Chapter 160 – Might Of Divine Blade

Zheng Zhenming, relying on the strength of the 3rd level of the True Martial Realm, didn’t hold any fear facing Chen Xiang. On the contrary, Zheng Zhenming was very excited! Once he killed Chen, not only would the name, Zheng Zhenming, be famous in the Chenwu Mainland, he would also get a million crystal stones!

“Chen Xiang is just this, he don’t even know the immensity of heaven and earth! He has just entered the True Martial Realm, and is already provoking someone in the 3rd level of True Martial Realm! I’ve also heard that he became a True Martial Realm martial artist by relying on the proud daughter of heavens, Wu Qianqian of Extreme Martial Sect. It seems he luckily rescued her, and as repayment for his help, he was given a Building Foundation Dan. Only thought that, was he able to breakthrough.”A man on the sidelines sneered.

Chen Xiang fiercely stared at that young man who was talking before, with eyes filled with murderous intentions, coldly asked, “Were you by chance talking about me?”

“So what? I’m a martial artist of True Martial Realm! If you have the balls, you’re welcome to try!” That young man sneered, he was a martial artist of 2nd level of True Martial Realm. He too, was fearless of Chen Xiang.

“The consequences from randomly farting can be deadly!”

Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, he disappeared from his former location. Suddenly, without any sound, everyone had lost trace of him, being greatly shocked! Chen Xiang suddenly reappeared in front of that young man, with his entire arm shining in a golden aura, it was as if that fist surging with stark dark cold Slaughter Qi, had been casted from gold. Thunderously and heavily, he struck that young man’s mouth.

That Fist violently slammed onto that young man’s mouth, followed by a thunder-like explosion. Seeing this kind of quick speed, everyone was struck dumb with terror, it was soul-stirring. That young man’s mouth was actually completely destroyed. Furthermore, he was spewing out the rest of his blood covered teeth.

The speed and power by which Chen Xiang had suddenly burst forth with, shocked all of the onlookers.

Although that young man was in 2nd level of the True Martial Realm, he was unable to mobilize his True Qi under this sort of the sudden and quick blow. He simply had no power to resist, and suffered the [Dragon Aura Fist] carrying Chen Xiang’s Slaughter Qi. This punch had carried an extremely heavy momentum. It completely destroyed his opponent’s mouth, and it also caused him to be utterly stunned.

This brutal assault was still not finished. After that fist blow from Chen Xiang’s fell, it was immediately followed by another fist blasting towards his opponent. This time, his fist transformed into a white tiger head. This punch carried tyrannical True Qi with it. After that blow thunderously struck, a shockwave of powerful Qi was released with a bang! That thunderous sound caused the ground to slightly tremble.

Blow after blow, punch after punch, each of them was violent and ruthless. All of which struck on what little remained of that young man’s mouth. The crowd became dumb as wooden chickens, they just looked on, dumbfounded as Chen Xiang continued to beat that young man. In just the short span of few seconds, that young man was beaten until he was no longer recognizably human. The sorry figure had already long fainted on the ground, it was unclear how many blows Chen Xiang landed.

“This is the consequence of a random fart!” Chen Xiang coldly said. His gaze then swept through each and every onlooker, making everyone feel jitters in their heart. Nobody could help but retreat a few steps. At this time, none of them dared to even loudly breath. They were worried that they would anger Chen Xiang and would be beaten.

Looking at Chen Xiang’s brutal actions, Zheng Zhenming’s heart was jittery.

An ordinary 2nd level of True Martial Realm martial artist was simply no match for Chen Xiang. Especially, when the opponent was caught off-guard. As long as the Chen Xiang was successful in this one surprise attack, it would be fatal!

Catching someone off-guard, Zheng Zhenming also understood this method. A long sword suddenly appeared in his hand, he flew like lightning towards Chen Xiang. Zheng Zhenming wielded his sword and fiercely slashed downwards. Accompanied with an abrupt fire light, followed by a sudden transformation of that long sword into a few good illusions. It seemed as if a huge fire fan was rushing down towards Chen Xiang.

Everyone once again immediately back up, because that kind of scorching heat was too hard to bear, this kind of blazing Qi Aura was very fearsome. Once it appeared it would release a kind of scorching Qi, withering the flowers, grass, and trees around it.

Zheng Zhenming was secretly proud, he believed that with this move, he would be able to force Chen Xiang into an uphill battle. However, a ‘clang’ sound soon followed, along with a complete change in Zheng Zhenming’s complexion. His sword with flames had also disappeared, his body fiercely shook. With shock and anger he looked at the two pieces of his level-7 spirit weapon!

At that moment, Chen Xiang summoned the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, parrying the incoming chop of that terrifying fire sword. He had no choice but to admit the fact that a single full power blow from a 3rd level of the True Martial Realm martial artist was truly overbearing. If he hadn’t blocked it with the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, perhaps he would have suffered heavy injuries.

“Proud Fire Sword! My Proud Fire Sword…” Zheng Zhenming looking at the remaining half of his Proud Fire Sword, his face was filled with pain and anger. This Proud Fire Sword of his was ranked 30th among Level-7 Spirit Weapons, which was not bad at all! It was also worth more than thousands upon tens of thousands of crystal stones. He had obtained it through strenuous and painstaking effort, but now all of that hard work was destroyed in an instant!

Chen Xiang’s Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade had a rather lackluster appearance. Except for it being comparatively large, along with the strange dragon head on the dragon hilt, the weapon was actually rather ordinary. However, this ordinary looking blade was able to slice a Level-7 Spirit Weapon in half!

Many people thought this was the mysterious broadsword Chen Xiang obtained from the Heavenly Dragon Treasure House, a legendary Level-9 Spirit Weapon!

Liu Menger’s pretty eyes were shining, her expression became very serious. She was aptly staring at the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Chen Xiang’s hands. She was the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Weapon, and the number one Refiner in the entire Chenwu Mainland. It was obvious to her that the broadsword in Chen Xiang’s hands was extraordinary despite its ordinary appearance.

“Xianxian, this little husband of yours has obtained an extraordinary item! If there’s an opportunity, could I borrow it and take a look?” Liu Menger’s voice was full of excitement. It was if she had seen a heavenly treasure. She was a Refiner, and was very interested in these sort of things.

“Brother Xiang is truly formidable, maybe even I cannot defeat him!” Xue Xianxian’s happy face was completely red, but she was very interested in exchanging pointers with Chen Xiang.

The Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade’s weight slowly changed. Only the wielder of this blade would be less affected by its weight, while everyone else would be subjected to its immense weight. Chen Xiang estimated that the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade now weighed around five hundred thousand jins. but he only felt like it weighed five thousand jin. If his True Qi was not supporting the ground, he would have already sunk into the earth.

“Chen Xiang, today I’ll definitely kill you! You actually destroyed my Proud Fire Sword!” Zheng Zhenming had a look full of resentment, at the same time, he was also greedily looking at the broadsword in Chen Xiang’s hands.

The instant Zheng Zhenming’s words fell, the Azure Dragon Slaughter Devil Blade in Chen Xiang’s hands suddenly emitted a bright flash. Many could not help but close their eyes in the face of this dazzling azure light. It was accompanied by a similar azure light coming from Chen Xiang. With lighting speed, Chen Xiang leapt into the air, brandishing his huge blade as he slashed down towards Zhen Zhenming.

Although Zheng Zhenming felt stabbing pain in his eyes, using his divine sense, he could still discern the direction Chen Xiang’s attack. Besides, Zheng Zhenming had already used his True Qi to create a strong Qi barrier that surrounded his entire body.

However, Chen Xiang’s Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade swept away all obstacles. Weighing a few hundreds of thousands of jins after the enhancement of the Azure Dragon True Qi, it was filled with even more terrifying might. Even if it was a martial artist in 5th level of the True Martial Realm, they would not dare to casually connect with this fierce blade strike.


A series of explosive sounds resounded. Suddenly the ground was shaking, as the weaker part of the foot of Black Tortoise Mountain’s was heaving up and down. Many of the nearby tents were destroyed, and a deep pit was formed where Chen Xiang and Zheng Zhenming formerly stood. Under the influence of the powerful shockwaves, the stones and soil had been sent flying in all directions. Many people fell on their heads, as the people close to the battlefield were blown far away, everyone felt apprehensive.

Zheng Zhenming had disappeared, only Chen Xiang, armed with his broadsword, was left standing in the deep pit. However, everyone noticed a few rags at the bottom of the deep pit!


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