Chapter 162 – Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm

Moments ago, the surroundings was white , then, it suddenly turned dark. Chen Xiang only felt he was leaning against a tender and soft body, he was immediately surprised. With the use of the faint light, he saw his own body pressing against a graceful figure wearing white tights.

That peerless elegance, that mature and elegant bearing of an empress…wasn’t this Liu Menger.

The white muslin on Liu Menger’s face had already fallen, at this point, she opened her eyes, looking at Chen Xiang in resentment. With a slight angry tone, “Little Rascal, still not standing up? Quickly come down!”

Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart, he rolled his powerless body over Liu Menger’s body. A moment ago, his body was pressed on Liu Menger’s bosom, those two soft and wonderful things, this made Liu Menger very shy.

“What happened?” Liu Menger asked in a low voice, at this time, Liu Menger found no power left in her body, and Chen Xiang too felt this.

“Sister Menger, why did you come?” Chen Xiang asked back.

“Your little wife was too worried about you, she let me come to find you! Who knew you were doing such mysterious things here.” Liu Menger somehow twisted her head, looked at Chen Xiang lying beside her. At this point, Chen Xiang and her were so close, both of them could feel each other’s breath, and once again, her face couldn’t help but have a tint of redness.

Since she was born, it was the first time she had a dubious relationship with a man.

Sniffing the delicate fragrance from Liu Menger’s body, Chen Xiang’s mind was swayed, he couldn’t help but think about the sensation when he was pressing on Liu Menger’s body. Liu Menger was the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. She was a strong martial artist reigning on one region, and furthermore, she was also the teacher of his fiancee. This made him secretly curse himself, he actually had some evil thoughts about her.

“Humph!” Liu Menger let out a light snort as she looked at Chen Xiang who had a dazed expression, as if thinking of something evil. If not for the fact that Chen Xiang was her disciple’s man, once her strength was restored, she would surely kill such a frivolous man.

“This…Sister Menger, this is my confidential secret, I temporarily cannot say anything to you! Furthermore, you too must keep it a secret, you can’t speak of this to anyone! I came because of a major mission, exactly for obtaining the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor. As long as this thing have one good master, the Extreme Martial Sect don’t need face such a crisis every once in ten thousand years.” Chen Xiang regained his senses and quickly explained.

Fortunately, Chen Xiang had encountered many stunning women, otherwise, some wicked thoughts would have definitely arise in his heart. He also calmed his heart down as he tried to operate True Qi to condition his body.

“Why have we lost our strength?” Liu Menger looked at Chen Xiang with a frown, her pair of bright and beautiful eyes were filled with majesty, she was very wary of Chen Xiang.

“Sister Menger, are you afraid of me?” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “You are Xianxian’s teacher. To tell you the truth, although you can easily make a man mad, it is still not enough to make me do outrageous things.”

Liu Menger sighed in relief, chuckled and said, “When I saw you first, I instantly knew you were a man who is just all talk but no action. I don’t believe you are not tempted by me!”

“Hei hei, thinking of you and being tempted to you are two different ideas, as long as one is a man, looking at a beautiful woman will make them think of her, but they would rarely be tempted.” Chen Xiang said with a nasty laughter.

Only he could dare to say such suicidal words in front of this woman, this courage was practiced out from staying with Elder Dan for a long period of time. He would often take liberties with Elder Dan, this time in his opinion, there was not much difference between Liu Menger and Elder Dan.

“Smelly brat, don’t let me have the opportunity to teach you a lesson! I truly don’t understand why you have such courage. You actually dare to speak such suicidal words to me, are you truly not afraid that I will kill you?” Liu Menger’s eyebrows twitched, her eyes filled with an imposing aura.

At this time, Chen Xiang slowly and suddenly sat up, with a nasty smile, he gradually looked at the heaving up and down towering chest of Liu Menger. Currently, she was wearing tights, perfectly sketching out her figure, very arousing and coveting.

“You…” Liu Menger bit her red lips and glared at Chen Xiang.

“Sister Menger, am I a very bad man in your impression?” Chen Xiang stretched his lazy waist, he also didn’t know why he could recover quickly as compared to Liu Menger, while he was also unable to operate his True Qi.

“Originally you were good, but now you are very bad! I’ve already heard there are some unclear things between you and Wu Qianqian, moreover, you also seem to have ulterior motives for that step sister of yours, Leng Youlan.” Liu Menger coldly snorted and said.

“Hei hei, if it was Xianxian, she would not think so.” Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Why do you care so much regarding my matters?”

“Xianxian, she is too stupid, she is being deceived by you.” Liu Menger said with a light snort, “I’m worried for Xianxian, she found a man who will break her heart.”

Chen Xiang, while rubbing both of his hands, seriously said, “Sister Menger, if I do something to you now and killed you afterwards… No one will know, you truly are a beautiful woman.”

Liu Menger was speechless, Chen Xiang could truly do as such, after its done, it truly didn’t matter, he might just be straightforward. Thinking of this point, Liu Menger’s tender body slightly quivered.

“Sister Menger, if you don’t know me, please don’t jump to any conclusions regarding me! Otherwise, don’t blame for turning against a friend!” Chen Xiang coldly said, out of nowhere, a Slaughter Qi burst out from his body, following his mood swings, the [Slaughtering Heart] made him like a slaughtering god.

Liu Menger looked at those eyes of his, laden with murderous intention, in her heart, she was surprised for a moment. Chen Xiang actually didn’t have any evil thoughts for her, on the contrary, he just had the desire to kill! And all of this was because she misunderstood him, slandered him, moreover, also included Xue Xianxian!

“From the beginning, I hold you in high regards, you are a senior, you are also good to Xue Xianxian, furthermore, you were also very friendly towards me. However, if you once again dare to slander me as such, I absolutely will not be polite!”

Chen Xiang stood up, he already had Yin and Yang Divine Veins, cultivated the [Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise], he was destined to become a man who would dare to look down upon everything, this was what made his arrogance different from the rest.

Looking at Chen Xiang, Liu Menger was speechless. Just a moment ago, she was just making a joke about getting molested by a man, and in the blink of an eye, she became the enemy, just because she slandered him!

“I don’t want Xianxian to think any nonsensical things, you can not say any nonsense in front of Xianxian!” Chen Xiang hunkered down, and spoke in a gloomy and ice cold voice, his whole body exuding an oppressing arrogant aura and Slaughter Qi.

Liu Menger heaved a sigh, she was indeed wrong, Chen Xiang was not so bad as she had imagined, it was evident from his previous performance, this made her feel shocked.

“I’m sorry!” Liu Menger said in a low voice, “From now on, I don’t need to worry about Xianxian anymore, she will understand you, that’s why, I don’t have to worry about you.”

Chen Xiang was very gallant, it wasn’t impossible for any woman to get attracted to him. However, as far as she knew, inside the Extreme Martial Sect, it was just Wu Qianqian who had good relations with Chen Xiang.

“This Mysterious Realm is changing, and whoever comes here will not be able to use True Qi! You have to be careful.” Chen Xiang’s spoke in a dignified manner.

Unable to use True Qi! Wouldn’t it mean that all the martial artist would lose their power? Liu Menger was very shocked in her heart, the majestic light in those beautiful eyes had already disappeared and was replaced by a deep sense of fear. She proudly stood at the apex of the martial community of the Mortal World for many years, and it was exactly because of her powerful True Qi. But now that she could not use her True Qi, she was no different from the ordinary people, which made it difficult for her to accept, and made her fall in an abyss of fear!


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