chen, how did you do this!?” Yun Xiaodao’s whole body was sweating. Little by little he enhanced his own True Qi but the result never changed and the wineglass didn’t budge a single inch.

“This is the result of using both True Qi and divine sense at the same time. However my consumption is also equally enormous!” Chen Xiang’s forehead was drenched in sweat.

Zhu Rong and others were surprised. They could see Chen Xiang had indeed spent a great deal of his strength, but they didn’t sense any kind of power fluctuations being released. It was terrifying that Yun Xiaodao, who had Dual Heaven Veins, was unable to move this empty wineglass.

Time passed as night finally fell. Yun Xiaodao finally relaxed his hands as it turned completely dark outside. Panting, he leaned back, his whole body was drenched in sweat. Meanwhile, Chen Xiang was just slightly tired.

“Hei hei, you lost!” Chen Xiang smiled proudly. Now he didn’t have to pay the bill. During this period, both Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong ordered and ate many good expensive dishes.

At this point, Yun Xiaodao had a look of admiration. They had entered the True Martial Realm near about the same time, but Chen Xiang’s strength was many times more than his! Xu Weilong and Zhu Rong were also speechless. Originally they thought after they have entered the True Martial Realm, the difference between them and Chen Xiang would shrink. However, now it seemed that no matter when, Chen Xiang was a completely abnormal existence!

It was night time as Chen Xiang and Wu Qianqian were walking on the road. They were both returning to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, as they both lived there.

“Chen Xiang, you’re truly terrifying, a Level-4 Alchemist!” Wu Qianqian softly said.

Under the brilliance of moonlight, Wu Qianqian looked even more beautiful and noble wearing a simple elegant white dress. With a light blush on that mature and beautiful face of hers, Wu Qianqian was particularly enchanting tonight.

“Qianqian, you have the Blue Star Fire Spirit! In the future, you will definitely surpass me in the field of alchemy.” Chen Xiang said with a smile. At this moment, he felt a little embarrassed. Because of the mischief caused by Long Xueyi last time, this beauty had already misunderstood him.

What made Chen Xiang feel relieved was that Wu Qianqian had not even mentioned what had occurred during that day. It was as if nothing had happened between them. All the way home, they were idly chatting. Chen Xiang came to learn that Elder Dan had passed down a lot of skills to Wu Qianqian and also taught her many precious alchemy techniques. It was evidently clear that Elder Dan was very fond of Wu Qianqian.

Just as they entered the Elder Dan King Courtyard, Chen Xiang heard Long Xueyi excitedly transmit over to him, “Chen Xiang, that tree bore fruits, I want to eat!”

Chen Xiang was delighted in his heart, facing Wu Qianqian, he said with a smile, “The Azure Profound Tree has bore fruit, let’s go take a look.”

Wu Qianqian already knew about the Azure Profound Tree. Elder Dan had warned her not to reveal it to anybody, and also made Wu Qianqian ask a few questions to Chen Xiang.

As an alchemistress, Wu Qianqian was perfectly clear on how precious the Azure Profound Fruit was. Elder Dan wanted to Wu Qianqian to ask a few questions, making it very difficult for her. She was also very embarrassed to bring up the topic.

After they arrived in the courtyard, Chen Xiang saw Elder Dan looking up at the twenty fruits on the tree that was glittering with an azure aura. It was not a surprise to Chen Xiang that she would appear here.

“Chen Xiang, three hundred thousand crystal stones for one. Sell them all to me!” Elder Dan said in a forceful tone.

“Why would I sell it to you?” Chen Xiang let out a light snort. She wanted to buy these from him yet still gave him such a dirty look.

“I’ll use them to refine Building Foundation Dans, you can’t refine it! It’s best not to leave the Azure Profound Fruit for other sects.” Elder Dan’s tone became even more cold, but she didn’t dare to be excessive against Chen Xiang, because he was in the end her young martial uncle.

Chen Xiang let out a mischievous laugh, “How can you say that, just because I’m unable to refine Building Foundation Dans I must sell them to you?”

“Of course! Are you selling or not? Anyway, even if you keep it, it’s has no use to you! I’ll refine Building Foundation Dans, and also give you two Building Foundation Dans!” Elder Dan was anxious, she raised her tone once again.

Chen Xiang was suddenly curious. It seemed like Elder Dan really needed Building Foundation Dans. He reckoned Elder Dan wanted the Building Foundation Dans for cultivating her own secret forces.

At this point, Chen Xiang suddenly had an idea. He could use his own alchemy talents along with a large number of dans to cultivate own forces, which would then be useful for him later on!

“I won’t sell! I also want to refine Building Foundation Dans!” Chen Xiang pursed his lips. If he auctioned off Building Foundation Dans, each one could be solid for at least three hundred thousand crystal stones. Moreover, from a single Azure Profound Fruit, he could refine four Building Foundation Dans! He would be in heavy loss if he sold the Azure Profound Fruits to Elder Dan.

“Humph, it’s still too early for you! If I were you, I would first refine more True Elemental Dans and elevate my own strength to make my flames even more formidable! Only then should you once again gather some materials, if you want to learn how to refine the Building Foundation Dan. Even if you start refining now, you would fail more than a hundred times…”

Chen Xiang suddenly interrupted her and said, “If I can refine it out now, then remove your mask, and let me have a look at your face!”

Wu Qianqian was standing silently next to them, completely left shocked. She didn’t know where Chen Xiang got the courage to contradict Elder Dan over and over. Wu Qianqian could see Chen Xiang was completely fearless of Elder Dan, why didn’t Elder Dan set Chen Xiang in his place?

“You? Refine Building Foundation Dans?… Hahaha!…” Elder Dan looked up and started madly laughing. Although, she knew Chen Xiang was very talented in alchemy, she felt it was still far too early for Chen Xiang to refine the Building Foundation Dan.

At this point, the naughty dragoness, Long Xueyi, posed as Chen Xiang and used his voice to say.

“If I can refine it, would you strip off your clothes and let me have a look?”

Elder Dan laughter suddenly came to a stop. Both Chen Xiang and Wu Qianqian were surprised for a moment. Wu Qianqian looked at Chen Xiang with an incredible expression in her eyes. She knew that Chen Xiang was fearless of Elder Dan, but that didn’t mean he could say such words which would lead him to afterlife!

“Brat, your guts keep getting bigger and bigger!” Elder Dan voice was extremely cold, accompanied with a light amount of Slaughter Qi.

Chen Xiang didn’t blame Long Xueyi this time, he just sneered and said, “Do you dare to bet or not? If you lose, you’ll strip including your mask! If I lose, I’ll give you the Azure Profound Tree along with those twenty Azure Profound Fruit, I’ll give it all to you!”

At this time, Wu Qianqian was completely drenched in sweat. She was worried that at any time, Chen Xiang might be slapped to death by Elder Dan. Wu Qianqian began suspecting if she was dreaming or not. There was actually someone who was being so provocative to an extremely strong martial artist standing at the apex of cultivation in the Mortal Realm.

Elder Dan didn’t immediately reply, she saw that Chen Xiang was extremely confident. She could not help but doubt herself a bit. She knew that Chen Xiang was someone who could create miracles, previously she had personally witnessed it quite a few times. However, she still felt that refining the Building Foundation Dan for Chen Xiang right now was simply not possible.

Wu Qianqian also felt that it was impossible for Chen Xiang. However, just looking at that level of confidence coming from Chen Xiang, it seemed like it have to be true.

Elder Dan was contemplating whether or not she should take the gamble with Chen Xiang. If she lost, she would need to strip and let Chen Xiang have a look at her… But on the other hand, if she won, she would get an Azure Profound Tree with extremely quick growth. In addition, she would also get twenty Azure Profound Fruits. Even if she was a Nirvana Realm martial artist, she could not help but be swayed by the temptation.

“It’s just taking off your clothes and letting a man take a look. So what, isn’t this very easy to do? If you are lucky and win, you would get twenty Azure Profound Fruit and an Azure Profound Tree.” Chen Xiang said with a mischievous smile.

Wu Qianqian was also wondering if it she was in a similar situation, would she agree to such a bet? However, she knew her body was not as high valued as Elder Dan’s, after all that is the peerless body of a Nirvana Realm female martial artist.

After considering for a brief moment, Elder Dan clenched her teeth and said, “I’ll take that bet!”


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