Chapter 166 – Water Way

Chen Xiang and Liu Menger were on the boat, each slashing away with their sharp divine weapon at those countless pouncing Heavenly Dark Mice. At the same time, Liu Menger used her Divine Sense to push the boat, leaving the shore. By now, the boat was covered in the blood of the Heavenly Dark Mice and there was even some blood dripping from Chen Xiang’s body. However, there was not a single bloodstain on those white tights of Liu Menger. Previously, Chen Xiang had also noticed this strange phenomena, it seemed that Liu Menger’s tights had a peculiar ability that could repulse away the tides of dripping blood.

The small boat was now far away from the shore, and soon arrived at the center of the river stream, leaving those Heavenly Dark Mice screaming on the far away shore. They didn’t dare to step in the river that had been filled with the floating corpses of many Heavenly Dark Mice. If these could be taken out, Chen Xiang thought he would be able to exchange them for tons of crystal stones. As he used his broadsword to row that small boat to fish out those floating corpses, he realized that his style of doing things had some uncanny resemblance with Zhu Rong’s after spending a lot of time together.

“Quickly wash your body. Ah!” Upon seeing those Heavenly Dark Mice were not chasing, Liu Menger sighed in relief. “Right, also let me take a look at your blade.”

“No! That blade is very heavy, if I take it out now, it could sink the boat!” When Chen Xiang came aboard the boat, he had already exchanged his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade with a Level-3 Spirit Weapon. At this moment, Chen Xiang leapt into the water, the river cleanly stripped off the blood on him, washing his entire body. Afterwards, Chen Xiang asked Liu Menger to turn around before climbing up and changing his clothes.

Realizing that there was a naked man behind her, Liu Menger’s face became very hot. She became very shy. She realized that in the brief period of time with Chen Xiang, he had made her experience a lot of things which she had never experienced in the past thousands of years in her life.

[TLN: No love life in her tens of thousands of years of her life. Pfffffffffffffff…]

“Is it safe inside the river or not?” Liu Menger looked at the gradually flowing river. In her heart, she was somewhat worried. She tightly gripped that white bone long spear in her hands as she stood on the bow of the boat.

Chen Xiang spread his hands, and helplessly said, “I don’t know either, I was only told by someone that traveling on the river way is safe!”

“Sister Menger, that bone spear of yours is very beautiful, what is it called? When you were killing the mice, there was not a single trace of blood on it. Also, when you were wielding this spear, you looked truly beautiful, very pleasing to the eye!” Chen Xiang praised. What he said was entirely true, when he was using his blade before to kill those Heavenly Divine Mice, he was not capable of doing so with such a majestic style.

“Kiss of the Jade Dragon!” Liu Menger holding the long spear majestically stood at the bow. Watching the river surface with a cold look, she dismissively said, “When I obtained this, it was already damaged. It took me a good three thousand years to restore it! It’s rank is very high, it’s not a mere mortal weapon!” Her tone was filled with pride because she had been able to recover this level of weapon, it was something she could be very proud of.

[TLN: Kiss of the Jade Dragon: 玉龙之吻]

The name itself was very beautiful, however, Chen Xiang knew, if that so called ‘kiss’ arrived, it definitely would not be so beautiful.

“What is that blade of yours called?” Liu Menger asked.

“Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, its speciality is that when True Qi is poured into it, the weight is increased and it would become even more heavy! However, the wielder would not feel a single bit of it, Hei hei, formidable, right!” Chen Xiang laughed and said.

“Very formidable!” Liu Menger nodded her head in response, in her heart, she was secretly astonished.

Suddenly, a billowing thunderous roar came from the shore, Chen Xiang and Liu Menger immediately turned their heads towards the sound. Suddenly a chill ran down their spines and both their faces turned pale. They had a panic-stricken look because there was a dense flock of various demon beasts. Looking from afar, it was extremely shocking. It was as if ants had densely covered the shore.

Chen Xiang gulped, “It appears that a great bloody slaughter will take place! After I obtain the Black Tortoise Armor, I will not allow Xianxian to come here! It’s too dangerous!”

“Yes. Being unable to use True Qi would truly make things very dangerous. In just ten thousand years time, so many demon beasts have actually been born. However, why is there some power sealing our True Qi?” Liu Menger could not help but suck in a mouthful of cold air. If at this time, they were still on the shore, the odds would definitely be against them.

“There is not even a single Monster Dan among the thirty Heavenly Dark Mice we killed!” Chen Xiang said with disappointment.

“There are very few demon beasts with Monster Dans. For each corpse, you should be able to get at least ten thousand crystal stones!” Liu Menger said. Regarding this small amount of money, she didn’t care about it at all.

The sky gradually turned brighter, however it was still mostly cloudy. The demon beasts on both shores gradually decreased throughout the night and both Chen Xiang and Liu Menger were always on the tenterhooks while guarding against those demon beasts. They were worried that these demon beasts would suddenly jump over. However, these beasts seemed to be very scared of the water and didn’t come over.

Ten days past, the countless demon beasts on both shores gradually made Chen Xiang and Liu Menger numb. The Spirit Qi in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm was many times that of the Spirit Qi outside, so logically it should not be that surprising for it to have bred so many demon beasts. Besides, it was also devoid of any human interference for ten thousand years.

“There is no way ahead!” Liu Menger suddenly spoke. Chen Xiang saw a stone mountain in front of the river and the water seemed to be able to penetrate that stone mountain.

Chen Xiang looked all around. He saw a road full of mud, there was also some water on it. However, a stench was also permeating from this road.

“Over there, there should be a water way!” Chen Xiang pointed at that muddy river.

Although Liu Menger was somewhat reluctant to go there, it was already proven that what Chen Xiang had said earlier was true, walking on the water way was very safe! She took out two oars, and with Chen Xiang began to row the small boat.

“I’m rowing a boat with sister Menger, it’s truly a great joy in life, ha ha…” Chen XIang happily laughed.

“Can’t you a little bit serious?” Liu Menger coldly said. Since last night, she had employed a straight face, there was not a single moment she let up. On the other hand, Chen Xiang was happy and giggling.

“Sister Menger, you could also enjoy this. You have this kind of thing in your storage ring, you must have played often with Xianxian.” Chen Xiang laughed and said.

“Humph, I was taught a lot by that little girl, she has tons of tricks under her sleeve.” Liu Menger retorted. When she was together with Xianxian, Liu Menger also felt rather happy.

“Hei hei, it was I who taught her all those ways to play around.” Chen Xiang laughed and said. Thinking of his childhood days spent together with Xue Xianxian, his face was also brimming with happiness.

As they entered the muddy path, rowing became even more difficult, but the strength of both Chen Xiang and Liu Menger was enough. In addition, Chen Xiang was also carrying a lot of supplementary dans, which would allow them to be recover their strength.

“Look!” Chen Xiang immediately shouted in shock. At this time, they saw that both sides of the mud stream was suddenly filled with dense figures. On a closer look, those figures were huge centipedes, spiders, scorpions, toads and various kinds of poisonous beasts. Looking at them would make anyone’s scalp tingle, and their whole body drenched in cold sweat. Especially with centipedes of this size, the bull or sheep-sized toads, scorpions, and spiders. All of them looked very frightening, besides most of them were very poisonous creatures.

Liu Menger frowned, her whole face was filled with disgust. If she could use her True Qi, it was highly likely that both shores would be razed with fire.

“Sister Menger. How is the relationship between you and Elder Dan?” Chen Xiang asked in order to distract them from the horrendous sight in front of them.

Those poisonous creatures on both sides were extremely dense, there were too many to even count. However, not a single one of them dared to enter the mud which reassured Liu Menger a lot.

“She would often use dans to exchange for some of my Spirit Weapons. Our relationship is also good, however, even I have never seen her true appearance!” Regarding this matter, Liu Menger was also very curious. In fact, it was a matter that had already troubled her for thousands of years.

“What about the Dean of the Danxiang Taoyuan? Have you ever come in contact with her?” Chen Xiang once again asked.

“No, I’ve never seen her. However, a maidservant of hers would generally come and discuss some things with me. Danxiang Taoyuan is also completely managed by this maidservant!” Liu Menger replied, she knew what idea Chen Xiang was having, because she too believed that there was a relation between the Dean of the Danxiang Taoyuan and Elder Dan. After all, both of them were very major yet mysterious figures.

“Is the maidservant you spoke of Hua Xiangyue?” Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart. He hadn’t expected Hua Xiangyue to be in possession of that much authority. Surprisingly, she actually managed the entire Danxiang Taoyuan.

“You actually know so many women!” Liu Menger said with a light snort.

Suddenly, the poisonous beasts on both sides spread out, which was soon followed by a loud roar along with severe trembling. It was as if the entire Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm was shaking. That roar also sounded very hoarse, it carried a kind of vicissitudes and sadness along with it.


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