Chapter 153 – Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor (Part 1)

Both Elder Dan and Wu Qianqian knew why Chen Xiang was angry, he painstakingly refined a set of herbs into four Building Foundation Dans, yet even after he won, he was disappointed. He was unable to see the thing he most wanted to.

“Elder Dan, as long as you let me take a look at your appearance, I’ll give you these four Building Foundation Dans, along with the Azure Profound Tree, and even those Azure Profound Fruits growing on it! What do you think?” Chen Xiang was extremely eager to find out who this woman was in the end.

Chen Xiang trusted his instincts, which were telling him that he definitely knew this woman!

Elder Dan released Chen Xiang, while distressfully looking at Chen Xiang eating that Azure Profound Fruit, she was considering a lot of things. Chen Xiang also finished eating the Azure Profound Fruit, Elder Dan heaved a long sigh, “Forget it. I promised you, as long as you defeat me, at that time I’ll be completely yours, you can do as you wish!”

Elder Dan left the courtyard with helplessness. This matter occurred in the middle of the night and she would never forget it, Wu Qianqian would also not forget it.

Wu Qianqian now came to know why Chen Xiang was willing to use such a price to learn the identity of Elder Dan. Because it was pretty obvious that Elder Dan was someone familiar to Chen Xiang. Otherwise Elder Dan, this level of character, would absolutely not do such a shameful thing in front of anyone else. Although Elder Dan had already covered her most crucial places, for a woman to give a man such a scene to enjoy, it was already a very difficult thing.

“Qianqian, you go back and tell her if she needs the Building Foundation Dans then tell me. I’ll help her in refining, later she will have to give me a satisfactory price, and she is also responsible for providing me the additional herbs!” Chen Xiang said, “I reckon that she might not come to see me for quite sometime.”

Wu Qianqian certainly knew that Elder Dan was currently in great need of Building Foundation Dans, however, she didn’t expect Chen Xiang to be so generous as to be willing to help Elder Dan refine those Building Foundation Dans. However, if the word got out, it would be difficult for others to believe. For an alchemistress standing at the apex of the Chenwu Mainland wanted to purchase dans from Chen Xiang.

Wu Qianqian, slightly, smiled, “Chen Xiang, that’s very kind of you. I’ll also work hard, in the future this Extreme Dan King Courtyard will rely on us for support!”

“Hei hei, you have to work hard! If there is any need of me, you can come and find me. I’ll try to help you.” Chen Xiang smiled and said.

Wu Qianqian felt warmth in her heart, as she quickly nodded her head and then walked away.

Chen Xiang slapped his own chest, and cursed in a low voice, “Little dragoness knock it off!

This Azure Profound Fruit tastes extremely bad, worse than death! if I didn’t had to anger Elder Dan, I would have already spat it out!”

“Really? I really hate to eat unpalatable things, give me a Building Foundation Dan! I could always try it, you now have four of them!” Long Xueyi once again started causing a ruckus.

Chen Xiang was helpless as he took out a Building Foundation Dan. Only to instantly see a white light flash in front of him as it wrapped away the Building Foundation Dan, and subsequently disappeared. Thereafter, transmitting a ‘Nom Nom’ sound in Chen Xiang’s mind. He still held some doubt about how this little greedy dragoness ate dans under the spirit state.

The next day, after having a good sleep, Chen Xiang opened the door. He saw a masked Elder Dan standing at the entrance. Suddenly seeing the strange mask scared the hell out of Chen Xiang as he jump back with a ‘Wa’ sound.

Who knows why, but Elder Dan’s body was slightly trembling, “Am I really that ugly?”

“Humph, until you take down this damn mask, you will always remain ugly in my mind!” Chen Xiang angrily replied. Early in the morning, he woke up in a good mood, but was subsequently scared. The fact that he didn’t cursed someone was already pretty good.

“Currently I don’t have too many Building Foundation Dan materials, wait for me to gather them. At that time, don’t go back on your words!” Elder Dan had already learned from Wu Qianqian that Chen Xiang was willing to refine Building Foundation Dans and sell them to her.

If she was going to refine them herself, at most she would be able to refine two. However, Chen Xiang was able to refine four of them, each with a very high quality. Although on the surface, she was cold towards Chen Xiang, in her heart, she had nothing but admiration towards him.

“I thought that for a few days you would not come to see me. Right now, there is no one else here, why have you not called me martial uncle?” Chen Xiang said with a mischievous smile.

“Young martial uncle, are you happy now?” Elder Dan said with a light snort, “I’ll instruct Qianqian and make her an excellent alchemistress. She is in closed-door training now, learning alchemy. She is preparing to make headway towards the Level-3 Alchemistress stage, you don’t need to worry.”

Chen Xiang nodded his head, and with a serious look said, “You have to use a little bit caring, maybe in the future both of you are going to sleep on the same bed with me! By then both of you will be good sisters!” After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he started laughing.

If others said such things before Elder Dan, they would have probably already been blasted to death by Elder Dan, even their ashes would not be left.

“Young martial uncle, someday I’ll make you look good!” Elder Dan angrily stamped her foot, turned away, and left.

Last night, after those things occurred between him and Elder Dan, Chen Xiang felt that the relationship between him and Elder Dan had advanced a step, although he didn’t know why. Elder Dan also felt similarly, in spite of the fact that they always bicker with each other, both of them had a peculiar feeling for the other in their hearts.

Chen Xiang looked in the mirror at his own handsome face, he could not help but sigh, “Is it because father is too handsome, and as a result stir up so many troubles?”

Inside the ring, Su Meiyao let out a retching sound, and said with a soft laugh, “Don’t flatter yourself. You brat, last night you cheaply took advantage of her.”

Chen Xiang laughed and said, “You look much more beautiful than Elder Dan…”

Su Meiyao naturally understood what Chen Xiang meant to say, because Chen Xiang had seen her’s and Bai Youyou’s body.

“Don’t mention this thing again!” Bai Youyou retorted, “When you are finished with these trivial matters, I’m going to teach you the Devil Skills!”

Chen Xiang picked and preserved the left over eighteen Azure Profound Fruit, now he didn’t have anything else to do. He felt it was time to learn the Devil Skill. Although he was in True Martial Realm, because he reside in Extreme Dan King Courtyard, and was also a Level-4 alchemist, he didn’t need to do any sect missions, as long as he simply refined some good dans. But sometimes, a few suitable missions were also assigned to him.

Just as Chen Xiang decided to prepare learning the Devil Skills, an insane laughter suddenly resounded in his mind. This scared the hell out of Chen Xiang, because this sound was exactly the same as his insane teacher, Huang Jintian.

“Ha ha… Brat, you really are inside the Mysterious Realm, that’s great!” Huang Jintian’s voice once again floated over in Chen Xiang’s mind.

“Teacher…senior are you feeling good?” Chen Xiang was surprised for a moment, he also didn’t knew what he should say.

“All day I stay here, feeling good my ass! You brat, haven’t you also stayed here? How can you ask such a stupid question!” Huang Jintian scolded, “I’m not going to talk nonsense, I’ve almost exhausted my divine sense just to find you, remember the words I’m going to speak next!”

“En, quickly say!” Chen Xiang hastily said, Huang Jintian must have some important matter to discuss with him, that’s why he came to find him.

“I killed the Beast Martial Sect’s Dean ten thousand years ago, many people don’t know the reason because it is related to a very important secret! However, now I have to tell you.” Huang Jintian’s tone became dignified, “You should be aware that the Extreme Martial Province and True Martial Province intersect at the Black Tortoise Mountain!”

“I know that!” Chen Xiang replied, the Black Tortoise Mountain is under the jurisdiction of the Extreme Martial Province. However, the True Martial Sect would repeatedly come to steal the resources, and hunt the demon beasts.

“The Black Tortoise Mountain is concealing a treasure inside itself, that thing is called the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor! Is a very powerful armor that would wake up once every ten thousand years. Afterwards, it would lead to variety of visions appearing in the Black Tortoise Mountain! However, since its establishment my Extreme Martial Sect has been responsible for protecting this Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, but this thing could not be moved to the sect, which is why we left it there! Both deans, the Beast Martial Sect’s and True Martial Sect’s, wanted to obtain it. Ten thousand years ago, Beast Martial Sect’s Dean came personally looking for it, and in the end he was killed by me.” Huang Jintian dismissively said.


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