Chapter 156 – Man Eating Griffin

Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor was a brilliant level armor. It specialize in defense, specifically how, even Su Meiyao didn’t have much knowledge of it. In other words, it would absolutely not be too bad, or else, it would have not been called divine weapon.

Chen Xiang certainly wanted this Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor. It would give him an extra layer of protection, and even if he encounter a sneak attack, just relying on this strong divine armor, he would be able resist majority of the power.

Chenwu Mainland was very big, and Extreme Martial Province was also one of the largest province of the Chenwu Mainland. Even if his speed had increased after reaching the True Martial realm, he still needed to fly for three days straight just to reach the Black Tortoise Mountain from the Extreme Martial Sect. If it was in the past, he would need a total of ten days.

Chen Xiang reckoned the two killers from before must have used some special flying spirit weapon to catch him, however, he didn’t find any.

“Roar… Roar…”

Chen Xiang suddenly heard roars coming one after another from behind, he turned his head to look, then he saw a long black lion with black wings quickly flying straight towards him.

“Man Eating Griffin! It’s a Spirit Beast! Chen Xiang, be careful, this guy is not only extremely fast, but it is also very strong!” Su Meiyao hastily exhorted.

Chen Xiang had read a book about Demon Beasts, and in it, these kind of spirit beasts were described in detail!

Spirit Beasts were also species of Demon Beasts, but their strength was comparable to True Martial Realm martial artists. They have their own wisdom and could self-cultivate, thereby elevating their own strength. Under ordinary circumstances, as long as the humankind had not provoked the Spirit Beasts, it would not attack the humankind. However, the Man Eating Griffin was specialized in hunting humankind, many 9th or 10th level of Mortal Martial Realm martial artists would have become its cuisine!

“Grade-1 Spirit Beast, you don’t need to be too scared, this guy should have been raised by someone, those two killers from before might have arrived by riding this guy.” Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang was surprised, raising this kind of spirit beast was forbidden, because this Man Eating Griffin would only eat humans to grow, and Lu Family was actually breeding this kind of Spirit Beast. Now, Chen Xiang knew the Lu Family was anything but good!

Chen Xiang flew towards the ground, he was planning to butcher this Man Eating Griffin.

To his surprise, just as his feet were about to touch the ground, that Man Eating Griffin sped up, its foul mouth spewed out a dark grey wind aura, with bursts of Death Qi one after another, it was very frightening.

Chen Xiang’s reaction was very swift, he leaned his body and dodged, at the same time, he took out the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, poured Azure Dragon True Qi in it, and in turn, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade lit up. Its huge and domineering blade body suddenly burst out with a dense azure aura. While a dragon roar accompanied with a powerful Qi roared out, the Man Eating Griffin at the other end shook and retreated a few steps.

What made Chen Xiang scared was the fact that although that dark grey wind aura spewed out by the Man Eating Griffin didn’t struck him, it had still blown towards the trees behind him. These trees at the same time were like candles baked in fire, they were slowly melting, that dark grey wind was actually carrying such an intense corrosive capability!

The Man Eating Griffin was just a little scared because of the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. But in no time, it overcame its fear, facing Chen Xiang, it once again let out a mad howl, this time, from its mouth, where an even darker grey wind spewed out, which was like a tide surged towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang bounced up, his body directly entering high into the clouds, escaping that violent and surging terrifying poisonous aura. Holding the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Chen Xiang poured in more of the Azure Dragon True Qi, and the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade suddenly weighed few tens of thousands of jin more. From the sky, Chen Xiang quickly dove down.

Chen Xiang, facing the Man Eating Griffin at the other end, opened his mouth and issued a roar and launched an [Azure Dragon Roar]. Intense wind and lightning from the sky directly fell, like a terrifying lighting hacking down from the ninth heaven, thunderously struck on the Man Eating Griffin’s body, making the Man Eating Griffin let out a painful roar. At the same time, Chen Xiang slashed using the heavy blade, chopping down on the Man Eating Griffin’s body, cutting it into two!

Chen Xiang let out a deep breath, looking at the melted forest, he still held a lingering fear in his heart, if that dark grey wind aura had struck him, he would definitely not feel any better.

Chen Xiang, holding the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, fiddled with the Man Eating Griffin’s corpse, this Man Eating Griffin was slowly melting. Since Chen Xiang had slashed its poisonous pouch a moment ago, that was the cause of all this.

Grade-1 Spirit Beast’s bones and muscles were very strong, but now, it still could not withstand the corrosion of that poisonous aura. However, after the Man Eating Griffin had melted, it still left a green gem as big as an egg!

That turquoise like round stone was very pretty, circulating with a green glint one after another, one could clearly see a liquid like thing exuding an aura at its core.

“That is a Spirit Beast Monster Dan, I want to eat!” Long Xueyi gulped, shouting out in excitement.

Chen Xiang’s robust body quivered, in his heart, he was rejoicing, Spirit Beast Monster Dan, this was a very valuable stuff, it contained a lot of life essence and pure True Qi. If it was added during the alchemy, the quality in the end would be much better. Besides, it was also a necessary material for refining the Building Foundation Dan.

However, Chen Xiang, while refining the Building Foundation Dan before, had not used the thousand year Beast Dan. It was exactly an ordinary Demon Beast’s Monster Dan, and this Spirit Beast Monster Dan was something he had never seen before!

Out of a thousand grade-10 Demon Beast, only one would be capable of having a Monster Dan, and out of ten thousand grade-1 Spirit Beast only a Spirit Beast would have it. A Demon Beast who had a Monster Dan would have a great room for growth, to put it simply, they could cultivate and enhance their own strength.

“This Man Eating Griffin could eat 9th level and 10th level of Mortal Martial Realm martial artists, it would be strange if it didn’t congeal a Monster Dan!” Bai Youyou said, “But without the [Engulfing Devil Skill], it couldn’t absorb completely!”

[Engulfing Devil Skill]! Chen Xiang remembered he hadn’t used this skill for a long time. Only as a last resort, he wouldn’t want to use this Devil Skill. Bai Youyou had also told him so, he shouldn’t use it except when he encountered a very wicked person!

Chen Xiang released his True Qi, removed the poisonous aura around that Monster Dan, and afterwards, he picked it up with his own hands, feeling the large amount of power inside it!

“En? Someone!” Chen Xiang raised his head and looked up, then he saw three men riding on long swords quickly darting over, they flew over from a high-altitude.

All three were handsome young men, wearing the same white upper gown, it was clear that all three of them were from the same sect. Furthermore, all three of them were at the 1st level of True Martial Realm, the breath they were releasing was also very pure.

When those three descended, they saw the damaged forest all around, and immediately knew a great battle had just occurred here. However, their line of sight fell on the egg-sized Monster Dan in Chen Xiang’s hand, seeing this Monster Dan, a greedy aura immediately flashed through their eyes, they could not wait to snatch it immediately.

Chen Xiang quickly put away the Monster Dan and turned around to leave, he didn’t want to complicate the matter!

“Brat, did you kill the Man Eating Griffin before?” A relatively short but very strong man coldly asked.

“Yes!” Chen Xiang truthfully answered.

“We are from the Free Immortal Sea, if you’re sensible, obediently give that Monster Dan! We have already marked that Man Eating Griffin as our prey!” That man said in a threatening tone.

Chen Xiang turned around, and saw all three of them had a completely malicious look, as if they were threatening him.

“If I don’t give you, they what will happen?” Chen Xiang dismissively asked.

That man loudly laughed in a threatening tone, then with a completely ferocious look, said in a threatening tone, “If you do not give, you will die!”

Just as the “Die” word fell, Chen Xiang footsteps were like lightning as he flew in the sky. At the same time, he released an extremely terrifying Slaughter Qi.

He acted very fiercely, an extremely frightening aura coursed through one of his arms, transforming into a sharp and huge Azure Dragon claw. Like a lightning flashing out from the sky, it clawed towards that stocky man who had just spoken, and in just a blink of an eye, that man’s upper body transformed into a bloody mist!


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