Chapter 172 – The Vermillion Bird’s Tender Thread

Anyhow, Liu Menger was also the tycoon of some forces in a region, she had lived tens of thousands of years, however, she had never appeared this shameful in front of a man. At this moment, she could not wait to erase the memory from before, because it was truly shameful. Although she secretly cursed Chen Xiang, this was not Chen Xiang’s fault at all.

If not for him, she would not even know that the thing which had accompanied her for all these years would be this powerful, not to mention that if it wasn’t for him, she would never have truly acquired this thing.

Fortunately, in her heart, she didn’t abhore Chen Xiang, on the contrary, she had a kind of indescribable affection for him, plus he was also quite handsome, all of these combined was the reason why she hadn’t really taken it to her heart.

Liu Menger got dressed, turned around, then shyly glanced at Chen Xiang. Afterwards, she lowered her head, her face completely flustered.

Chen Xiang looked at her and incessantly clutched his head, he too didn’t know what to say, nor how to get past this very embarrassing atmosphere.

“Cough, cough… Sister Menger note for the next time, just a moment ago, you made me very embarrassed!” Chen Xiang dryly coughed twice, this sentence of his made Liu Menger wished to ruthlessly step on his feet. Without even asking, he got see a part of her which no man had ever seen, and now he had the gall to say something like this.

Chen Xiang waved his hand, mischievously smiled and said, “Forget it, no need for me to apologize, no need to take it to the heart!”

Liu Menger stamped her foot and clenched her teeth with a light snort. For the first time in her life, she had seen such a shameless man, it was as if she had forced Chen Xiang to look at her, and in her opinion, Chen Xiang very cheaply got an advantage from her.

“Little rascal, never ever spoke of this to anyone!” Liu Menger voice became cold.

“Rest assured, even if I speak of it, no one is ever going to believe it.” Chen Xiang laughed and said, “How is that Vermillion Bird divine weapon? What’s it called?”

As he spoke the ‘Vermillion Bird divine weapon’ Liu Menger suddenly became excited as she spread her arms apart, and a fiery-red ribbon appeared in her hands. It now seemed that she had forgotten about the previous matter as she excitedly said, “It’s name is the Vermillion Bird’s Tender Thread, which is also fire-attributed, the finest it could become is like this silk thread, and in the biggest and the longest state, it could be as big as a giant mountain. If poured True Qi in it, it could also spray out very intense flames, usually, I can also wrap it around my body to act as an armor and resist incoming attacks, however, it could also be used as a weapon. In simpler words, it has lots of usage!”

While speaking, the Vermillion Bird’s Tender Thread in her hand suddenly became a silk thread. With Liu Menger’s control, that tender thread was the same as a flying nail, which then penetrated into that sarcophagus. Controlling it once again, the Vermillion Bird’s Tender Thread suddenly transformed into a ribbon, spewing out an intense fire, making that sarcophagus burst open.

If it penetrated the body, it would be an understatement to call it frightening!

“It’s not just a thread!” Liu Menger tenderly laughed and once again played with the tender thread, the instant she waved her hand, countless fine threads appeared like a net. Through her precise control, those countless thread, one after another, were tied onto stones, and with another wave of her beautiful hands, those stones of various sizes floated along with those countless tender thread.

“At present, the tender thread is very stiff!” Liu Menger spoke with a sweet smile and a certain cutesy in her voice as she controlled the Vermillion Bird’s Tender Thread in a variety of ways.

Chen Xiang, in his heart, was very astonished. If a person was suddenly penetrated through these many tender thread, wouldn’t that mean that that person would be under the control of her palm? The Vermillion Bird divine weapon’s form was not that surprising to him, but its power was totally unexpected.

“This is extremely useful for catching demon beasts!” Liu Menger retracted the Vermillion Bird’s Tender Thread, her forehead was full of fragrant perspiration, however, she was very pleased.

“Menger Sister, can you use your True Qi?” Chen Xiang asked.

Liu Menger shook her head and doubtfully looked at Chen Xiang, “Nope, the only reason I can use the Vermillion Bird’s Tender Thread is because of the True Qi poured by you before, how can you use your True Qi? Besides, your True Qi is very special! As if this Vermillion Bird’s Tender Weapon needed your True Qi in order to wake up.”

Chen Xiang smiled, “This was originally my confidential secret, not even Xianxian knows about it. It’s not that I don’t wish to tell it, it’s just that the martial exercise I cultivate is very enviable and also very famous, I fear it will bring trouble to Xianxian.”

“But I can tell sister Menger, sister Menger is very strong, that’s why I am not worried!” Chen Xiang had already decided to pass the [Vermillion Bird Divine Exercise] to Liu Menger. Anyway, he felt that there was no gap between him and Liu Menger anymore, as if they were best friends, not to mention he needed very strong and formidable martial artists.

Before, Chen Xiang had passed the [Vermillion Bird Divine Exercise to Wu Qianqian, that was in order to save Wu Qianqian’s life.

“If you want to better use this Vermillion Bird’s Tender Thread, you need to cultivate this martial exercise, I’ll now pass it to you.” Chen Xiang sat on the ground, and indicated Liu Menger to also sit down.

Liu Menger, after some thinking for a while, asked, “Are you simply going to teach it to me?”

Chen Xiang mischievously laughed and said, “You think I want something in return, if so, then can you kiss me?”

“Humph!” Liu Menger uttered a tender snort, angrily glared at Chen Xiang, thinking about Chen Xiang seeing her body a moment before, her face could not help but turn red again. This time, Chen Xiang had already begun speaking some of the chanting formula.

Liu Menger quickly wrote it down, and at the same time, she was extremely surprised. She was a Nirvana Realm martial artist, and she could naturally see how profound the [Vermillion Bird Divine Exercise] was, although it was very esoteric, she could still relatively understand it.

Half a day passed by, Liu Menger had completely memorized the [Vermillion Bird Divine Exercise]. As she gratefully looked at Chen Xiang, she spoke, “Xianxian have a very good husband, I’m also relieved, I’m truly appreciative of you!”

Chen Xiang grinned and said, “No need to thank me, you had already thanked me after… hei hei.”

“Humph, do not mention it! Or I’ll punch you!” Liu Menger angrily spoke, though Chen Xiang’s character was indeed good, there were still some bad points, otherwise, she would have already been gnawed by Chen Xiang till not even her bones were left.

Chen Xiang stretched his tired waist and said, “Let’s go out and take a look, I want to kill some demon beasts, I’m not a Queen like you, not lacking any crystal stones.”

“You know I’m a Queen, yet you don’t know how to respect me.” Liu Menger ruefully retorted.

“Who told you not to act like a Queen in front of me.” Chen Xiang faintly smiled and said.

Liu Menger just uttered a tender snort, she discovered that she simply could not afford to be an Empress in front of Chen Xiang. It it wasn’t like that, she would be oftenly molested by Chen Xiang and would be easily deceived with just few words. She herself didn’t know why she couldn’t withstand the fierceness of this young boy, and she could also not think of doing anything terrible to him. Previously, she had tested Chen Xiang’s anger, but she didn’t want Chen Xiang to hate her.

After they left the cave, Chen Xiang and Liu Menger were very shocked, because outside was now completely different!

Their location was still the island, however, contrary to the original scenery of many tall trees and variety of weeds around the island, all kinds of spirit herbs had now filled the surroundings.

“This…what the hell happened here?” Chen Xiang looked at the ground which was now full of spirit herbs. With the scene before him, he could not help but suck in a mouthful of air.

Metal Spirit Tree, Thousand Vein Tree, two of each, and there were more than twenty fruits on each of them… These were part of the materials for refining the Building Foundation Dan.

Xuan Zhen Grass, Ten Thousand Spirit Tree, Grand Elemental Tree, these were the materials required for refining the True Elemental Dan. There were tons of them, and the ground shining in a white glow, it was the White jade Skeleton Grass, and there were many of them, as if they were just weed, growing everywhere. Ten thousand years old Ginseng, ten thousand years old Blood Ginseng, various spirit grasses… and other various commonly used auxiliary herbs were also present in front of them, they were like turnips and carrots in the farmlands, there were just too many of them!

Both of Chen Xiang’s eyes were glittering as he excitedly said, “Sister Menger, I’m an alchemist, these are very useful to me, quickly help me pick it up!”


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