Chapter 159 – Foot Of The Black Tortoise Mountain

Chen Xiang discovered that Xue Xianxian was very strong, in fact, she was even a lot stronger than him. She was actually in the 3rd level of the True Martial Realm, this made him secretly sigh in surprise.

Nightfall, Chen Xiang and Xue Xianxian were cuddled together in the little hall, Xue Xianxian’s face was filled with sadness, she asked with some disappointment, “Brother Xiang, are you truly not going to enter the Black Tortoise Realm with us?

Chen Xiang nodded his head, with a serious complexion, “Xianxian, for now, I can’t tell you some things, please forgive me, what I want to do is very important, each one should walk on their own.”

Although Xue Xianxian was worried, she truly understood Chen Xiang, she kissed on Chen Xiang’s cheeks, “Don’t say such things, I just want you to come back safely! Currently, we’re very weak, however, I believe, in the future, we will be standing at the apex of the martial arts world, this is our childhood promise!”

Chen Xiang, with a pleased smiled, once again kissed Xue Xianxian for a moment, afterwards, he jumped out of the window, and walked towards the Black Tortoise Mountain.

Black Tortoise Mountain, from afar, it looked like a giant turtle lying on the land. It was an enormous stone mountain, however, at the foot hills, many tents were erected. By careful observation, it seems they have been stationed here for a very long time, waiting for the opening of the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm.

Because this was a Mysterious Realm, many martial artists had come. While not everyone had rushed for the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, they had still come here for the heaven bred treasures. As long as it was a Mysterious realm, it definitely had rich Spirit Qi, and many heaven bred treasures would only be born in a place with a rich Spirit Qi. As long as they could find and get a relatively higher rank spirit herb, their life might become prosperous.

Chen Xiang spread out his divine sense to probe, he found out that majority of the martial artists were in the 10th level of the Mortal Martial Realm and there were also a few in the True Martial Realm.

“Dragon girl, can’t we go in now?” Chen Xiang asked, although it was currently dark, he could see that there were various sizes of caves on the Black Tortoise Mountain, all of these were leading to a cave entrance inside the Black Tortoise Mountain.

“Not yet, when there are signs of opening of the Mysterious Realm, at that time, the power of the Mysterious Realm will try to break the space. As a result, the space would be very weak, at that time, I could lead you to enter the Mysterious Realm.” Long Xueyi replied.

From nearby, Chen Xiang was observing the Black Tortoise Mountain, looking for an internal passage to enter the Black Tortoise Mountain. A few days passed, more and more people came here, by asking, Chen Xiang came to know that in a month, the entrance of the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm would open!

Ten days past, under the enormous Black Tortoise Mountain, there were numerous tents of various sizes, some were luxurious, some were even humble. Chen Xiang also found the tent of the Divine Weapon Heaven Empire, and he speculated that Liu Menger and Xiu Xianxian should be inside it.

Various sects, whether large or small, all of them had arrived, but Chen Xiang didn’t see the True Martial Sect, Extreme Martial Sect, and the Beast Martial Sect, these three sect’s tents. Learning of this, he became somewhat doubtful.

In order to show their identity, when many tents were erected, they would hang their own sect’s logo.

“Maybe both the Beast Martial Sect and the True Martial Sect had already arrived, however, as they are banned from entering the Extreme Martial Province, they cannot appear, that’s why, they are just hiding in here. While the Extreme Martial Sect, in order to catch them by surprise, are also hiding.” Su Meiyao suggested her hypothesis.

Chen Xiang also thought the same, currently, the time of opening the Mysterious Realm is getting closer and closer. These days, Long Xueyi, this little greedy dragoness, also rarely spoke, she was seriously probing the weakest location of the space.

Chen Xiang was hiding in a cave, overlooking those large and small tents below, he was looking for Gu Dongchen and others. However, he didn’t go to find Xue Xianxian, he feared at that time, he would be forced to stay by Liu Menger.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang felt a very familiar silhouette, he immediately focused his attention, watching at a black middle-aged man walking out of a tent!

The last time Chen Xiang entered the Heavenly Dragon Mysterious Realm, he came across this bald middle-aged man, this was a disciple of the Beast Martial Sect, once any disciple of the Beast Martial Sect and the True Martial sect appeared in the Extreme Martial Province, all of them needed to be arrested.

“Last time, this bald man also wanted to kill me!” Chen Xiang’s heart turned resolute, he jumped out from the cave, and walked into the group of tents.

Passing criss-cross through the group of tents, Chen Xiang appeared in front of that bald middle-aged man, that bald-middle aged man saw someone blocking the road, he was just about to freak out, however, he realised he was shocked in vain. He would remember Chen Xiang’s appearance till death, Chen Xiang had killed his junior sister in front of him, moreover, he had almost killed him, he was also responsible for drawing the portrait of Chen Xiang.

This bald middle-aged man was called Zheng Zhenming 郑振明, he was a martial artist at the 3rd level of the True Martial Realm, Chen Xiang had long been asking about him.

“Beast Martial Sect’s disciple actually dare to appear in the Extreme Martial Province!” Chen Xiang sneered and said.

All the disciples of the Beast Martial Sect were clearly aware of the recent deeds of Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang had entered the True Martial Realm, became a Level-4 Alchemist, and when they found out, they were also very shocked, they were even more determined to eliminate Chen Xiang.

“Chen Xiang is here!” After Zheng Zhengming recovered his wits, he loudly shouted. At the moment, both the True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect had offered a reward for Chen Xiang, the total reward amount was as high as one million crystal stones, many people were secretly thinking about it, and if they encounter Chen Xiang, all of them would consider whether or not to attack him.

Zheng Zhenming’s voice was very loud, echoing out throughout the foot of the Black Tortoise Mountain. It resonated again and again, and after hearing it, many of the martial artist resting inside the tents all came out one by one, rushing towards the place from where the sound was transmitted. Some of them were thinking about the bounty, some wanted to see the style of Chen Xiang, and some personally wanted to take a look at Chen Xiang’s appearance.

“I’m sure you’ll immediately run away!” Chen Xiang had a deadpan look. He clenched both of his firsts, as if he was about to act at any moment.

Zheng Zhenming was a martial artist in the 3rd level of the True Martial Realm, he was definitely not afraid of this goofball who just entered the True Martial Realm. Even if his alchemy was better, and even if his reputation was good, in his eyes, Chen Xiang was still weaker. Because of that, he suddenly wanted to reveal Chen Xiang’s identity, just so he could add some psychological pressure, while at the same time, he could hide from the incoming Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples.

“If I were you, I would not seek my own death.” Zheng Zhenming sneered and said, there were many onlookers around them, he nodded his head in satisfaction, this was the effect he wanted.

Many tents were soon put away, two True Martial Realm were going to start a fight here, not to mention the tents, even the sturdy houses would be razed to the ground.

“You are but a disciple of the Beast martial Sect, as an Extreme Martial Sect’s disciples, once I found any disciples of the Beast Martial Sect, I need to act and arrest them, if you are not going to coordinate, I can only kill you!” Chen Xiang lightly said.

This made everyone suddenly burst into a waves of boos, an immature little rascal who just entered True Martial Realm actually dared to casually say that he would kill a martial artist at the 3rd level of the True Martial Realm, and this disappointed many people. They didn’t expect the famous legendary figure would turn out to be a braggart who didn’t even know the immensity of the heaven.

“Teacher, are you going to act and help brother Xiang?” Xue Xianxian, from afar, observed the large crowd, both she and Liu Menger had their face covered with white muslin as they stood on a hilltop.

“Rest assured, if he encounter any trouble, we don’t even need to act. Gu Dongchen and the others hiding would act even before we do.” Liu Menger was also seriously looking at Chen Xiang. Regarding Chen Xiang’s deeds, she had only heard about it, but had not personally witnessed it, she also wanted to see what kind of ability this young man possess.


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