Chapter 175 – Dominating The Mysterious Realm

“Chen Xiang, what are you doing!?” An old man shouted in a quivering voice. It could be said he was merely a fish on the chopping block, begging Chen Xiang for mercy. Just a moment ago, a quite powerful person was crippled just like that. In their hearts, everyone was panic-stricken.

Previously, all of these people had rushed Chen Xiang in a threatening manner, wanting to rob him of all his things! However, now they were similar to dead people, their faces full of fear and despair!

“I will not kill you, but I will just waste you all! I want to let you group of bullies experience bullying today… I will make you feel with your body just how hateful getting bullied feels.” Chen Xiang said with a ferocious and frightening grin.

A powerful Qi suddenly burst out from him as the island shook. Those hundred people, each and every one of them, simultaneously uttered blood-curdling screams. In the end, everyone cried in despair and rolled on the ground, vomiting blood. All of them felt extreme fear, anger and despair at the same time. However, none of them could do anything.

Every single one of them had just been crippled, all the True Qi within their body had been mysteriously scattered by Chen Xiang. Not only was their painstakingly lifelong cultivation completely scattered in just a moment, their dantian had also been destroyed! This rendered them unable to cultivate ever again, it was a fate worse than death!

Amidst these people, there were a few who had entered the Three Extreme Great Realms. They were all simultaneously cursing Chen Xiang furiously. Their lives had already been ruined, they had nothing left to fear, death would be a release for some.

“Chen Xiang, our Free Immortal Sea will not let you off!” An old man from the Free Immortal Sea ferociously said, his eyes were filled with ferociousness.

Chen Xiang didn’t know why, but he felt like his strength was even more powerful inside the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm. Surprisingly, he seemed to be able to control the Spirit Qi in here in any way he wished to. He felt that this strange phenomenon was related to him obtaining the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor!

“Chen Xiang! Originally, the Beast Martial Sect just listed you as wanted to inflict conflict with the Extreme Martial Sect. However, now.. Now you are finished! Our Beast Martial Sect will definitely make you our biggest enemy. Just wait! Our Dean will personally hunt you down!” A Beast Martial Sect disciple furiously shouted, his voice sounded greatly satisfied.

“So what? Aren’t you just a waste? Whether I kill or cripple you, you will all remain waste. Yet you are still mouthing off!” Chen Xiang’s words made the crowd’s body tremble. Their faces were filled with helplessness, a complete lack of hope. None of them could imagine how they were going to live in the future.

“Chen Xiang, you better kill all of us! Otherwise, we will head back to the Extreme Martial Sect and inform the Dean! You will definitely be severely punished. We are all from the same sect yet you still used such ruthless means against us!” A man resolutely said.

Amidst this group of crippled people, there were a few disciples from the Extreme Martial Sect. Chen Xiang obviously knew this, however, he still didn’t show any mercy!

“I had already given you the opportunity to leave. It’s too bad you didn’t know how precious it was! It’s no wonder, all of you asked for this! If you were not so greedy, you would not have ended up like this!” Chen Xiang coldly retorted. He then released his [Vermillion Bird Fire-Wings] and flew towards the opposite shore.

Some people were swimming back, amidst them, a few were disciples of the True Martial Sect, the Beast Martial Sect, and the Free Immortal Sea. At this time, they still had lingering fear and were secretly very glad. If they had not chosen to leave a moment ago, they would probably be lying there amongst the crippled disciples.

Chen Xiang was very aware of the consequences of crippling that group of people. However, he felt no regret. When that group of people had decided to act against him, no thoughts of any mercy went through his mind.

Liu Menger, along with the disciples of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, had already traveled very far where Chen Xiang was. He flew to the other side of the shore, however, he didn’t see any sign of them. Afterwards, he continued to fly down the river, but he could not understand why all these people would come to this island. He remembered there were a tons of demon beasts along this path.

Chen Xiang looked down on the land, he found that the landscape was very different from what he had seen before. He also didn’t see any sign of those countless amounts of spirit beasts. Suddenly, he noticed a small boat moving very quickly in the huge river.

Chen Xiang landed on that small boat. Liu Menger’s entire head was wrapped in a black cloth, only her two eyes were visible. However, just from the expression in her eyes, it could be seen that she was very worried about something.

“What happened?” Chen Xiang hastily asked.

“A lot of things had occurred, the three tycoons of your Extreme Martial Sect are fighting the experts of the True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect, their fight broke out in here. After many of the people came inside, they found out they could not use their True Qi! Some of them have already left. Xianxian has not come in.” Liu Menger replied.

“So I can relax!” Chen Xiang sighed in relief.

“I heard that your Extreme Martial Sect’s three tycoons were being suppressed. Also, along the way I also heard that a force called the Free Immortal Sea appeared.” Liu Menger said.

She was worried about Chen Xiang. She knew that he had definitely not shown any mercy against those people from before, which would undoubtedly further intensify the conflicts between those sects and him. While the Extreme Martial Sect would definitely guard Chen Xiang, and because there were three extremely strong martial artists personally taking charge, no one would dare rush in…However, if the three tycoons of the Extreme Martial Sect fell here, then Chen Xiang’s predicament could very well be imagined.

“Sister Menger, have you heard of the Free Immortal Sea before ?” Chen Xiang asked.

Liu Menger shook her head, “Wait, I’ll help your Extreme Martial Sect, but I can not allow my identity to be found out. Otherwise, it would be detrimental for the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire.”

Chen Xiang shook his head with a laugh. “Sister Menger, you can just leave the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm right now. Just leave all those troublesome things to me, hei hei…” He knew that as the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, Liu Menger was in charge of the entire empire. However, the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire’s forces were not just hers alone, it belong to the whole nation. If she offended other forces, it would inevitably hurt her citizens.

Thinking about the fact Chen Xiang could now use his True Qi, as well as possessing two divine weapons, Liu Menger could not help but be dazed for a moment. In a quivering voice, she asked, “Are you planning to…?” However, she didn’t finish her sentence.

After entering the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, no one else was able to use their True Qi, Chen Xiang was the only exception. When comparing his current strength with those Deans, his strength was not far off! After all, those Deans could only rely on their physical strength.

These people just perennially cultivated their True Qi, and very easily ignored their body in their path of cultivation. Chen Xiang estimated that their external strength would only compare to the fifth or sixth level of the Immortal and Devil Body. He had the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, and could also cast the powerful Universal True Qi from his five elements! How could he not be fearless of these tycoons.

“Sister Menger, the overall situation is very important! Besides, this our Extreme Martial Sect’s matter, we can solve it ourselves!” Chen Xiang confidently smiled. At this moment, he was completely prepared to make trouble. He could not wait to immediately head over and fight with those Deans.

Liu Menger sighed. “If you have time, come to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and find me, this token of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire will give you a lot more convenience when you are in the Divine Heavenly Empire!”

Chen Xiang took that golden medal from Liu Menger and then smiled, “At that time, I could not be so intimate with you! Otherwise, Xianxian will be jealous!”

Liu Menger’s pretty face was flushing, with a cold snort, she said, “Quickly leave and help your Dean out!”

Chen Xiang learned that Gu Dongchen and the others were fighting here in a relatively open space. They had been fighting for a long time while he cheaply gained all the benefits.

Seeing Chen Xiang fly away in the sky, Liu Menger let out a complex sigh. All the things that had transpired with Chen Xiang in this Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm was very hard to believe, even for her! It felt like it was just a dream, at the same time, an inexplicable feeling of nostalgia arose in her heart.

In a mountain ridge far away, the sound of fighting was resounding throughout the area. It was the brittle sound of weapons clashing with each other, along with the occasional explosions.


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