Chapter 163 – Enchantment Of Spirit Veins

More than half an hour passed, and only now was Liu Menger able to move. Although she could not utilize her True Qi, she was still able to see the True Qi in her dantian. It was being suppressed by a powerful and bizarre power, preventing it from being mobilized.

At this point, the Empress like majesty had disappeared from Liu Menger. With a weird expression in her eyes, she looked at Chen Xiang and asked softly, “Under these circumstances, do you still want to go and search for the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor? Why can you recover faster than me?”

She knew that Chen Xiang’s body was very tough, but no matter how strong it was, it couldn’t possibly be compared with her’s. After all, she had been standing on the apex of the entire Chenwu Mainland for many years now.

Chen Xiang slightly smiled, as if all those unpleasant things that had occurred previously, hadn’t occurred.

“Hei hei, your body may possibly be much stronger than me… However, my body is refined using special means!”

Chen Xiang had tempered his body in the Immortal Devil Pool and also taken the Dragon Blood Dan for quenching his body. All of this had allowed his body to gain a near miraculous fast recovery ability. When both of them were sucked inside the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, all of their strength had been drained, which is why they felt so exhausted. However, with Chen Xiang’s special body characteristics, he was able to recover extremely quickly.

Liu Menger stood up. At this moment, she felt that her whole body was very weak and she was just barely able to walk. Meanwhile Chen Xiang was full of vim and vigor. If Chen Xiang wanted to do something bad to her right now, she simply did not have the strength to resist. Thinking of this, she once again began to secretly worry in her heart. However, it soon became evident to her that Chen Xiang held no interest towards her whatsoever. She was very impressed at Chen Xiang’s mental fortitude. At the same time, she was also a little disappointed. With her temperament and enchanting aura, she actually could not tempt a young and vigorous little rascal.

“Eat!” Chen Xiang threw a jade box at her. Inside, there were many Quenching Body Dans. “I want to go and find the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, and the journey may be dangerous. Do you want to follow me? Although our strength is millions of Lis apart, now it is hard to say.”

“Humph, don’t be so proud! If we’re competing in our physical prowess, I would absolutely not lose to you! In the entire Chenwu Mainland, only a few people could be compared with me!” Liu Menger declared with a soft snort, “I promised Xianxian that I won’t allow the slightest mishap to happen to you. Of course I’ll follow you!”

Chen Xiang mischievously smiled and once again returned to that ruffian like appearance from before. “Just a moment ago, weren’t you worried that I might strip off all your clothes? After you realized you can’t use your True Qi, you were so scared, you looked like you had seen a ghost.”

Liu Menger just let out a soft snort. She realized at this moment, treating Chen Xiang gently was simply a thankless thing. Of course, she knew that Chen Xiang was just joking around with her.

Chen Xiang sternly said, “Sister Menger, let me say this first.That Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor is mine! At the time we meet it, you can not seize it!”

“If you can, just take it away. That thing is not so easy to obtain. Otherwise, Huang Jintian would have already taken it to the Extreme Martial Sect long ago.” Liu Menger said it like she didn’t even care.

Chen Xiang looked around, he found that they had fallen in a wasteland full of various sizes of stones. The sky was fully covered in dark clouds, blocking out the light. Currently, it was basically nighttime in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm.

“You’ve come here before?” Chen Xiang asked.

“I’ve come here just once before. At that time, I was just a True Martial Realm martial artist. However, it was devoid of this strange power that is suppressing True Qi.” Liu Menger lightly bit on the Quenching Body Dan. Even her act of eating the dan was quite pleasing to look, on the side, Chen Xiang was brimming with a happy smile.

“Humph, if you weren’t Xianxian’s man, I would have definitely made you look good! You can not push your luck, my patience is limited.”

Liu Menger was suddenly somewhat angry. She was the honorable Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, in charge of the gigantic Empire! However, today, she was actually molested by a twenty year old little rascal, and not just once or twice! What’s more, she was even threatened by him. She had not felt this wronged for a very long time.

“Sister Menger, do you hate me now?” Chen Xiang asked. He crouched down with his hand checking the ground, he didn’t know which way they should go.

“Hmph, you already know the answer to that, why are you asking! Originally you left an impression on me of being good, if a bit naughty. However… now, humph, humph!” Liu Menger looked all around, releasing her divine sense and becoming vigilant. She was also looking for a direction to go.

“Alas, it seems my plan fell through!” Chen Xiang helplessly sighed. At this time, he heard the faint sound of flowing water, probably from a river stream. Earlier, Huang Jintian had told him to go downstream in order to find the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor.

“What plan?” Liu Menger curiously asked, she too heard the sound of running water.

Chen Xiang sighed, “Because you hate me, you will not teach me how to refine equipment! I really wanted to learn.”

Liu Menger let out a low snort, and said, “I won’t teach you! Aren’t you are already learning alchemy, why do you still want to learn how to refine equipment?”

Chen Xiang truly wanted to ask advice from this Empress of the refiners community, however, now it seems that there was no hope.

“I know how to refine various kinds of dans, although, only a few among the countless different dans. I found aside from the relatively common ones, there are those that are either less useful or have no apparent usage. I would like to learn some information on refinement procedure of equipment to see if I can combine it with alchemy and maybe create a new type of dan!” Chen Xiang said as he started walking towards the sound of distant flowing water.

Liu Menger also closely followed him, she too intended to walk towards that location.

For this idea of Chen Xiang’s, Liu Menger just thought it was wishful thinking. She ridiculously said, “Don’t even think about it! That is simply impossible. Although both alchemy and refining requires the use of fire, the process is very different! Alchemist can not necessarily refine equipment and vice versa! For example, Elder Dan can only refine Poor Level Spirit Weapons while I too can only refine some Low-Grade Dans.”

Chen Xiang just shook his head and smiled, “That’s ok, just wait for me to refine the first envisioned dan! Then I’ll personally deliver it in your hands, thrashing your face.”

Liu Menger casually said, “You’re always welcome to try. But at that time I might have already ascended to the Heavenly Realm!”

Liu Menger was looking down on him, Chen Xiang suddenly felt somewhat unhappy. He stopped in his tracks and took out a sheet, on which there were many messy Spirit Veins drawn. However, on a closer look, this seemingly chaotic mess of Spirit Veins were very orderly. It was as if a law had crisscrossed them together. If one looked into it even more carefully, Divine Sense would fall into it, and closely follow those Spirit Veins.

Liu Menger just took a glance and was instantly captivated. She could not extricate herself, her eyebrows were tightly knit, as she constantly reflected and followed those Spirit Veins. She wanted to see what effects these Spirit Veins had. She wanted to know the law of this diagram that had been composed of these many Spirit Veins.

Liu Menger was completely engrossed with those Spirit Veins, meanwhile Chen Xiang was proudly smiling. He immediately retracted that sheet, and continued to move forward. This made Liu Menger angrily stamp her lotus like foot and softly snort.

After Liu Menger saw the space door that had been established by Long Xueyi, Liu Menger knew that Chen Xiang had many secrets. Although those Spirit Veins made many people feel a painful headache, she really liked these sort of things. In her opinion, the Spirit Vein Chen Xiang had just showed her was the most peculiar and complex set of Spirit Veins she had ever encountered. According to her estimates, it may be a High-Grade Spirit Vein, and if used properly it could release a very fearsome power!


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