Chapter 161 – Awakening of Divine Armor

Chen Xiang, wielding his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, jumped up. He stared coldly at the onlookers and firmly state, “My, Chen Xiang’s, head is right here! If you got the balls, try and come take it!”

Everyone looked on at Chen Xiang. They were all silent and could not help but feel chills run down their spine. Currently, it was very difficult for all of them to even breathe under Chen Xiang’s intense murderous pressure.

Even a martial artist in the 3rd Level of the True Martial Realm had been killed by Chen Xiang. Furthermore, nothing remained of him but a few rags, who would dare act? In front of them, Chen Xiang had completely defeated two martial artists in the True Martial Realm. As long as nothing was wrong with their brains, they wouldn’t be stupid enough to come out and fight!

Chen Xiang cultivates the [Slaughtering Heart] and followed with his current mood, made his body truly spew out the Slaughter Qi.

“Don’t dare to come? Didn’t all of you previously come here to look for me, couldn’t wait to personally kill me, now how did all of you, one by one became cowards?” Chen Xiang coldly glanced at these onlookers, sneered and said, “From now on, as long as someone want to take my head, just like this crystal stone, I will definitely made them join it in the form of powdered flesh and bones!”

While speaking, Chen Xiang held a crystal stone in his hand and crushed it into powder. Once again, he frightened everyone. Cutting a crystal stone in half was easy, however, crushing it into powder with one’s bare hands was extremely difficult!

“I want to take your head. Try to come and crush me to death!” A handsome man walked out and separated himself from the crowd of onlookers. He was actually Liao Shaoyun.

“Liao Shaoyun…Last time you turned tail and ran away like a dog. Now you dare to come out and threaten my people. If I was you, I would rather find a hole to hide myself until death comes.” A gentle sound floated over, however it was carrying a very thick amount of Slaughter Qi, drenching everyone in cold sweat. As chills were running down everyone’s spine, a bald man with white eyebrows and a beard suddenly appeared in front of Chen Xiang, sending everyone into an extreme shock.

That day in the Extreme Marital Sect, Liao Shaoyun was simultaneously attacked by two great elders of Extreme Martial Sect. However, he was still able to escape with his life, this matter could be considered as something he could hold pride in, yet he was ridiculed instead.

Wu Kaiming of the Extreme Martial Sect had just arrived, one of the peak experts in the Nirvana Realm. Seeing this kind bald man, many could not help but be shocked* in their hearts. The crowd quickly dispersed, this sort of battle between people of this level would overturn seas and rivers.

[TLN: The last word of sentence was * in the chinese counterpart, we tried to fill the gap, if you think it doesn’t fit the location please pardon us.]

“Elder Wu, this disciple will first take his leave!” Chen Xiang mischievously smiled. He then, disappeared, using the fastest speed possible to leave.

Standing on top the high hill, Liu Menger stared at the sprinting Chen Xiang heading towards the mountain forest. She smiled and said, “This brat’s blade was truly an eye-opener. I definitely want to borrow it and take a look!”

“Teacher, is it very formidable?” Xue Xianxiang held Liu Menger’s hand and asked with some surprise.

“It is very formidable, there are very fine veins engraved on that blade, fully covering the entire blade body! Each intricate, and yet extremely profound.” Liu Menger nodded her head, “He still can not unleash the true power of that blade, otherwise he would have definitely been far more powerful. This blade can allow his power to increase multiple times. Otherwise, he would absolutely not be able to defeat a martial artist in the 3rd Level of the True Martial Realm.”

Chen Xiang arrived at the top of Black Tortoise Mountain, and quickly entered a cave. Long Xueyi had already told him, that Black Tortoise Mountain currently had many martial artists of extremely high strength around it. There were even many Nirvana Realm martial artists. Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang was being observed by a good few powerful divine sense.

Just when the entire Black Tortoise Mountain had been shrouded in an intensive atmosphere, the entire mountainside suddenly started fiercely shaking. These severe tremors lead to the ground near Black Tortoise Mountain began heaving up and down like the ocean waves. Whether it was the tall trees or the huge mountain peaks, all was destroyed in an instant. In the blink of an eye, everything around Black Tortoise Mountain had been flattened. Many of the martial artists who had leapt into the sky looked on at the frightening scene unfolding before them, their hearts still held lingering fear.

The legendary Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor had awakened! However, the entrance of the mysterious realm had still not opened!

“Now we can head towards the center of Black Tortoise Mountain!” Long Xueyi shouted in excitement. Chen Xiang promised her that as long as she could make him enter the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm in advance, he would give her a lot of True Elemental Dans and Building Foundation Dans.

Chen Xiang quickly ran further inside the cave, and Long Xueyi too was similarly excited. When there was only a single person in the Mysterious Realm, wouldn’t the majority of the treasures inside belong solely to that individual?

“We’ve arrived!” Chen Xiang had just arrived at the center of a mountain side. The place turned out to be empty but the entire place was dark, Chen Xiang ignited flame in his palm, illuminating the area.

There was no one else here, because when the entrance of the Mysterious Realm opened, there would be an outburst of a very violent power. Anyone staying near that was just seeking death!

Liu Menger and Xue Xianxian had seen Chen Xiang enter the cave, if the entrance of the Mysterious Realm opened, anyone staying inside that cave would be affected by that burst of power!

“Elder Cai, stay and protect Xianxian!” Liu Menger said in a light tone. An old woman holding crutches instantly appeared beside Xue Xianxian.

“Menger Girl, rest assured!” That Elder Cai kindly smiled and touched Xue Xianxian’s soft hairs.

Xue Xianxian obviously knew that her teacher was going to find Chen Xiang, and pull him out in order to avoid being affected by the power from the opening of the Mysterious Realm. Rumour had it, that even if it was Nirvana Realm martial artists who were close, they too would be seriously injured. If their strength was weak, they might even vanish in a puff of smoke.

“Teacher, be careful!” Xue Xianxian lightly nibbled her lips and said with worry.

“Rest assured, your teacher is a whole lot stronger than me.” Elder Cai laughed kindly, caressing Xue Xianxian’s hair.

Liu Menger slightly smiled and nodded her head, “This little husband of yours is truly a bundle of troubles, even making me worried about him!” The instant Liu Menger finished speaking, she turned into a white silhouette, and vanished in the blink of an eye.

Chen Xiang was waiting for Long Xueyi to use her dragon clan’s ancient secret method to open a space passage and enter the Black Tortoise Realm.

In the middle of the mountainside of Black Tortoise Mountain was usually very dark. However, now, one could see many patterns exuding while light along its walls, this was the power released by Long Xueyi, composed of the Spirit Veins which formed an array.

Chen Xiang was engrossed in looking at that abstruse and complex pattern of Spirit Veins. He would love to engrave it in his mind, but just trying to remember lead to intense headaches. Not only were there a lot of Spirit Veins, they were also very dense. Chen Xiang estimated there were at least a few hundreds thousand Spirit Veins, and each and every one of them was completely unique! They each winded together with other Spirit Veins to combine into an array. While the winding of each one was somewhat similar, the degree of each bend was different. However, it held a distinct power precisely because of this.

“Don’t try to remember, if I didn’t have my hereditary memories, I would be dead but still will not able learn this bloody thing.” Long Xueyi was also having a painful headache, if not for the getting so much to eat, she would not even bother to use so much of her brain.

“Well, it’s the first time after coming out of my shell that I’m spending so much power, you better thank me!” Long Xueyi said in a tender tone. From her voice it was evident she was tired, Chen Xiang also didn’t say anything, and took out a few True Elemental Dans for her to eat.

Chen Xiang was overlooking this sparkling round array on the mountainside. This dazzling array constituted of hundreds of thousands of Spirit Veins, was now slowly begin to merge. Once it was entirely fused together, an entrance to the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm would be opened.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang sensed someone coming towards him, moreover, in a very quick speed, this was certainly not a good thing! He didn’t think someone would actually rush here just to seek death.

A girl wearing white tights and a white muslin on her face stood in front of Chen Xiang, he could not help but exclaim, “Sister Menger!”

Liu Menger was also very surprised from seeing the round array in the middle of mountainside exuding white light, and those countless Spirit Veins. Her pretty eyebrows were knit together, while her pretty eyes were filled with shock and ecstasy.

“What happened h-…” She didn’t even finish the sentence, before a fierce aura broke out from that round array, followed by a burst of strong suction. In just the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang and Liu Menger were sucked inside!


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