Chapter 171 – Sleeping Divine Weapon

Liu Menger had decided to let Chen Xiang take a look at her Vermillion Bird divine weapon, however, at the same time, she was also a little embarrassed. She would need to take off her clothes in front of Chen Xiang, and it was somewhat difficult. Facing her back against Chen Xiang, she steeled her nerves, slowly untied those white tight robes reining her body.

Chen Xiang, while holding his breath with with wide open eyes, stared at Liu Menger. This enchanting undressing motions, it was very enticing, in his heart, ripples of excitement broke out one after another.

Liu Menger only undid her upper garments, but even so, it was more than enough to send Chen Xiang in a trance. Her creamy white tender back and graceful sleek waist, they were impossible for Chen Xiang to not be tempted. Chen Xiang was clearly able to see a layer of very thin transparent ribbon around Liu Menger’s body, making it look even more attractive.

Liu Menger’s both hands were crossed and covering her chest, her rosy face was even more beautiful. As she clenched her teeth, she said in a low voice, “Try to see if you can awake this Vermillion Bird divine weapon!”

Only at this time did Chen Xiang regain his senses and focused his attention on that transparent silk. Previously, when he was directly staring at her beautiful back, he was swimming in his imagination, he rubbed his hands and went over.

Feeling Chen Xiang gradually coming closer, Liu Menger could not help but feel tensed, if not for spending so many days with Chen Xiang, and if she had not understood Chen Xiang, she would never dare to do such a risky thing.

From the side, Chen Xiang could see that Liu Menger’s beautiful hands simply could not cover those round snow white peaks, and seeing this, blood once again rushed to Chen Xiang’s head.

At this moment, Chen Xiang could not wait to embrace this peerless beauty’s back, however, he just thought about it. He reached out his hands and touched that silk on Liu Menger’s body, and just as he saw those snow white pretty shoulders of Liu Menger shaking, Liu Menger let a low moan.

Stroking that warm creamy beautiful back across the silk ribbon, Chen Xiang secretly praised. He could not resist anymore, so he lightly caressed a good few times, enjoying that kind of stunning feeling he got from his hand. While Liu Menger nibbled her fragrant lips, her heart was madly pounding, she was feeling extremely shy.

While touching, Chen Xiang could not help but lean his head over, inhaling that innate body fragrance wafting off that Liu Menger’s delicate body.

Feeling a certain warmth approaching her, Liu Menger turned her head and tenderly shouted, “What are you doing?” Looking at Chen Xiang, whose head was leaned over, she immediately became angry from shame, however, she was unable to do anything, she could only grit her teeth and scold him.

Chen Xiang knew that he couldn’t go too far, so he just continued stroking that wrapped silk ribbon on her enchanting back, however, nothing happened like before. In the past, as long as he touched those Divine Weapon of the Four Symbols, a transformation would occur, however, as of this moment, nothing was happening.

“You may need to pour some of the Vermillion Bird True Qi?” Su Meiyao let out a soft snort, looking at Chen Xiang taking advantage of other party so cheaply. She very much despised his actions, and she was secretly unhappy.

Chen Xiang began operating the Vermillion Bird True Qi, however, at this time, Long Xueyi suddenly imitated his voice and said, “Sister Menger, your body is truly exceptional, can you let me hug you?”

“Dead girl, shut your big mouth!” Chen Xiang hastily scolded her with his divine sense.

As Liu Menger heard him, her tender body quivered. At present, both her hands were over her chest, and she did not dare to randomly move, she was worried that if she removed her hands, Chen Xiang might come in front and take a look.

“Chen Xiang, do not push your luck!” Liu Menger said while clenching her teeth, she was somewhat angry. She didn’t expect that Chen Xiang would suddenly play as a hooligan.

“Just joking!” Chen Xiang gave a hollow laugh and said, he hastily poured the Vermillion Bird True Qi into that silk ribbon.

“This is True Qi?” Liu Menger’s voice was quivering, she was horrified. If Chen Xiang was able to use his true Qi, she was simply not Chen Xiang’s opponent, and if Chen Xiang wanted to do something to her, she would simply not have any power to resist.

Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said, “Don’t you trust me? Although I was a little bad, I will not do any outrageous things!”

Suddenly, Chen Xiang frowned, he discovered that his Vermillion Bird True Qi was rapidly disappearing. He knew that this Vermillion Bird divine weapon was about to be ‘activated’, just like when he acquired the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor; during those times, something similar to the current situation had occurred.

Liu Menger was also very astonished, she could feel that the ribbon wrapped around her chest was emitting a fiery-red aura as a warm current surge into her body, making her feel the strength of the Vermillion Bird divine weapon. This made her feel as if she was integrating with the Vermillion Bird divine weapon.

Chen Xiang retreated a few steps, and with a surprised look on his face, he looked at the fiery-red aura that was wrapped around Liu Menger, he exclaimed, “Sister Menger, are you alright?”

“I’m fine… I feel that I’m fusing with the Vermillion Bird divine weapon.” Liu Menger’s voice was carrying her excitement and exhilaration. This Vermillion Bird divine weapon had followed her for many years, so she already had a deep sentiment for it, however, due to the lack of the Vermillion Bird True Qi, she was unable to awaken the Vermillion Bird divine weapon. But with Chen Xiang pouring the vermillion Bird True Qi, it had finally occurred.

Chen Xiang sat on the ground, watching Liu Menger as she got drunk in joy while firelight was wriggling around her. In his heart, he sighed, originally he was thinking of collecting the Divine Weapons of the Four Symbols, however, now the Vermillion Bird divine weapon would definitely not go to him.

“I absolutely can not be lacking, I will refine it myself!” Chen Xiang clenched his fist, determined, he knew that this would take him a long time.

“Chen Xiang, this woman got so many benefits, you should ask her to give you a little reward. Maybe stripping naked and letting you have a look, or kiss you or something… hei hei!” Long Xueyi, this little dragoness roguishly laughed, her laughter was full of sarcasm.

“Dead girl, what do you think of me? I only have complete admiration for her, I don’t have any wicked thoughts!” Chen Xiang scolded in a low voice, “You wait for me, better not let me find the opportunity, otherwise; I will spank your little ass till it’s swollen.”

“Goodfellas, I’m afraid, oh, Sister Meiyao, Sister Youyou, you must help me!” Long Xueyi intentionally made her voice filled with fear, which then made Chen Xiang secretly clenched his teeth. He knew that this naughty little dragoness had already hit off well with Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, they would usually talk with their divine sense, and Chen Xiang simply had no way to snoop what they were talking about.

The fiery-red aura enshrouding Liu Menger had disappeared, the silk ribbon wrapped around her body from before had also disappeared. Liu Menger opened her eyes, her beautiful face was filled with joy, which added to her exquisite charm.

Liu Menger turned around, facing Chen Xiang as she warmly smiled and spoke, “Thank you, you let me have this divine weapon!”

At this instant, Chen Xiang’s whole body was burning, he felt warm current rushing into his head, blood almost gushing out from his nose! Because he saw Liu Menger’s front directly! Looking at her, he saw those two round voluptuous snow white peaks of hers, and those two tender red spots on them that were dazzling in a different way. Without any reservations, they were all visible in front of him.

This kind of beauty made Chen Xiang’s heartbeat and breathing stop, it was as if the whole world had suddenly stopped, and this kind of impact made his mind blank out. However, he had also seen equally mind-blowing figures, before, he had seen Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao’s jade-like bodies, so afterwards, he had a certain amount of resistance.

“Sister Menger, how about you first get dressed, you like this is just making me extremely embarrassed!” Chen Xiang, at this instant, finally regained his senses. His face was flustered, and there was an awkward smile on his face as he spoke while turning his head at the same time.

Liu Menger finally reacted, her face suddenly became extremely hot, red to the ears. At this moment, she suddenly remembered that she was bare-chested! Previously, in a moment of joy, she was carried away. Fusing with such a powerful divine weapon, she had forgotten this matter in an instance of momentary pleasure. After the shock, she hastily turned around and wore her clothes.


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