Chapter 174 – Destroy

Liu Menger had totally not expected the Hell Spirit Grass to be inside the mound, and it to be so huge! She looked at those people desperately swimming in the water and shouted, “Chen Xiang, walk quickly!”

Those people who were coming from afar had encountered many demon beasts along the way, killing a path forward. They had arrived here in order to find the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, but they were helpless when trying to use their True Qi. In addition to all of this, there was someone else right in front of them, seizing dozens of huge Monster Dans and a giant Hell Spirit Grass.

“It’s a Hell Spirit Grass! Quickly put it down Chen Xiang or else I’ll take your life!” A man threatened in a ferocious voice with an extremely envious look. They believed Chen Xiang was unable to use True Qi, and thus was very weak. Not to mention there was so many of them.

Chen Xiang stored that Hell Spirit Grass, turned around and happily laughed at the crowd. He replied, “Why should I put it down? I was the first one to get here and take it, therefore it’s mine!”

These people couldn’t understand how Chen Xiang was so quick to arrive here. However, just too many people came in the Mysterious Realm and they just couldn’t control who was coming in. At this moment, everyone only had those dozens of Monster Dans and the Hell Spirit Grass in their minds. Although Chen Xiang was the first one to obtain all of this, it didn’t matter for any of them, they all wanted to rob it. As they were unable to use True Qi within this Mysterious Realm, it was very difficult to tell who was weak and who was strong.

Chen Xiang glanced at those three to four hundred people, he found that most of them were sect’s disciples, and the majority of them were in the True Martial Realm. There were even a few who had entered the Three Extreme Great Realms. However, they were all unable to mobilize their True Qi and had almost similar physical strength.

That large group of people had already arrived at the shore and were panting for air.

At this time, Liu Menger took out a golden plate. On the plate, four words were engrave, ‘Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire’. She coldly said, “Disciples of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire all of you go back.”

Looking at the token, twenty to thirty people jumped back into the water, one after another. They were very clear what would happen if they violated that order. They also knew whoever held such a token, definitely didn’t have a low status

Surprisingly, amidst these disciples, there were also many from the Extreme Martial Sect. Chen Xiang coldly said, “Disciples of the Extreme Martial Sect, are you also planning to rob me of my things?”

Chen Xiang was also a disciple of the Extreme Dan King Courtyard. Besides, he was also a Level-4 Alchemist and had entered the True Martial Realm at such a young age! They could very well imagine his position in the Extreme Martial Sect. Twenty to thirty disciples from the Extreme Martial Sect receded to one side one by one. However, there was still a small part of the Extreme Martial Sect disciples who choose to remain.

“Sister Menger, you chase those disciples of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire! Go take a look to see whether Xue Xianxian has come!” Chen Xiang was extremely worried in his heart. Liu Menger was also equally worried, however, regardless of her worry, she couldn’t just leave Chen Xiang.

“No way! How are you going to handle them alone?” Liu Menger replied back with her divine sense .

“Quickly leave, I’m worried about Xianxian, I can use my True Qi, not even you are my opponent right now!” Chen Xiang firmly spoke.

Liu Menger frowned, her elegant eyebrows scrunching together. Chen Xiang was now possessed the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor and the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, moreover he could also use True Qi! She truly had nothing to worry about, if Chen Xiang was unable to defeat these people, he could still fly away.

Only after Chen Xiang had urged her several times, did Liu Menger run to the shore and took out the very small boat with which they had come here with!

“Don’t let that woman leave.” A man took out a broadsword and rushed towards Liu Menger. However, he had taken no more than a few steps before Chen Xiang suddenly appeared in front of that man. Facing the man, Chen Xiang fiercely rammed a fist onto that man’s chest. Chen Xiang had now mobilized his Universal True Qi, this kind of True Qi was colorless and invisible, and yet it was extremely overbearing, carrying a very destructive power! Just a single punch had blasted that man into smithereens.

No one else had their True Qi defense, facing this level of Chen Xiang’s punch, none of them had the capability to resist it.

“Remember to look for me!” Liu Menger softly said, before she quickly started rowing the small boat.

At this time, Chen Xiang quietly used his divine sense and water attributed True Qi, to create a force in the water, propelling Liu Menger’s small boat. In the blink of an eye, it caught up with those disciples from the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire.

“Chen Xiang, you… you just killed a Level-5 True Martial Realm martial artist from my True Martial Sect.” An old man furiously roared.

“What about it? Whoever want to attack my friend will have to face me!” Chen Xiang sneered and said, “If you don’t want to die, head back now! Anyone thinking of seizing my things, will be eradicated regardless of identity, no exceptions!”

Looking at Chen Xiang blasting a martial artist of 5th level of the True Martial Realm into smithereens with just a fist, everyone could clearly see how strong Chen Xiang was. Some of these people had already receded, and they returned back into the water, all of them had started swimming back.

Now, there were not even a hundred people left on the shore, including thirty or so people wearing robes, which were extremely familiar to Chen Xiang.

“Members of Free Immortal Sea!” Chen Xiang was slightly surprised. The fact that these people could arrive here confirmed that they were certainly not weak. There were thirty Free Immortal Sea disciples in the True Martial Realm, it seemed their overall strength was also rather not bad. Even the other sects only had a few disciples who were able to come here.

[TLN: In chapter 156 and 157 Free Immortal Sea was the Happy Immortal Sea, which now had been changed to Free Immortal Sea and have already been changed back.]

The True Qi of the disciples of the True Martial Sect was strangely pure, it was easy to tell them apart. Meanwhile, the True Qi of the disciples of the Beast Martial Sect had the darkest and evilest Qi, this was related to the martial exercise that they were cultivating. As such, it was also very easy to tell the difference from the crowd.

Beside the thirty disciples of the Free Immortal Sea, there were also the disciples from the True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect in here. This was because all of these sects had listed Chen Xiang as a wanted person. Which was also the reason why they hated Chen Xiang so much, they very much wished to kill Chen Xiang, and get the reward while they’re at it.

“You all want to rob my things?” Chen Xiang asked with a sneer.

“We had already seen you got something, and we all want a share of it. You should hurry up and give it to us.” A middle-aged man said, he was a member of the Free Immortal Sea.

“You have only looked at my shit, and you still want a little taste of it?” Chen Xiang said dismissively. After hearing this statement, many people could not help but laugh.

“Presumptuous brat, today we will let you see how formidable our Free Immortal Sea is!” That middle-aged suddenly became furious. While wielding a sharp blade, he pounced towards Chen Xiang, only to see Chen Xiang sidestep and dodge the attack. At this time, many other Free Immortal Sea’s disciples rushed over. When other people saw it, none of them wanted the other people to nab Chen Xiang’s things first. So they simultaneously came out and fight.

Chen Xiang suddenly angrily roared, and everyone saw an oppressive True Qi suddenly exploded out from him. This True Qi was very powerful and was constantly getting stronger and stronger by the minute. Forming an extremely oppressive pressure, one by one, the entire crowd halted their footsteps as horrified expressions appeared on their faces. Chen Xiang could actually use his True Qi and it was also so powerful!

Chen Xiang’s eyes were very red. With a very grim look, he mobilized the Universal True Qi, and his [Slaughtering Heart] followed his emotions, filling this True Qi with a murderous aura. This kind of Slaughter Qi covered the entire island and made it very difficult to breathe for everyone. The people in the water could not help but reveal a horrified expression. They were far away, however, they could still sense the True Qi emanating from Chen Xiang. Since none of them could use their True Qi, they were the same as ants in front of Chen Xiang.

“Ha ha… Didn’t you want to kill me? Come…Come!” Chen Xiang laughed fiercely, his whole face was fully ferocious. His crimson eyes were glittering with murderous intention, it made him look very frightening.

Those hundred people in the crowd were simply unable to move. Chen Xiang released his True Qi, which was the same as a mountain pressing on their body. Some of them had already started vomiting blood from their internal injuries. Of course, everyone was very much afraid. They could all feel the strength Chen Xiang possessed. Just a casual look from him had rendered all of them immobile.

“Chen Xiang… if you kill us.. the Beast Martial Sect will definitely hunt you down till the world’s end!…” A young man spoke, then immediately vomited blood. He knelt down, with a complete look of shock, “You… you just..destroyed my dantian. Three hundred years of cultivation all gone… Chen Xiang! I’ll kill you…” He had yet to finish his sentence before he vomited yet another mouthful of blood, fainting and falling to the ground.


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