Chapter 152 – Stunning, Regretful

Elder Dan, who was sitting under the Azure Profound Tree, fiercely stood up and quickly moved beside Chen Xiang. If she had not worn a mask, a variety of complicated expressions would have definitely been seen on her face.

Wu Qianqian also trotted over. She had a clear complex look on her face, but the majority was shock and worship. Chen Xiang was younger than her, yet he was already able to refine the Building Foundation Dan!

“Chen Xiang, did you truly refine the Building Foundation Dan?” Wu Qianqian was still a bit doubtful.

Elder Dan was even more doubtful, “This is impossible!”

Chen Xiang smiled and said, “Why don’t you open the furnace and take a look? You can just check the alchemical furnace. Furthermore, from the freshly refined Building Foundation Dan you should be clear on what happened!”

Elder Dan, someone who stood at the apex of the Mortal World, was actually slightly trembling. She extended her hand and opened the lid of the alchemical furnace!

Wu Qianqian was also beside the furnace staring, she was extremely looking forward to the result.

Just as the lid was opened, a mixture of azure and golden aura suddenly burst out. Seeing this Elder Dan let out a tender shout in surprise. Hearing this shout, Chen Xiang’s brow suddenly wrinkled because that sound gave him a somewhat familiar feeling.

Wu Qianqian’s seductive cherry lips had parted as her mouth was wide open. She was looking in utter shock at those four dans full of azure and golden veins inside the alchemical furnace. They were indeed Building Foundation Dans, furthermore there were four of them!

At most, wasn’t it only possible to refine two Building Foundation Dans from a single set of herbs? Yet somehow Chen Xiang had refined four, this was simply unheard of, making it even harder to accept. It was even more difficult for Elder Dan to accept this as someone who had been immersed in Dan Tao for so many years, which was also the reason why she let out a shout in surprise!

[TLN: Dan Tao (丹道) – The Way of Dan, or in simple words alchemy.]

Elder Dan could not help but shake her head while looking at those four Building Foundation Dans. She was slowly retreating while muttering, “This is impossible… four Building Foundation Dans… even I can not do this!”

Chen Xiang was very satisfied with Elder Dan’s current reaction. He smiled and replied, “Well, have you tried to?”

Elder Dan subconsciously shook her head, “No, because an even better alchemist than me tried to do it, but he failed many times. Which is why…”

“Which is why you believed it was impossible to do under any circumstances. Only a few people tried and failed, over times, people started accepting that only two dans could be refined from one set of herbs!” Chen Xiang smiled and stated.

Elder Dan and Wu Qianqian nodded their heads. During alchemy, a lot of spirit herbs were consumed. If it was carelessly attempted, only the herbs would be wasted.

“You lost! Pay up!” Chen Xiang lazily let loose a yawn. He was a bit tired, but as he thought about seeing Elder Dan without any clothes, his spirit was immediately aroused.

Elder Dan took a few deep breaths before asking, “You’ve been able to refine the Building Foundation Dan before this, right?”

Chen Xiang nodded his head.

“Had you already entered the True Martial Realm when you went to Danxiang Tower for the assessment?” Elder Dan once again asked. She reckoned Chen Xiang had refined out the Building Foundation Dan during this period and also ate them.

Chen Xiang replied with a smile, “I can not answer you!”

“Humph, who taught you the alchemy? It is impossible for you to be self-taught!” The more direct Elder Dan was, the more cunning Chen Xiang was.. He had entered the True Martial Realm a long time ago, but then, without saying a word, went to participate in the Extreme Martial Grand Tournament and earned the biggest benefits. In addition to all of this, almost everyone assumed he had broken through during the Grand Tournament.

Chen Xiang mischievously smiled and said, “I was taught by a female! She is the Dean of Danxiang Taoyuan!”

“Impossible!” Elder Dan said with great confidence.

“Oh? And how do you know it’s impossible, do you know her?” Chen Xiang was getting more certain that Elder Dan and Danxiang Taoyun’s Dean had some sort of invisible relationship.

“I can’t answer you! However, those alchemy techniques of yours are absolutely not taught by the Danxiang Taoyuan’s Dean. In the end, who taught you the alchemy? Anybody who can teach and guide you like this must be very famous!” Elder Dan forcefully asked. She was getting really curious.

Chen Xiang smiled and said,” A woman, she is much more beautiful than you!”

Elder Dan said with a cold snort, “You haven’t even laid eyes on me, how can you say she is prettier?”

Chen Xiang sighed, “You have always been ugly in my eyes, so she is definitely many times more beautiful than you. As for the woman who taught me alchemy, don’t ask. In the future, if you get the opportunity then you’ll know.”

“Quickly strip, don’t tell me the dignified Elder Dan would lie?” Chen Xiang said with a sinister smile. With an expression full of strangely sinister intents in his eyes, he looked over Elder Dan’s well shaped body.

Very sensibly, Wu Qianqian started walking away, although she would like to take a look at Elder Dan’s true appearance…

“Qianqian, stay!” Elder Dan suddenly called her, “Someone has to prove that I did not lie!”

Wu Qianqian’s pretty face was slightly red. She took a glance at Chen Xiang, nodded her head and agreed, “Yes!”

“Qianqian, you better look carefully! Take a look whether her body is better than yours or not.” Chen Xiang said while smiling and rubbing his hands.

Wu Qianqian let out a soft snort, her face turned a deeper shade of scarlet.

As Elder Dan started taking off her dress, Chen Xiang held his breath. He didn’t even blink, not wanting to miss as he would finally be able to find out who Elder Dan was in the end!

Elder Dan slowly and gracefully took off the black gown covering her body. She was wearing a long snow white skirt underneath her black gown. To Chen Xiang’s surprise, Elder Dan wasn’t even the slightest bit tense. She slowly took off the white skirt, her graceful and charming movements making it very difficult for Chen Xiang to breath. At this point, Chen Xiang’s heart was in his mouth.

The white skirt fell off, and Chen Xiang gulped fiercely. He had no choice but to acknowledge the fact that Elder Dan’s figure was extremely good. It was as if she was carved out of flawless snow white jade. Her slim and supple waist would make anyone want to rush up and caress it. Her long, slender, and snow white legs; Her towering chest and sexy collarbone. This woman’s body was seizing Chen Xiang’s very soul with each and every movement. Every single part of her gorgeous body was exuding sensual charms. Once a man laid his eyes on her body, it was impossible for him to look away!

But soon he was secretly cursing, because a purple mist was shrouding both the chest and waist area of Elder Dan’s, she obscured the most anticipated parts.

Even if it was so, at this point, Chen Xiang’s whole body was extremely hot. He had no choice but to forcibly suppress the evil fire burning in his body!

Although Wu Qianqian was a woman, she too couldn’t help but appreciate the sight in front of her. Her pretty face also returned to that tint of red, as she was completely enchanted by that half exposed jade-like body! She didn’t expect Elder Dan to be so smart, to actually release purple mist and covered the most crucial areas. Such a move would make others desperately want the whole view but they were unable to get it!

Elder Dan took off the mask, but her face was also similarly covered in purple mist, completely obscuring her face.

Chen Xiang was running around that stunning and enchanting jade body in a full circle, but no matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t able to see anything else.

“I was cheated! What is this?” Chen Xiang immediately scolded. At the same time, he blasted a palm, releasing a burst of breeze. He was trying to blow away that purple mist, but it was to no avail.

“You only requested me to strip off naked and take off my mask. I did that!” Elder Dan said dismissively, her voice also had a stark mocking tone.

“Truly sinister!” Chen Xiang hatefully clenched his teeth.

“Right back at you!” Elder Dan leisurely said. Seeing such an appearance on Chen Xiang’s face, she was secretly happy in her heart.

Wu Qianqian also spat out in a tender voice, “Chen Xiang, Elder Dan has fulfilled her end of the bargain.” She thought what Elder Dan did till this step was already pretty good. Chen Xiang should be satisfied with being able to see Elder Dan’s charming bare body.

“Forget it!” Chen Xiang was extremely upset. He sat on the ground, took away those four Building Foundation Dans and then took a leap, picking out an Azure Profound Fruit. He placed it inside his mouth and started to chew.

“What are you doing!” Elder Dan hastily shouted, Wu Qianqian was also stunned. Neither of them had expected there would be such an idiot, who would directly eat an Azure Profound Fruit!

The white dragoness attached to his arm muttered in jealousy, “Before you said it yourself that you want to use it for alchemy. If eaten directly it would be a waste… Yet now you’re the one eating it… I also want to eat, I want to eat, I wanna eat…!”

Chen Xiang ignored the tantrums of this greedy little dragoness. Once again, he angrily took a bite out of that Azure Profound Fruit.

This led to Elder Dan and Wu Qianqian anxiously stomping. An Azure Profound Fruit was destroyed, that was simply an utter waste of natural resources!

“Chen Xiang, you…” Wu Qianqian bit her lips and angrily said.

Elder Dan’s jade-like body was slightly quivering in anger. She quickly put on her clothes, went over and grabbed Chen Xiang’s wrist, coldly saying, “Are you angry with me?”

“Isn’t it very obvious? This fruit is mine, I’ll do as I wish!” Chen Xiang pursed his lips and took another big bite. Not to mention, this Azure Profound Fruit was very tasty. So, even after taking a bite he just couldn’t stop himself from taking another. He had already firmly decided to never allow that greedy little dragoness to taste even a little bit, otherwise she would be asking for it all the time.


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