Chapter 173 – The Fertile Island

Chen Xiang quickly flew up, he first picked up the fruits above the Thousand Vein Tree and Metal Spirit Tree, and cautiously dug them up, he wanted to take them back to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard and plant them.

“Sister Menger, help me dug the White Jade Skeleton Grass and the other spirit herbs! Quickly, maybe those guys will arrive soon.” Chen Xiang urged.

Liu menger uttered a tender snort, it was also the first someone had ordered her, not to mention that it was such a dirty work, however, she still started digging the spirit herbs. For her, these spirit herbs didn’t amount to anything, she didn’t really need them. But because Chen Xiang had helped her too much, she obviously wanted to somehow pay him back.

From Chen Xiang’s arm, a white light quietly flew out as a cute little rabbit, running on the ground littered with herbs, suddenly appeared, and whatever it touched, it would all disappear in a blink of an eye.

“Dead girl, why did you come out!” Chen XIang hastily scolded, it was that greedy little dragoness who was running, but without any scruples, she just charged at those herbs, and fortunately, he had already collected some of the relatively precious herbs.

“I could not resist, they are just too delicious…I could not resist!” Long Xueyi excitedly shouted.

In this place, mainly the herbs for refining the True Elemental Dan and White Jade Dan were growing here. But compared to the herbs for refining the True Elemental Dan, the herbs for refining White Jade Dan were more abundant. Majority of these were either middle-grade or high-grade spirit level herbs.

“This is the… Raising Soul Grass!” Chen Xiang saw a white grass coiled around like a top, and he could not help but exclaim. This was the main herb for refining the Low-Grade Profound Level Dan, Elemental Spirit Dan.

It was also the herb Chen Xiang had been looking for so long, the recipe for the Elemental Spirit Dan had been circulating around, however, the herbs had long disappeared out of nowhere, he didn’t find them in the Danxiang Tower.

Elemental Spirit Dan was a true Profound Level Dan, and it was unlike the Building Foundation Dan which was so easy to refine. It was mainly used to cultivate the divine sense, and if he had this kind of dan, it would allow him to cultivate Shinto faster, because at present, his Shinto Infant Soul was just too young.

There were not many of this kind of grass, there were about a hundred of them, so Chen Xiang hurriedly collected them, to the point that he even dug out their roots. According to the records, this Raising Soul Grass would need at least two to three thousand years before it could mature, once matured, it would be as tall as a leg. All the Raising Soul Grass present before Chen Xiang’s eyes were already matured.

Chen Xiang looked around, and soon he saw only a thumb-sized flower, he was also lacking this little flower, these herbs were hidden below some of the herbs.

The petals of these little flowers were exquisitely carved, they looked truly beautiful. After Chen Xiang saw those flowers, his whole body was quivering in excitement, because it was the second of the main herb required for refining the Elemental Spirit Dan, the Divine Spirit Flower. It was a kind of herb which would absorb the Spirit Qi of heaven and earth and would produce a large amount of ownerless divine sense, making it an extremely rare herb.

There were only a hundred flowers, so Chen Xiang once again quickly started picking them up, lest Long Xueyi, this little greedy dragoness, would eat these herbs.

Ten days quickly passed, all the herbs around them have all been completely picked by Chen Xiang and Liu Menger. According to Chen Xiang’s estimation, from these herbs, he would probably would be able to refine eight hundred Building Foundation Dans, ten thousand True Elemental Dans, and five thousand White Jade Dans, however, he still lacked some of the other herbs.

For example, for the Building Foundation Dan, he needed the Azure Profound Fruits and Monster Dans. For the True Elemental Dan, he needed Spirit Crystal Essence, and for White Jade Dan, he needed the White Spirit Essence… However, this was not a problem.

Chen Xiang looked around the now fully dug desolated ground, he laughed and said, “I’m rich!” As long as he had refined those herbs into dans, he would certainly be rich.

Long Xueyi had also ate well and had already returned on Chen Xiang’s arm, however, she complained to Chen Xiang that he had already taken away all the good herbs, she didn’t even get to see them.

Liu Menger was also busy for these ten days and ten nights, she wasn’t able to understand how Chen Xiang could bear to make her, a charming beauty, to work in the fields, which was a very tiring work.

“Before, this place could have been covered by an illusion array, and what we saw was just an illusion. After you had obtained the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, only then did the illusion array disappeared.” Liu Menger looked at the surroundings, she discovered how the surroundings have changed too much, “This is not a realm within a realm, but a very large dreamland, and the only reason why we could directly come here was because we were going downstream! In other words, the place we came through before was nothing but an illusion.”

Liu Menger ate Chen Xiang’s dan, and all the fatigue she had these past few days had also disappeared.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, he was not a bit tired because he could use his True Qi. He was just about to spread his Vermillion Bird Firewing, however, Long Xueyi suddenly spoke, “First don’t fly, there is a place in this neighborhood which seems to be exuding a very strong Death Qi, there should be a lot of dead demon beasts there!”

Seeing Chen Xiang [Vermillion Bird Fire-Wings], Liu Menger was secretly envious, however, she now also knew the Vermillion Bird Divine Exercise, so she too have the [Vermillion Bird Fire-Wings]. Because Chen Xiang had taught her this powerful divine exercise, she was really moved.

“Sister Menger, there seems to be a good thing around here.” Chen Xiang mischievously smiled. The last time this Mysterious Realm was opened was ten thousand years ago, and only due to rich Spirit Qi was it able to bred out so many good herbs.

Long Xueyi had already told him the way, so Chen Xiang just walked towards a side of the island, while Liu Menger was following behind him. Although she didn’t come here to obtain the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, the Vermillion Bird’s Tender Thread on her body had been awakened, so it could be counted as a big harvest.

Through the forest, they arrived at the edge of the island. Surprisingly, on this side of the island, there were many giant beasts skeletons, however, these skeletons were very rotten, to the point that they were practically useless.

However, after seeing rich Death Qi in this place, Chen Xiang was very surprised, he faintly suspected that there might be some Hell Spirit Grass here!

“There!” Liu Menger suddenly shouted, far away, she pointed in the front. Chen Xiang looked and was suddenly shocked. On the water, a group of people suddenly appeared, densely packed together, and were rapidly rushing towards the very island they were currently on, most of them were swimming in the water, and their speed was also very fast.

“It really was an illusion array, now that the illusion array had disappeared, they can very easily sense this island, as long as they aren’t stupid, they know that there must be something hidden here.” Liu Menger looked very serious, she could see the land at the other side from the shore of the island. Before, the island and that land was separated and was only accessible through the passage, but now it was visible.

“Sister Menger, cover up your face, don’t let them recognize you!” Chen Xiang said as he quickly shuttled through countless groups of skeletons, rummaging through some of them.

Liu Menger took out a black robe and put it on, then she wrapped a black cloth around her head, making it so that only her eyes were revealed. Those people in the water were getting closer and closer, and there were hundreds of them, but Liu Menger didn’t find Xue XIanxian among the group.

Those tens of giant beast skeletons were all rummaged through by Chen Xiang, however, Chen Xiang didn’t find the Hell Spirit Grass, he also didn’t see any Monster Dan.

Looking at those people slowly approaching and was about to reach the shore, Liu Menger said in a heavy tone, “Chen Xiang, how about we avoid them?”

At this point, Chen Xiang saw a human-sized small mound, he felt something was there, so he fiercely blasted a palm facing the mound. The mound suddenly burst open as a green aura suddenly broke out, tens of coconut-size green light ball fell out.

Seeing these things, Chen Xiang and Liu Menger were extremely shocked, at the same time, they could feel an abundant life force emanating out of these light balls. Surprisingly, these were Monster Dans, and they were also huge!

Those people madly swimming in the water had also seen these things, so they could also feel the energy emitted by these light balls. Although it was harder for them to believe that these were all Monster Dans, now was not the time to doubt, these were also treasures!

Those people shouted in madness, so Chen Xiang immediately released his divine sense and entirely stored those fifty Monster Dans into his storage pouch.

“It is Chen Xiang, that guy is Chen Xiang! All those Monster Dans have been pocketed by him!” One guy growled, his voice was filled with jealousy and anger.

Chen Xiang didn’t pay any attention to these people, but he lowered his head and looked at the blasted open mound, he quickly found the very thing he was looking and assumed to be here.

It was a wash-basin size of blackish spirit grass, Chen Xiang crouched down, while both his hands were trembling as he carried that big and thick spirit grass in his hands and muttered, “It really is the Hell Spirit Grass, all the energy from these beast skeletons had been absorbed by this spirit grass!”


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