Chapter 155 – Gambling Debt Crisis

Once Chen Xiang was out of the city, he released the [Vermillion Bird Fire Wing] and quickly flew away. In the blink of an eye, he left the Extreme Martial Sect far behind him and soon arrived to a lush green mountain forest.

Previously, when Chen Xiang went to find Yun Xiaodao and others, he came to learn the bounty on his head had once again gone up. It was now actually five hundred thousand crystal stones. Furthermore, the True Marital Sect was also offering a reward for him. It was on the grounds that, during the exchange between the True Martial Sect and Extreme Martial Sect, Chen Xiang had crippled a True Martial Realm disciple.

“Someday I will let these guys know how stupid their actions are!” Chen Xiang ruthlessly said in his heart. Suddenly, he felt some undulations in the air behind him. Although, they were very weak, he was able to sense it using his powerful divine sense. An instant later, his body took a fierce dive, and he quickly descended from extremely high altitudes.

Just as he fell on the ground, an explosive sound reverberated high in the sky. This undulation of Qi waves shook the ground and split the earth. A large piece of beautiful sierra was instantly obliterated.

It was an attack!

Chen Xiang looked at the tyrannical True Qi vibrations above him. In his heart, he was absolutely terrified. If he was just a little bit slower, he definitely would have been turned into powder. He didn’t expect someone so powerful to actually launch a sneak attack on him, moreover, there were two of them! He knew because two vast True Qis rushed from two different direction and suddenly collided into each other.

“North, be careful!” Long Xueyi warned him.

Chen Xiang took out the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. Chen Xiang’s Azure Dragon True Qi was getting more and more intrepid while the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was getting more and more heavy. At this moment, it was already three hundred thousand jin. However, in his hands, it didn’t feel heavy at all. Only when he was attacking, would he pour the Azure Dragon True Qi into the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Blade, which in turn respond by instantly become many times heavier, catching the his opponents off-guard.

“2nd level of the True Martial Realm, found him!” Chen Xiang stared behind a mound far away from him, in his heart he secretly sneered. He had completely not expected the moment he left the Extreme Martial Sect, he would be attacked. Besides, the enemy’s concealing methods were also brilliant, Chen Xiang guessed that they must have powerful Spirit Runes. However, along with the attack they launched previously, the Spirit Runes became ineffective.

Suddenly, a cold glint appeared as dangerous aura approached towards him. Chen Xiang immediately lifted up his blade horizontally to parry, only to hear a ‘Deng’ sound soon after, as his calve were pushed down into the soil.

Chen Xiang was able to see who attacked him, it was a man wearing full-bodied iron armor, with an iron mask on his face. He gave off a very strange True Qi, giving an impression of emptiness yet also extremely powerful.

That man was also surprised for a moment. He had not expected Chen Xiang, who just entered True Martial Realm, to actually be able to resist his full force attack with just a blade!

Chen Xiang looked at the opposing figure’s weapon, there was an extra gap on the blade, it was a rather good Level-7 Spirit Weapon. However, now that it was ruined, that man’s whole body was trembling in anger.

Chen Xiang brandished his blade and was ready to take a leap, but he suddenly sensed someone else attacking him from behind. A sharp giant axe was hurling towards him, giving off terrifying power as it teared through the air. Like a thunderbolt, the axe was heading straight towards the back of Chen Xiang’s head.

That axe was carrying a fearsome power, it seemed the attacker had used his full power, exactly like the blade blow Chen Xiang just stopped a moment ago, and it was also very fast!

That blow could have chopped a large mountain in half. It flew towards Chen Xiang, but it’s target suddenly burst open, transforming into mist. Both the enemies were shocked, neither of them had expected such a thing to happen. They weren’t originally planning to completely erase Chen Xiang’s corpse, otherwise how were they going to collect the bounty?

Chen Xiang had once again casted the [Water Mirror Technique], the very instant he finished transforming the mist into an identical virtual body, he left with super-fast speed.

Chen Xiang was now high up in the sky, sneering while he looked down on those two men below. Although he was in the 1st level of True Martial Realm, with the fusion of the five element True Qi within his body, together with the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, nobody in the 2nd level of True Martial Realm was his match!

Chen Xiang started pouring a large amount of Azure Dragon True Qi into the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. After that moment of effort, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade suddenly became good few ten of thousand jin heavy. Chen Xiang dived liked a shooting star descending from space, fast and fierce! Accompanied with an extremely powerful chop of the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he directly cut that man with the iron mask in two, while drawing a deep ravine on the ground.

Chen Xiang didn’t hold back in this attack! The opposing party had two 2nd level of True Marital Realm Martial artists, if they were to both join hands, then they would definitely become a threat to him.

Chen Xiang’s lighting quick attack scared the shit out of the other killer. Neither of them had expected someone who just entered in True Martial Realm would actually be so formidable. According to common sense, there is a vast gap between the 1st level and the 2nd level of the True Marital Realm. It was extremely difficult to defeat a 2nd level True Martial Realm martial artist with the power of the 1st level, unless it was someone with vastly superior spiritual vein. This was because, in order to enter the 2nd level, one needed to compress far more True Qi compared with 1st level!

After Chen Xiang cleanly killed one of them, he once again disappeared. If someone didn’t have particularly strong divine sense, it would be very difficult to find Chen Xiang’s presence. The remaining killer’s heart was palpitating. He hastily looked all around, as he suddenly felt danger approaching. Although, he was able to sense the attack, it was too late for him to do resist the attack. He had know no clue where Chen Xiang was going to attack from, but the killer still randomly waved the broadsword in his hand.

“Ah!!!” That killer let out a blood-curdling scream, one of his arms was cleanly chopped off from the shoulder by Chen Xiang.

The killer looked at ground, his chopped arm was still holding the blade. In his heart he was horrified, as he tried to force himself to calm down. However, at this time, he only saw an azure light flash before him before feeling a pain coming from his chest. He felt as if everything inside his upper body had been smashed with a hammer. Chen Xiang had just used the blade’s body, which weighed a couple of tens of thousand jins, to smack the killers chest. This kind of fierce impact directly caused the killer to be seriously injured as he flew into a distant hill from the blow.

Chen Xiang flew over, that killer had already passed out, but he was only seriously injured, not dead. Chen Xiang placed his hand on the killer’s head and poured his divine sense in, before asking, “Who sent you?”

“Elder Lu!” That killer’s voice was weak and devoid of any emotion.

“In other words, you’re both Extreme Martial Sect disciples?” Chen Xiang once again asked, his complexion became very gloomy.

“No, we’re Lu Family members!”

Chen Xiang didn’t asked anything else. He immediately blasted a palm towards the killer’s head, killing him!

“Elder Lu! Good, Lu Family of Herb King Mountain actually tried to kill me to just because they didn’t want to pay the ante.” Chen Xiang sneered. Elder Lu was a member of the Elder Courtyard. He was in the 9th level of the True Martial Realm and usually dealt with the matters of the Outer Courtyard employees, truly worthy of a Lu Family member!

After Chen Xiang won against Lu Zhengnan, he still had not received the ante. Three Building Foundation Dans and a Nine Sun Flames Fruit were very precious, the Lu Family could not bear to give these precious things to Chen Xiang. However, if Chen Xiang was killed, no one would be going to demand anything from them.

Chen Xiang had already anticipated such actions from the Lu Family, but he had decided to wait until he returned from the Black Tortoise Mountain. Then, he would go find Lu Zhengnan and settle the account. The other party already had intentions to kill in their hearts, and was almost successful. Even if Chen Xiang didn’t want those three Building Foundation Dans and the Nine Sun Flame Fruit, he still need to vent out the unpleasantness in his heart.

“Elder Lu, just you wait!” Chen Xiang voice was absolutely ruthless.


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