Chapter 157 – Reunion

“You…you…” A man had a completely panicked expression, he was unable to speak. He didn’t expect the person in front of him to be so strong, calm and collected, and instantly be able to kill those whose strength was equivalent to his.

“We’re from the Free Immortal Sea! Even the likes of a super grade martial arts sect, such as the Extreme Martial Sect, would hesitate! For you to do such a…”

That man didn’t even finished his sentence before Chen Xiang’s [Azure Dragon Claw] cleaved this man into a mist of blood with lighting speed.

“You want to grab my Monster Dan. If I don’t give it, you would’ve killed me. I want to keep my Monster Dan, I could only kill you!” Chen Xiang facing the last disciple coldly said.

When Chen Xiang killed the first person, they were mind-boggled in fear. All of them were in the True Martial Realm, but it was still insufficient. In just one move, one of them was killed, imagine how strong their opponent was!

That man suddenly took out a Spirit Rune, and in blink of an eye it was burning up, transforming into ash. That man madly laughed and exclaimed, “You are finished! Those Spirit Runes have already recorded your appearance and transmitted it to the Free Immortal Sea…”

“Humph!” Chen Xiang coldly snorted. He injected an invisible Qi Aura on his fingertip, and waved it towards that man’s neck, his head was cleanly chopped like it was from a slash of a sharp sword.

Anyone trying to kill him, Chen Xiang would never show any mercy!

Chen Xiang picked up their respective storage pouches. To Chen Xiang’s surprise he found many crystal stones inside each storage pouch. Each of them had possessed hundreds upon thousands of crystal stones, along with a couple of True Elemental Dans. However, what made Chen Xiang most excited was the Spirit Runes inside those storage pouches!

These Spirit Runes were very different from those Spirit Runes ordinarily sold in the common market, Chen Xiang had never seen these kind of Spirit Runes before!

“Five Spirit Runes, all of them look marvellous!” Chen Xiang didn’t know what effect each Spirit Runes had, and he didn’t dare to randomly use them. He could only keep them at the moment.

[TLN: These Spirit Runes are inscribed on a sheet of paper, I just wanted to mention so you can get an idea.]

“Three Level-6 Spirit Weapons! These guys should not have a weak background, I wonder what kind of existence this Free Immortal Sea is…” Chen Xiang had never heard of this Happy Immortal Sea, neither has Su Meiyao or Bai Youyou.

“Is it a new rising sect? That guy had also said before that even the Extreme Martial Sect would hesitate to act against them!” Su Meiyao suggested.

Chen Xiang shook his head before burning the two corpses and flying off into the sky, back on his way towards the Black Tortoise Mountain.

As Chen Xiang flew through the sky, he saw groups of people on the ground rushing towards the same destination, Black Tortoise Mountain. He knew it was the True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect who had released the information about Black Tortoise Mountain, resulting in the surge of interested individuals.

There were some disciples from the True Martial Sect and Beast Martial Sect. However, they all had to be extremely careful, if they were found out by the Extreme Martial Sect, they would be arrested on the spot. This was because the Extreme Martial Sect had passed down an order that neither sect’s disciples were allowed to enter the Extreme Martial Province.

Chen Xiang arrived at the Black Tortoise City much earlier than the others, but the citizens of this city also knew about the Black Tortoise Mountain. Chen Xiang reckoned that the disciples of both the True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect must be stationed here. Once they got the opportunity, they released the information, resulting in the rush of most martial artists inhabiting the Extreme Martial Province.

According to Long Xueyi, she had a way to enter the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm before its entrance was open. This was why Chen Xiang didn’t intend to stay in the city, however, when he was passing a seemingly three floored high, iron-built, ordinary store, Long Xueyi suddenly exclaimed.

“Impressive! There is a very powerful guy in here, his strength is almost same as your martial nephews and martial niece!” Long Xueyi exclaimed in a tender and sweet voice.

Chen Xiang glanced at that store, he found out that this store was specialized in selling weapons and armors. It was called the ‘Divine Weapons Store’. With just a glance, he knew this was a branch from the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. The Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire had always taken a neutral stance, which was why they were capable of opening their stores in every city of the Chenwu Mainland. The disciples from the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire were also overflowing with wealth.

“Is it the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire!?” Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart. He came to learn from Gu Dongchen, that many Deans wanted to get their hands on the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor.

Thinking of that peerless beauty, that could make others ashamed of themselves, as they didn’t dare to stare at her intently, Chen Xiang held anticipation towards meeting her again. He had already seen the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire once, and could not remove the Empress’s face from his mind.

After entering the Extreme Martial Sect, Chen Xiang, coursing through many books, came to learn the name of the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. It was a very pleasent name, Liu Menger 柳梦儿. It was very difficult for others to think that such a lofty Empress of the Heavenly Empire would have such a tender name.

[TLN: the 儿 in the 梦儿 could lead to 小梦, 梦梦.]

“If the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire is here, then maybe Xue Xianxian has also come!” Chen Xiang shouted in his heart, before entering the store. After walking into the store, he immediately sensed a good few powerful divine senses sweeping through him.

So many elders of the Divine Weapon Heaven Empire had actually come! Chen Xiang was extremely shocked. Before, he had heard from Su Meiyao that Liu Menger was in possession of one of the Divine Weapon of the Four Symbols, the Vermillion Bird Divine Weapon!

If one didn’t cultivate the [Divine Exercise Of The Four Symbols], then the respective Divine Weapons of the Four Symbols could not be used. This was why Liu Menger wasn’t able to use the Vermillion Bird Divine Weapon.

“Chen Xiang has come to greet the senior!” Chen Xiang, using his divine sense, created his voice and transmitted it out. He knew if Liu Menger was here, she would definitely meet him.

“Come up!” Chen Xiang heard a gentle, enchanting, and slightly majestic voice. Hearing this voice, Chen Xiang’s heart could not help but be moved.

Chen Xiang headed up the stairs. Although the stairs were guarded, he was not stopped. The guards only looked at Chen Xiang with a respectful light in their eyes, because they were ordered to allow Chen Xiang to go up. Anyone summoned by their Empress was definitely not an ordinary person.

Chen Xiang just arrived at the top floor when a pleasant and sweet fragrance wafted into his nose. Chen Xiang suddenly felt relaxed and happy, he greedily sucked in a few breaths. After passing through a pink gauze, he came to a unique small hall.

“Brother Xiang!” Chen Xiang just heard a voice and was instantly enchanted. He had missed the sound of this voice so much, this was the voice of Xue Xianxian!

A white silhouette filled his view. A girl wearing a snow white dressed appeared in front of Chen Xiang. Xue Xianxian was now grown up, even more beautiful than ever, delicate and pretty combined with an otherworldly mature charm. Every move of hers was enchanting and charming, moving anyone’s heart. Chen Xiang had not felt satisfied seeing enough of that beautiful face before Xue Xianxian plunged herself into Chen Xiang’s chest, cuddling his thick waist.

Chen Xiang also hugged Xue Xianxian’s soft waist and kissed her jade-like smooth cheeks. He could feel her cheeks becoming hot with a tint of red on her cheeks. Somehow, she appeared to be even more charming and moving in this moment they shared together.

“Little girl, you’ve grown a lot!” Chen Xiang nastily chuckled. Afterwards, he glanced and Xue Xianxian’s towering chest, resulting in Xue Xianxian tenderly spitting at him, again and again.

“Brother Xiang, you’ve turned bad!” Although Xue Xianxian said so, both of her eyes were fixed on that angular and handsome face of Chen Xiang. After experiencing many things, Chen Xiang had become even more mature. Although he was wearing common garbs, it still didn’t conceal that strange charm only he possessed.

Once again, Chen Xiang met his fairy-like fiancee, he was very happy. Even when he had broken through to the True Martial Realm, successfully refined the Building Foundation Dan, or obtained the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade… he was never this happy! Xue Xianxian had accompanied him throughout his childhood when everyone else had despised him. She also had a similar childhood, and when they were both being excluded, when both of them were still weak, they stuck together and encouraged one another.

Xue Xianxian stroked Chen Xiang’s hair. He responded by stroking her elegant and gorgeous hair in turn. Staring at that gentle, lively and beautiful eyes of her’s, Chen Xiang was very happy and satisfied in his heart. Even though she was only officially his fiancee, in his heart, she was his wife!

Both of them were showing their deep affections towards one another. As they were closely embracing each other, knowingly or unknowingly, both of their lips closed together as their tongues awkwardly intertwined. They were separated for a few years, but now they could warmly kiss one another….


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