Chapter 164 – Otherworldly Civilisation

Sorry in last chapter there was a mistake in a line, ‘He stopped in his tracks and took out a sheet, drawing many messy Spirit Veins.’ It was ‘He stopped in his tracks and took out a sheet, on which there were many messy Spirit Veins drawn.’. In my defense I was very sick.

As for the delay, as previously I already told you I was sick, and my situation took turn for worse and getting connection in a hospital is even more harder to get, there was too much interference and also I was advised for bed rest. I would have translated offline, but a 104 was nothing I could scoff so easily. Anyway, enjoy the chapter!!!

Before, the spirit veins Chen Xiang had shown were excerpt from the Refiners Scroll. Previously, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou too had enjoyed the complexness and very profoundness of the Refiner’s scroll. Although they weren’t proficient in it, they knew these Spirit Veins were very rare and very formidable Spirit Veins. And at last, after Chen Xiang had encountered Long Xueyi, he had once again confirmed this fact.

At this moment, he got to see the hanging appetite of Liu Menger, he was even more convinced that these Spirit Veins were indeed marvelous, and besides, he still had a lot more.

Chen Xiang strode towards that flowing water sound, and Liu Menger, who kept on asking Chen Xiang about those spirit veins, followed closely behind him. However, he just laughed off Liu Menger’s questions and didn’t paid much attention to them, making Liu Menger grind her teeth in anger.

Finally they arrived at the river shore, it was a hundred zhang wide river, clear and cold. Chen Xiang used the river water washed his face.

“Did you draw those Spirit Veins?” Liu Menger once again asked, her face was filled with resentment. Along the way, she had asked the very same question to Chen Xiang repeatedly, however, Chen Xiang never answered and directly ignored her. This kind of attitude towards her was the first time she had experienced it..

Chen XIang smiled, finally answering her question, “Yes.”

“Who taught you?” Liu Menger hastily asked, she was eagerly waiting to interrogate Chen Xiang and get her answers.

“I picked up a book, inside this book, there are many of that kind of Spirit Veins, and there are also a variety of ways to refine weapons. It’s just that I’ve been fiddling with it on my own.” Chen Xiang, after thinking through, decided to tell this to Liu Menger.

Liu Menger was astonished, her face was full of ecstasy, and yet she immediately pouted, looking upset, because she knew that taking advantage of Chen Xiang was not so easy. Before, she had flatly refused Chen Xiang’s request, so she also hadn’t expected that, at this time, she had to change her tune.

“Originally; I wanted to ask you to teach me, alas… forget it, who told you to have so much prejudice against me.” Chen Xiang said with a look of disappointment, then walked along the downstream.

Liu Menger followed after behind him. After considering for a long time, she nibbled her lips and spoke, “Ok, I have completely misunderstood you before. But you know, I do not really hate you, who told you to molest me.”

At this point, Liu Menger was just like her name, like a little girl, this change also had its own charm which caught Chen Xiang in surprise.

“I’ve called you Sister Menger, I was certainly joking with you before!” Chen Xiang mischievously smiled and said, “Elder Dan originally also used to hate me, however, now… hei hei, isn’t she now someone who I could lead around by the nose!”

“Humph, here we go again! You mean to say, you will lead me by the nose?” Liu Menger let out a soft snort and spoke as she stared at Chen Xiang.

“Of course not, Sister Menger is Xianxian’s teacher, so of course, I want to please you. That way, you will be good to Xianxian!” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “All the unpleasant things happened prior, let’s consider those as something that didn’t happen.”

By making this elegant, peerless, empress chase him as such, Chen Xiang was quite satisfied. He certainly didn’t want to have bad relations with Liu Menger, and now, he also felt being together with Liu Menger was not bad, at least he get to see an additional cute and amusing side of her, this was perhaps something that was very difficult to see.

Chen Xiang took out his ten sheets of excerpt Spirit Veins which were also the first ten sheets of the Refiners Scroll. According to the book, these were the most basic of the Refiners Scroll, as long as one could entirely understand these ten Spirit Veins, one could start learning the aforementioned refining weapon technique in the Refiner’s Scroll.

Liu Menger took those ten sheets as she immediately halted her footsteps. She aptly looked at where she stood, her mature beautiful face was filled with ecstasy, a drunken blush emerged on her face, which made her seem even more beautiful and enchanting. Indeed, she was very charming.

On the side, Chen Xiang rubbed his chin, appreciating that peerless face, secretly praising in his heart, he could not wait to extend his hand and stroke that breathtaking face.

“Sister Menger, don’t look now, take your time to look at it when you return to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire! I entered this Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm in advance for obtaining that Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, we have no time to delay!” Chen Xiang urged.

Liu Menger didn’t hear his words, her pretty eyes were glued to that sheet of Spirit Veins in her hands, continously blinking, her brain was quickly calculating these Spirit Veins, looking as if she was doing some very complex thinking.

Seeing Liu Menger so serious, Chen Xiang could not help but extend his hand and stroke her cheeks, his hand felt very good, as if he was stroking a creamy beautiful jade. With just one touch, Chen Xiang was addicted to it, he too didn’t know from where he got the courage, he actually dare to rub even further.

Just as Chen Xiang was spellbound in touching, Liu Menger surprisingly grab hold of his wrist and coldly asked, “What are you doing?”

Chen Xiang was surprised as he instantly regained his senses. He forcibly smiled and said, “Sister Menger, there was some dirt on your face, I was helping you wipe it… Right, did you discover anything when you were looking? I’ve also examined it for long, but didn’t understand these Spirit Veins!”

When he said ‘these Sprit Veins’, Liu Menger’s eyes were pleasantly surprised as she said in excitement, “These Spirit Veins are very complex, all of them are High-Grade Spirit Veins. These are not from this Mortal Martial World, I think they came from another Mortal World! You should know that, under the heavens, our Mortal Martial World is not the only one. There are also many other Mortal Worlds that are much more civilised than ours, however, it is very difficult to travel from one world to another world, and if you can get something from their world, it is extremely good!”

Chen Xiang was also taken aback, if he could get alchemy techniques from another world, this might greatly elevate his alchemy. But of course, with regards to the recipe and the herbs, it would be harder.

“Sister Menger, let’s hurry! I have to hurry and find the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor!” Chen Xiang replied.

Liu Menger stored those ten sheets as if they were treasure, she also knew it would be impossible for her to get the Refiner’s Scroll from Chen Xiang, however, she could get these Spirit Veins, it was enough for her to fiddle around for sometime.

Liu Menger touched her cheek; she softly snorted and said, “You spunk, you even dared to cheaply take advantage of me! Before, the situation was unavoidable, so it was ok, but now you actually…hum, hum.”

Chen Xiang chuckled and said, “Sister Menger, in the future, whatever progress you make, you better tell me, these ten sheets of Spirit Veins are the most basic, these should be learnt, before one can start learning the Refiner’s knowledge.”

Liu Menger had also reached her bottleneck in weapon refining, and now that she got these Spirit Veins, she felt that it was equal to treasure. Regarding the matter of Chen Xiang touching her face before, she chose to not pursue the matter, it was deemed as giving Chen Xiang a little benefit, and besides, in her heart, she didn’t truly abhorred Chen Xiang, she just felt that he was a little bad.

“En, wait for me to teach you these Spirit Veins, afterwards, I’ll teach you weapon refining too! While in this period of time, you should get familiar with these Spirit Veins.” Liu Menger said while nodding her head, her voice becoming a lot more warm.

“Sister Menger, not in a million could you tell Xianxian about the things happened here, otherwise, that little girl would definitely despise me.” Chen Xiang said with a bitter smile.

“Humph, you can be rest assured! If I say it to her, it would also have an impact on me.” Liu Menger remembered what happened before, she couldn’t help but get angry again, “You know the way?”

“Maybe?!” Chen Xiang nodded his head.

“What do you mean?” Liu Menger slightly knitted her beautiful eyebrows.

“Let’s go!” Chen Xiang curled his lips, he himself was also not sure whether the words of his insane teacher were true or not.


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