Chapter 151 – The Ultimate Challenge

Both Chen Xiang and Wu Qianqian were taken aback. Neither of them had expected Elder Dan to actually accept the bet.

Refining the Building Foundation Dan was already an extremely easy thing for Chen Xiang to do, he had already successfully refined it many times before. He was thinking that soon, he would be able to see the true appearance of Elder Dan. Thinking about this, Chen Xiang was secretly excited in his heart. At this time, not only would he be able to see Elder Dan’s true appearance, he could also see her beautiful jade-like body…

Chen Xiang just held some curiosity towards Elder Dan, because he always felt that Elder Dan was very familiar, yet he wasn’t quite able to put his fingers on who.

“Elder Dan, except for the Azure Profound Fruit, I currently don’t have any other materials. Give me few days to procure them.” Chen Xiang said with a mischievous smile. Seeing the nasty look on his face, Elder Dan secretly cursed him in her heart.

“I have them here, I’ll sell them to you!” Elder Dan took out a large number of materials. There was the Thousand Vein Fruit, Metal Spirit Fruit, a half used monster dan for life essence, as well as other thousand year or older auxiliary herbs.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “I will refrain from paying the crystal stones for these herbs right now. If I successfully refine the Building Foundation Dan, then I should be exempted from the cost of these herbs.”

“Ok, but if you failed to refine, you have to admit defeat! You have two hour to complete, begin!” Elder Dan sat down against the Azure Profound Tree and waved over to Wu Qianqian, signalling her to sit down.

Wu Qianqian whispered, “Elder Dan, how can you be so rash. In the one in a million case you lose…”

Elder Dan said with a light snort, “Isn’t it just striping and letting him take a glance? It’s nothing! In case I lost, the Sect still earns big!”

Wu Qianqian was speechless in her heart. There was a tint of red on her pretty face. She didn’t expect Elder Dan to actually be so relaxed, to think she didn’t mind others looking at her bare body!

It was if Elder Dan could clearly see what Wu Qianqian was thinking, saying softly, “If it’s him looking, it’s nothing. I would absolutely not bet like this with anyone else…”

She just spoke until there, Elder Dan hastily closed her mouth. She found the more she tried to explain, the easier it was to misunderstand.

Wu Qianqian suddenly felt that Elder Dan didn’t hate Chen Xiang as much as it appeared on the surface. Wu Qianqian also felt Elder Dan seemed to hold a special kind of feeling towards Chen Xiang. This was a woman’s instincts, if it was Chen Xiang, he absolutely would not think so.

“Elder Dan, why is it that me looking at you is nothing?” Chen Xiang’s hearing was sharp. Even if he was picking out the herbs with rapt attention, he could still hear all the faint sounds around him.

Regarding this, Chen Xiang was even more curious.

“Don’t ask, just refine your dan! Also, you absolutely can’t tell anyone about this matter!” Elder Dan coldly ordered. Afterwards, she once again looked at Wu Qianqian as she nodded her head in response.

Chen Xiang picked out a set of herbs. Afterwards, he picked an Azure Profound Fruit which contained a lot more Spirit Qi compared to ones he had used last time. However, Elder Dan’s herbs quality just weren’t that good, so it would be impossible for him to refine four Building Foundation Dan from a single set of herbs.

Chen Xiang estimated for a moment, “It should be possible to refine three!” Last time, during the assessment of the Danxiang Tower, because of the quality of the other herbs, he was only able to refine two Building Foundation Dans.

Four Building Foundation Dan with one set of herbs! Elder Dan and Wu Qianqian had never heard of this. In their knowledge of the Building Foundation Dan, two was the absolute limit, and only Elder Dan was known to be able to achieve this.

Chen Xiang wanted to refine out four dans. Which is why he added a few more herbs, this was also done so in order not to waste any of the Azure Profound Fruit. With better utilisation, this high quality Azure Profound Fruit could be used to refine four dans!

“Humph, you selected so many herbs for what? Aren’t you refining for the first time? You’ll definitely blast the furnace!” Elder Dan sneered. Each and every move from Chen Xiang did not escape her notice. She was worried about the loss of the Azure Profound Fruit, which was why she reminded Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang gave her a blank look, “You just need to wait there to strip, don’t talk nonsense! Even if I failed to refine, the loss would still be on me and not you.”

Elder Dan’s whole body was trembling. Wu Qianqian was also extremely scared, she was always worried that Chen Xiang would suddenly be killed by Elder Dan!

Chen Xiang was not a bit afraid of Elder Dan now. After all, he was Elder Dan’s young martial uncle. As long he didn’t go too far, at most he would be scolded with few words. Moreover, he felt molesting his marital niece was also very interesting. He also felt a kind of very cool and superior feeling.

Elder Dan looked at Chen Xiang solemnly processing those herbs. She was secretly surprised, from the way he was processing the herbs, it was evidently clear to her that it was absolutely not Chen Xiang’s first time attempting to refine the Building Foundation Dan. She began to worry about losing the bet.

It was also the first time for Chen Xiang to refine the Building Foundation Dan in such an irregular way. It depended on his decision from intuition when to add those herbs, so he could still be able to refine four dans, however in his heart, he didn’t lack any self-confidence. Even if he failed, he would still be fearless, because right now, he was trying to invent a new way to refine. If he was successful, that would be the best case scenario to get four Building Foundation Dans and once again earn a great fortune.

The processing of the herbs required a great deal of attention. If there was no one to guide step by step, it would be very difficult to place the herbs perfectly and dispose the other impurities. Especially for the high-grade herbs, even the work outside the furnace was also very important. If there was even a single mistake, it would lead to utter failure.

For others, it may very well be very difficult, but for Chen Xiang it was rather easy. Invisible flames started overflowing from both of his hands as he started to slowly stroke the herbs. Some of the impurities on the surface and on the inside of the herbs were incinerated away. This was a large portion of an alchemist’s ability, to control their flames with their divine sense.

Seeing this occur, Wu Qianqian secretly took in a long deep breath. For her, it was first time seeing someone refine the Building Foundation Dan. Besides, it was her sweetheart who was currently completely engrossed in alchemy. Carefully watching Chen Xiang earnest face, a tint of redness arose on Wu Qianqian’s face. A man was most charming when he was earnestly working.

Soon, Chen Xiang finished everything that should be done before putting it inside the furnace. Then, in an orderly manner, he started placing the herbs inside the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace. Afterwards, he poured the flames inside the alchemical furnace. Refining four Building Foundation Dans with just one set of herbs at once was also a great challenge for him.

Elder Dan and Wu Qianqian were not aware of the situation inside the alchemical furnace. However, they could feel the flame temperature changing. It was clear that Chen Xiang was concentrating on the alchemy. His previous attitude alluded towards it, but it was still a shock to them, when it became evidently clear that Chen Xiang was able to refine the Building Foundation Dan. Otherwise, how could he have possibly executed each and every single step in the process so smoothly.

Half an hour passed. Suddenly, the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace began to fiercely shake while Chen Xiang was also sweating profusely. Elder Dan also loosened up her hold on those beautiful hands of Wu Qianqian’s. Both of their hands were covered in sweat. By now, Elder thought Chen Xiang’s furnace would explode at any given moment.

Chen Xiang was trying to fuse the extremely rich as well as extraordinarily tyrannical herbal Spirit Qi together, which in turn led to the fierce shaking of the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace. Thankfully, the herbs had soon turned into herbal powder and successfully fused together. Chen Xiang then had this mixture evenly divided into four parts.

Once again a little less than half an hour passed. Once again, Elder Dan began to become tense. This was because that alchemical furnace, that looked as if it was carved from pure ruby, had now calmed down. In other words, Chen Xiang had crossed the most dangerous threshold.

Chen Xiang had already fused the various different characteristic herbal Spirit Qi together. He now divided this herbal Spirit Qi into four equal parts, before blended them together with a respective heap of herbal powder.

This fusion process was very unstable, and Chen Xiang had also consumed a lot of his divine sense. Fortunately, Chen Xiang had spent a long time cultivating the Shinto Infant Soul before. Otherwise, his divine sense would have been completely consumed long ago. Wanting to refine four Building Foundation Dans was much harder than he had ever imagined!

The alchemical furnace once again started fiercely shaking. From time to time, scorching hot Qi waves would surge out from it. Both Elder Dan and Wu Qianqian were calmly observing, but their hearts were very tensed, Chen Xiang was Wu Qianqian’s sweetheart, she certainly didn’t want her sweetheart to look at another woman’s body. However, that was also why she was so conflicted. On one side, she wished Chen Xiang could successfully refine the Building Foundation Dan, but on the other, she didn’t wished for it to be successful.

It was already late into the night, knowingly or unknowingly, Chen Xiang had now refined for one and a half hours. That fiercely shaking alchemical furnace suddenly calmed down. While the Chen Xiang’s complexion was somewhat pale and his whole body was drenched in sweat, he still opened his eyes, releasing a long sigh. With a slight smile on his face, he said, “I’m done!”


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