Chapter 168 – Adamantyl Crocodile Python

That roar seemed like as if it was emitted by an ancient giant beast, giving off loneliness and vicissitudes of life, but also full of majesty and intimidation.

Both Chen Xiang and Liu Menger halted their footsteps, they were secretly worried that there was a powerful ancient demon beast inside the island. At present, they were unable to use their True Qi. If they encountered any powerful demon beast attack, they could only escape.

Liu Menger held her long spear while walking in front with a serious look, she frowned and said, “Be careful, if there is a powerful demon beast that attacks us, you disregard everything else and escape, leave me alone! I have a way to deal with it!”

Chen Xiang didn’t answer, he just had a serious countenance while being vigilant of the surroundings. Both of them had already entered inside the forest, and in here, it was very quiet, so quiet that it would make people somewhat fear it.

There were lots of weeds in the forest, and they were very difficult to cut, they had very strong life force. The trunks of the trees were also very thick, making Chen Xiang somewhat puzzled, the Spirit Qi here was so rich, surprisingly, there weren’t any odd flowers or strange grasses, all of them were just some weeds.

“There is some movement!” Liu Menger suddenly stopped, clasped her long spear, she was ready to act at moment’s notice.

It had already been half an hour since they have entered the forest, and they were about to reach the center! After arriving here, their nerves became even more taught, they became exceptionally vigilant, if there was any sign of trouble, both of them will immediately know!

“Be careful!” Chen Xiang and Liu Menger both quickly shouted at the same time, while simultaneously brandishing their respective weapon in hand. Liu Menger thrusted her pretty long spear, while Chen Xiang had also slashed out his broadsword, both of them attacked towards the same direction, and both of them had equally attacked with their strongest power.

In their opinion, even if it was a relatively powerful spirit beast, it would at least be wounded by the attack of their divine weapons, however, who knew that only sparks would burst out, with a ‘Deng’ brittle sound, they only felt their weapon attacking a very hard thing!

Chen Xiang was very shocked, although he had not poured True Qi in the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, it was very sharp. With his powerful physical strength, he had brandished this blade, even if it was a Grade-3 Spirit Beast, it would have been easily sliced into two. Liu Menger too was similarly surprised, the hard body of many Spirit Beast had been pierced by her ‘Kiss of the Jade Dragon’, however, now, when she had thrust at that thing, it was unusually strong, which was why a powerful resistance returned back at her, making her beautiful hands numb.

Both Chen Xiang and Liu Menger jumped up at the same time, at this time, both of them were able to see what had suddenly attacked them, surprisingly, it was a creature similar to a giant python.

“This beast is from the ancient period known as the Adamantyl Crocodile Python!” Liu Menger said in a dignified tone.

This Adamantyl Crocodile Python had a water-tank sized thick body, with a head like a giant crocodile. Its whole body was covered in grey scales one after another, which looked a bit like a crocodile skin.

The Adamantyl Crocodile Python, with its pair of golden eyes, directly stared at Chen Xiang and Liu Menger, it suddenly opened its jaws, revealing its sharp teeth which looked very intimidating.

They were perfectly sure that the mysterious beastly roar from before wasn’t emitted by this Adamantyl Crocodile Python.

After their previous attack, Chen Xiang and Liu Menger knew that their weapons had no effect on this Adamantyl Crocodile Python, from high to low, this beast’s whole body was as hard as adamantyl!

Although this guy had a very stout body, it was not a little bit slow. At this moment,

Chen Xiang and Liu Menger were on high alert, the Adamantyl Crocodile Python quickly swung its pointed tail, its tail was like a sharp spike, thrusting towards Chen Xiang. Simultaneously, the Adamantyl Crocodile Python rammed its giant head towards Liu Menger.

This Adamantyl Crocodile Python unexpectedly used its head and tail at the same time to attack two enemies, because its whole body was as hard as steel, it didn’t fear any attack on its humongous body.

At this point, Chen Xiang and Liu Menger could only dodge, if they had their True Qi, at present, it would not be so hard for them! However, the scales on the Adamantyl Crocodile Python made Liu Menger extremely excited, this was a very good material for refining equipments, whether it was used for refining armor or weapon, it was a top-grade material.

“Truly worthy of an ancient species, although it’s just a Grade-5 Spirit Beast, relying on its innate abilities and indestructible scales, most people would not dare to attack it!” Long Xueyi, this little dragoness, was unexpectedly very excited, this made Chen Xiang secretly curse her. At the same time, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were thinking of ways to deal this tough ancient period spirit beast.

According to legends, during the ancient period, the Spirit Qi between heaven and earth was very rich, strong martial artists were as many as clouds. As for the demon beasts, in order for them to survive and obtain even more powerful strength, the demon beasts wedlocked to make up for their own weaknesses. After the birthed cubs reached adolescence, they would become strange species, very tough, most of the ancient strange beast were as such.

However, with Spirit Qi getting thinner, and with the appearance of more powerful humans, ancient strange species slowly disappeared. The demon beasts were also badly degraded, and most of them were evolved into some wild animals in the mountains.

“Does this guy have any weakness? We can not go on like this, it will consume all of our strength!” Chen Xiang didn’t brandish his blade to chop on that thrusting spear-like tail, instead, he just dodged it sideway.

The Adamantyl Crocodile Python was simultaneously attacking using its head and tail, surprisingly, its body was also quickly slithering, forcing Chen Xiang in a steady retreat, destroying many of those huge trees in the process!

It was also very difficult for Liu Menger to cope. Because the Adamantyl Crocodile Python was also spraying its stinking venom one after another, the trees which were sprayed melted in blink of an eye, in conclusion, the poison was very strong.

“Idiot, hit at the 7-inch area below its head*! Although this snake is very large, however, its vital point is also similar with the common snakes, look for that spot and strike!” Long Xueyi tenderly shouted, “I thought you knew about it, no wonder you didn’t attack, originally, you didn’t even know it!”

Chen Xiang, in his heart, was astonished, he had also thought about it before. However, he felt that it was not tangible to apply for this Adamantyl Crocodile Python. It must be known this Adamantyl Crocodile Python’s whole body was covered in very hard scales, if a blade was slashed on it, only sparks would burst out, besides, this Adamantyl Crocodile Python was very powerful too.

“Sister Menger, the seven inch!” Chen Xiang shouted, at this point, he could only follow Long Xueyi words. Liu Menger, seeing Chen Xiang was already making preparation, realized that there was no time for any pondering, she soon followed in Chen Xiang’s attempt.

Chen Xiang’s feet were sliding, his figure was like a snake, and in a flash, he arrived at the seven inch location of the Adamantyl Crocodile Python. He could only grit his teeth as he raised the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade high, and using all of his might, he hacked down like lightning.

The seven inch was just a notion, it refers to the weak point of the snake, although the Adamantyl Crocodile Python was humongous, as an alchemist, Chen Xiang could also determine the so called ‘seven inch’ of this snake.

“Deng” a brittle sound resounded, though it sounded the same as before, this blade strike made the Adamantyl Crocodile Python madly wriggle, its humongous body in this sierra was tumbling and struggling, razing a lot of trees to the ground.

Liu Menger, seeing that it was working, lightly leapt, jump high into the air, identifying the ‘seven inch’ location of the Adamantyl Crocodile Python. She swooped down and directly plummet, the sharp spear tip refined using the White Jade Dragon Bone suddenly pierced into the body of the Adamantyl Crocodile Python.

The Adamantyl Crocodile Python was struggling even more severely, blood was constantly gushing out from that place where it was pierced, Liu Menger’s thrust had succeeded, and she immediately retreated, while Chen Xiang swoop over once again and slashed his blade. Although he was not able to cut off the Adamantyl Crocodile Python, the impact from the strike still made the Adamantyl Crocodile Python feel sharp pain.

In this way, Liu Menger and Chen Xiang, one after another, took turns, and continuously attacked the vital point of the Adamantyl Crocodile Python. In just a brief period of time, that ‘seven inch’ place were riddled with many holes, that place had become even more vulnerable, Chen Xiang after exerting all his strength in his blade, was finally able to cut the Adamantyl Crocodile Python into two pieces.

TLN: Chinese saying, a snake’s weakness is 7 inches below its head. 打蛇打七寸– hit snake hit 7 inch. Which means if you want to kill a snake, aim for 7 inches below it’s head.


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